Sunday, December 17, 2006

Does X-mas = humiliation?

Well, the title basically says it. This is what happens to me when mum is bored.

Here is the latest one I've had to put up with..

What am I? A Christmas nun?

I look real pleased don't I??

Oh wait.. gee..... I actually do.....

I wonder if I can pass as Miss Aire Claus?

OR, Little Red Riding Hood?



Seriously, the things we have to put up with during X-mas. Take a look at my buddies:

Boo with his "stupid"

Buster with antlers

Maggie looking very pleased

Amber grew antlers

JaffeBoy with his stupid (that was a forced smile, it's so obvious)

Oscar dressed as Woody for X-mas pawty

Now this is the best one. DOOFUS letting you know what he thinks about this whole "dress-up" thingy!!

Do any of them look happy to you??

What is X-mas doing to us??

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ps. I have been trying to leave comments for all my buddies today, but blogger only allowed 4 comments to go through!!!!! I don't know what's wrong since I am in Beta already...


Myeo said...

Hmmm... but Sunshade you look so pretty.

Lucky for us, Cross Paws we havent had any problems leaving our comments on our pals blog. Well, only Boo's. Cos he have not been fedding his anti span and so they have been eating up our comments lol.

Boy n Baby

Carbi Yarker said...

I think you look like little red riding hood! Very pretty!

We haven't had to get dressed up yet... but everytime we go out with Mum and Dad we have to wear our green 'working' coats and at the moment people think we are dressed up for Christmas!

Carbi xx

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hahahahaha! Oops - Oh you look wonderful (forced smile)

Bussie Kissies

Boo Casanova said...

yeah sunshade, you actually look pretty good with that hat... or whatever you call it. look at my 3x smaller hat!

but but but...

now i realised, jaffe's hat is actually quite small!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Sunshade, Dogs are eternal fashion victims. The worst seem to be pugs. Be glad you are not a pug at Halloween, is all I can say.

Duke said...

A Christmas nun? So now we have to call you Sister Sunshade??!! hehehe I think you look pretty cute but then again - I always do!

Love ya lots,


T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade - What kind of a Christmas hat is that? It looks like a babushka bonnet. Of course, it makes you look very demure and ladylike (hee hee!).

It looks like Christmas is a repeat of Halloween for us poor doggies, except in red & white instead of orange & black :)


Lacey said...

hehehe, we thought you were the big bad wolf dressed up in the granny's clothing - other than you are too cute to be a bad wolf ... or a granny!

Not sure who looked more miserable - you or Maggie!

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

awww! You all look so cute though in these pics!

I have put a few pics on my blog with me opening my Card and Present from you Miss Sunshade!

The pics are a bit dark 'cos Jeannie was using her mobile phone to take them, but hope you can see how happy I was to get your stuff!

Love and liverish Licks, Marvin xxxxxxxxxxx

Joe Stains said...

oh no you make a very convincing big bad wolf!! but Doofus said you look toooo cute to be scary. He said thanks for including him but he doesn't know what the word humiliation means. I think that is why mom likes him so much.

Loui (and his mum!) said...

Little Miss Riding Hood is soooo sweet!

Loui xx

Herbie said...

It's not only christmas that I get humiliated... it's everytime the humans can find something to put on me. sigh...

Anonymous said...

Sunshade, I think you would make a great Miss Aire Claus!! But I hope mine don't do it too. Mum come in to night with reindeer antlers. I ran!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Sunshade,
I like your expression in the 'Christmas nun' pic.. not sure what to make of it though!! Actually I got 'victimised' as well.. will post the pics soon..


Anonymous said...

Guess what, Sister Sunshade? Ever since Dad saw your 'bang' video he has been teaching me to do it!! I finally got it but I don't do any awesome groans like you do.

Anonymous said...

Sunshade, i got your card and your pressie!!! thank you so much!!! :) now i just have to wait for HM to get a car and we're good to go :p but in the meantime she's gonna hang it in her office cubicle :)

you know, that claus hat/scarf can keep your ears warm! :)


Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, I think you look pretty with the white fur. It looks like a classy hood.

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Boy n Baby: Boy... I'm so flattered you think I'm pretty..... even in my Sister Sunshade look..

Carbi: Thank you little man, little red riding hood I am!!

Buster: you can tell the truth Bussie....

Boo: that's a bandanna turned turban LOL. I thought your "stupid" was pretty cute, and Jaffe's too!!

Ellen: OMG Ellen, what did you DOOOOOO!!! I can just see what I'll be next Halloween....

Butchy & Snickers: I can't wait to see your X-mas costumes!!! Your mama makes you a costume for every occasion, that's so cool, and she makes such nice things too!

Maggie: my dear girlfren, you're always there to tell me how pretty I am... I am so honoured! Mum thinks I should be Sister Sunshade based on how many boyfriends I have...

T-man: YOU GOT IT!!! Halloween all over again except it's red and green or red and white!!

BLU & Comet: I would rather be the big bad wolf, that way I won't have to put up with stuff like this cause I would be mean!!!

Dear Marvin: I am soooo flattered and honoured and ecstatic to be the subject of your wonderful poem. You are making me blush now..... I love you lots too, just don't tell my mum I told you this!

Joe: you gotta admit, even tho DOOFUS is a DOOFUS, he is a pretty sweet DOOFUS. I think I'm getting soft again...

Loui: thanks buddy, you're pretty sweet too for saying that!

Herbi: I hear your pain... I have seen your proof too..

Bella: what a smart girlie you are Bella, run, RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN!!

Huskee: I gotta say, I could hardly called that "victimized" when you were there posing with your great big smile!!

Zach: OHHHHH! Sister Sunshade is so proud of you Zach!! I can't wait to see a video of you performing BANG!!

Chiyo: I knew you didn't have a car, so I got the security one for you so you can put it anywhere, and when you do get a car, you can still use that!!

Fufu: Classy? Really? OK, I really need to be more classy, so I guess that's a good thing...


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

A&S said...

Miss Sunshade,
While it is true the humans enjoy dressing us up in stupid outfits, it is also true that we can use this to our advantage. You see, most humans have a weakness and that is: CUTE! They love cuteness in all it's forms, and we are good at being Cute. This can just further our own plots, you know, we should get something out of all that joy we bring to them.
To that end, we have started a semi-daily feature on our blog, entitled "Holiday Spirit Dog of the Day," and wondered if you would consent to being featured. Please let us know, you can e-mail us at
Akira and Shiro

sydney said...

yup humans, are WEIRD! but I luv em any way! you are taking it, it in stride though, unlike me I rufused to sit up with my antlers.
you are pretty cute!