Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I was a gooooood girl Santa!

I'm expecting a lot of pressies for this one Santa!!

Mum has been working until really late lately because she has a lot of deadlines to meet before X-mas if she wants to have the week off. Last night was no different except she worked until about 4 am this morning because all of her co-workers were taking a day off to go skiing at Cypress Mountain. Mum said she didn't want to leave me home all day (I think she just would rather spend her day with me), so she didn't go. Instead, she slept in until REALLY REALLY late. She did get up at 7 o'clock this morning to let me out in the yard and she went back to bed.

I did my usual kind of stuff in the yard; I dug, I ran up and down the side walk way to keep MY yard and MY house crow free, I dug some more, I slept on my outdoor heated bed (it is now covered in dirt), I barked at a few passerby dogs, and etc. Basically I was keeping myself busy while waiting for mum to get up.

However, that woman can sleep and I got bored waiting, so I went and sat on my ramp and started whining. That woke mum up, and when she came out to see me, she snapped this photo.

Mum got ready, put on her doggie clothes, grabbed a poo-poo bag, put on my harness and we walked (it was more like running for me) towards the gate.

AND THEN.....mum saw THIS!!!

We've been having really strong wind the last couple of days, we even lost power for three hours on Tuesday. Our neighbour's little boy came over last night for math tutoring, and he must have accidentally forgotten to make sure the gate latch was down all the way and the wind must have blown the gate open.

Mum told me I was a very good girl to stay on the property. I knew the gate was open all along since I was running up and down the walk way chasing crows and barking at them. Even mum said she heard me huffing and puffing up and down the side of the house (she was sleeping on the sofa bed because I took her bed upstairs). However, it never came across my mind to leave MY yard, and MY mum and go wonder. Afterall, I am the dog that nobody, other than mum could get to leave MY property. Grandpa couldn't even take me out for a walk if mum was home and I LOOOOVE my grandpa very much!!

Which reminds me of another incident that happened back in 2004.... (I hope I'm not too late to score points with Santa on this one!!)

March 2004

It was a busy Saturday, while out on our neighbourhood stroll, mum decided to go and get a Starbucks coffee. So she tied me outside of a very busy (on that day) Starbucks and went to wait in line inside.

I was being a very good girl, keeping an eye on mum you know. Then there came this man who decided to untie my leash for some unknown reason and he wanted me to walk with him. He was talking to me and telling me "Let's go, come on." I gave him one look and ignored him. Then he started pulling on my leash to try and get me to go, but I put on my brakes and tried very hard to stand my ground and not move. I am a solid girl, so when I decide that I don't want to move, it's hard to get me to move (mum: very true indeed). Sheer force never does any good with dogs like me (mum: beg and pray work way better). I guess that idiot didn't realize that and decided to grab my harness and try to force me to move. When he did that, I lost my patience and I growled (you've heard my good growl haven't you?) and snapped at his arm. Boy did that get him mad and he jerked my leash so hard that half of my harness was over my head. He was being very mean.

Thank doG there was this nice lady who saw the whole thing from the beginning and she came over to the idiot and asked him if it was really necessary to be this rough to me. He said something nasty to her while still trying to get me to move without actually coming close to me now because I had snapped at him. This nice lady then told him that she was going to report him to the SPCA and said "no wonder your dog doesn't want to go with you.".

They had a few more exchange of words when mum finally came out with her coffee. I was so happy to see her and I started pulling towards her and jumping on her while grumbling and barking (I was trying to tell her about that mean man). As soon as the man saw this, he let go of the leash and ran across the street and he was gone. The nice lady asked mum right away if I was her dog, mum said yes, and the nice lady called the police right away. I kept trying to tell mum that the stupid man was trying to get me to walk with him, but mum looked REALLY confused. She wasn't listening to me because the nice lady had started talking to mum and telling her what had just happened.

Yes, the mean man was trying to steal me, under broad daylight. The police were way too late when they showed up, and weren't much help at all - since it was involving a dog, and the dog was okay. *eye roll*

This incident scared mum so much because we live in Vancouver Westside, a well known, well respected area. People here are well educated, respectful of each other, and love their animals. The man who tried to steal me was well dressed, and completely normal looking.

Anyway, about two weeks after this incident, an Airedale was taken outside of a Safeway in Downtown Vancouver (a bridge away from Vancouver Westside). The security tape caught the person in act, but we're not sure if the dog was found or returned to the owner. And then another Airedale pup supposedly ran away from his dog walker and later on reported missing, then a year later, was found to be sold to a new family. All three incidents happened within a two month period.

Needless to say, mum does NOT tie me outside anywhere now. I am either with mum, or at home, or in the car. Mum was a little worried about leaving me in the car at first after that incident, but then she saw how protective (or nasty....) I get when I'm in the car that she does sometimes leave me in the car while she runs short errands.

I always get worried when I see cute little dogs that are tied outside stores. So I always make sure to go over and tell them about my experience because if it can happen in my area, it can happen ANYWHERE!!


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Sunshade,
That sure was a scary story! Imagine if the nice lady had not stepped in.. I cannot imagine the consequences.. either:
1) You might have bitten that man to 'death' (since he deserves it) for being so rough to you
2) He'd have dragged you away and.. and.. (Scary thought, that one!)

Anyway I think you are a real brave gal.. Aire-pple of my eye..

Toby said...

Oh my gosh, how scary!!! Good thing you stood your ground and gave him a piece of your mind (teeth). We're so glad you are ok and that nasty man didn't manage to puppynap you!

Mommy's heard similar stories before and it scares her to death. People stealing dogs off the street, from backyards and even from locked cars! I'm kinda little and it would be hard for me to scare off those evil people. So therefore I am never allowed to stay in the car by myself.


Sunshade said...

Yippee! You guys can comment now!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Simba and Jazzi said...

You really will get a visit from Santa this year.

Simba xx

Myeo said...

Oh no, what a stoopid man and what an experience you had. Lucky thing you were big and could stand your ground. We think you will definitely score pints for this one.

Boy n Baby

Duke said...

OMG Sunshade! You sure do have some scary experiences! Pretty soon Santa will be hooking up those reindeer to his sleigh and I just know for sure he'll be stopping at your house. You're such a good girl.

Friends forever,

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
Thank goodness you held your ground and that the nice lady helped you, otherwise who knows what your life would be like. You are the luckiest dog!

My mom used to leave me in the car, but heard of a dog-napping in the area so stopped. She also read articles about people stealing dogs from locked cars. Now she never ever leaves me in the car, or lets me out of her sight. I'm so friendly to everyone, that I'd probably go along with the thief.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Yoo hoo Sunshie! I'm tagging you for X-mas tag!!!! Visit my blog to see what you have to do!

Bussie Kissies

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Ooh Sunshade,

Good girl for not wandering out of the garden. The other day mum went into the hallway of the house & saw the front door was open. I hadn't wandered either, it was far too cold & dark out there.

As for the near dog-napping, that is scary. Mum said she watched a TV programme recently about a lady here in the UK who has set up a charity called Dog Lost ( using mostly her own money to help people trace their stolen & lots pets. It's scary, I would HATE to leave mum & dad. Well done you for giving him a nip!

Oscar x

Boo Casanova said...

wow, sunshade, that man is really a dog snatcher! how a well dress man is eyeing dogs on the street? what comes around goes around. let him taste his own dog being stolen then he'll know how it feels like losing one. can't believe there are such people out there.

wet wet licks


Deb said...

Dear Sunshade,

You are such a GOOD & SMART girl! You're not goin' anywhere and no one's gonna get you either! I bet Santa's gonna be extra good to you this year! I'm very happy you my pal!

Your pal,

Joe Stains said...

that is the scariest story I ever read! I am so glad nothing bad happened to you!

HOWEVER...this does give me an idea about The Doofus...


Murphey said...

Getting hte feeling that you like to too, not that you could tell by my blog (Ha Ha). By the by, I am feeling better, everything finally came out all more detail than that, really, you don't want them. My lady's computer is blocking beta blogger telling her it is a sex site.....Umm, okay. So we can only leave comments until we bust past that darn firewall.

Murph the Dog

Deb said...

I tagged you for the Christmas tag. check out my blog for details.

Your pal,

Wee Wiggly WFT said...

Oh, my, Miss Sunshade! What a scary story! But who could blame him? You are a BEAUTY! Poor sap had no idea he was messin' with a terrier though, heh heh. And what a good girl you are indeed for not taking a walk through the open door on your own. Can't say that curiosity wouldn't have gotten the best of me under the same circumstances. (Wink, wink!) BTW, thank you for your super SuperDale card! It was fabulous! Mum loved it, too! Take care!

Loui (and his mum!) said...

Hi Miss Sunshade!
Dudley said I should come and visit and I am sure glad I did...I'll be back too!!!

Loui xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sunshade. A Welsh terrier was just stolen in Washington from outside a store. It was posted on one of my lists. He's little so he probably couldn't give a hard time like you did (and you do have an impressive growl).

Wired for Mackie said...

OH MY GOD SUNSHADE! I had no idea you were almost dognapped! How awful! If you were dog napped back in 2004 I wouldn't have even known you. Your mommy would have been sick...urgh....just awful!

yours, Mackie

Toby said...

Sunshade, you've been tagged by the x-mas thing taggy thingy. Hahaha. Check out my blog for the details!~


Fu Fu said...

What a mean guy that man is. I hope the law gets to him eventually. Good thing you are ok and still so loyal to your mum.
I'm sure santa paws will bring you lots of goodies since you're a VERY VERY good doggie Sunshade.

~ fufu

A&S said...

oh my dogness, miss sunshade, that was a scary flashback! you definitely get bonus points for eternity with santa for that one!!! i hope you get everything you want! a little bird told us that our Sis went to Petco today (without us, tho :() and got our Christmas pressies!!! She already gave us our new Galileo bone early, so we wonder what she got today???

Akira and Shiro

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that man wanted you to go home with him .. you do have a way about you with males .. but I'm glad he didn't get his way .. he deserves a great big bite in the butt!!!

Unknown said...

I am trying for the hundredth time to leave my comment. PAWS XXX

You should have told the man we work in PACK. WE will all give him BIG GREAT BITES.

Anyway, what I was going to comment, read as follow (this is about my Xmas card to you):

Dearest SuperDale

The Mailman pass my test - HURRAY (I did it on purpose).

Doggie love for each other has no boundaries. It can travel miles and miles and still reach one's love (you can say I do a lot of meditation and telepathy training lately......ohhh just in case the sticker falls off). Glad you got my card.

Love, Scuba

e said...

That's awful. What kind of person would dognap?
Good girl for never trusting strangers.

Fei & E

Simba and Jazzi said...

Miss Sunshade I love you. My very own taxi sign. Marry me.

Simba xx

wally said...

hi miss sunshade--

well, if i ever met you i'd probably try to steal you too (except then you'd stop blogging and that would be sad). what a scary story. i'm glad you're such a good boy. i'm sure santa will bring you something awesome.