Tuesday, November 21, 2006

ROOTS Canada

This evening, while mum was organizing her walk-in closet, she came across her collection of Olympic wears by ROOTS. Mum let out a sigh.....

You see, ROOTS is a world leader in authentic athletic lifestyle clothing, leather goods and Canada's number one brand. It had outfitted the Canadian Olympic team to many Olympics, and made Canadian Olympians the fashion envy of other nations. (and that is a quote)

ROOTS also became the official outfitter for the US Olympic team back in 2002, and was the official outfitter for Canada, United States, Great Britain, and Barbados at the 2004 summer Olympics.

However, the disappointing news (to mum at least) came, back in March of 2005 when ROOTS was outbid by the ancient Hudson's Bay company also known as The Bay and lost the Olympic contract. The Bay paid 100 million dollars to win over ROOTS in hopes to give it's brand a much needed boost.

While ROOTS outfitted the US Olympic team with style at the 2006 Torino Winter Games; The Bay outfitted our athletes, and mum hated the outfits. She said they were super ugly.

Mum said it's just not the same without the BEAVER:

The beaver is the trademark for ROOTS wear and it is also the National Symbol of Canada (YIPPEE! I live in a country represented by the LARGEST type of rodent, what more can a terrier want??)

Anyway, mum is a HUGE fan of the Olympic Games, especially the kind you do in the winter. (I think it's because she used to compete in figure skating. I prefer the summer kind since soccer and tennis (balls) are more my types of sport!!). Over a period of 6 years, she has collected numerous Olympic wears by ROOTS, and here are some of them: (yes.... I was very much the victim here...)

2006 Torino Winter Olympics:

NONE for obvious reasons!!

2004 Athens Summer Olympics:

2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics:

As you can see, mum went a little crazy that year because it was her FAVOURITE Olympics!!


*Mum takes over*

For one, the opening and closing ceremonies were INCREDIBLE!! The set up, the athletes' village, and everything at that Olympics was just perfect!

And um.... our hockey teams did really well ..... that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Lastly, remember this?

(Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze of Russia (left) and Jamie Sale and David Pelletier of Canada)

NO NO NO, it was not the fact my favourite pairs team - Jamie Sale & David Pelletier was robbed of their gold medals after a perfect performance (where the Russians made mistakes) due to a judging scandal:

But the fact that Jamie and David skated the performance of a life time even after Jamie had the wind knocked out of her when she collided with the Russian male skater, Anton Sikharulidze during warm up prior to skating their program. This is the video of Jamie & David's long program at the 2002 Winter Olympics and reactions from spectators when they didn't win the Gold.

Click here if you want to watch the Russian's program - pay attention at around the 50 second mark in the video, the male skater - Anton stumbles coming out of his double axel.

Jamie and David handled the controversy with grace and integrity, and they made our country proud. Just look at them having fun at the BNL concert even after being introduced as the "Silver Medalists". LOVE the ROOTS outfits!!

Video of Jamie & Davie at BNL concert at the 2006 Olympics

Anyway, what made this event so special was that the Canadian Olympic official asked for a second set of Gold Medals to be awarded to the Canadians without stripping the Russians of their medals. A week after their memorable skate, justice was made by the IOC, and Jamie & David received their Gold Medals. Together with their Russian opponents, they stood on top of the Olympic podium for the first time while the Canadian flag was being raised and "O Canada" was being played in the background.

Hey I'm back, are you guys still awake?? I fell asleep watching mum blab on and on about HER sport. Gee... I thought HER sport was dog walking or chickenDALE carrying??

So where were we?? Oh, the Olympic outfits...

2000 Sydney Summer Olympics:

1998 Nagano Winter Olympics:

OH, and did I mention? ROOTS wear doesn't effect the counter surfing action at all!!

(yes, that's a messy counter, mum is a slob!!)

Anyway, I think if I was modeling at the bidding war, ROOTS might still be outfitting the Canadian athletes today!! How could anyone reject me in ROOTS??


Boo Casanova said...

oh sunshade, you can wear almost all of the jacket. i love the one with the hoodie... oh, why not get mom let you wear those instead?

wet wet licks


Jay said...

I think you will be a great mascot!!!


Fu Fu said...

Woh Sunshade, Did Roots endorse you? You have so many of their clothes and you look great in all of them

~ fufu

Myeo said...

Sunshade, U look great! No wonder u got so many boyfriends n suitors. Even by brother, Ah Boy cant get his eyes off the screen..


Toby said...

Sunshade, you are a supermodel!~ Wow, how many treats did your mom give you for changing into so many outfits?? My mommy agress with your mom. The clothes from the Bay are yuck. Me? I just hate clothes in general. I prefer to run around naked all the time!~


Simba and Jazzi said...

What a lot of clothes, guess you're already for the cold winter now.

Simba xx

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
Does your mom take you figure skating? Maybe you can start the new sport of canine figure skating!! You seem like a real athlete, especially in those cool clothes. That's neat that your mom used to compete in skating.

Urban Smoothie Read said...

hey, i luv out new outfit....
but over here in m'sia, dog clothing r rather expensive....so now, still sticking on wit my england jersey onli...

wally said...

miss sunshade,

you deserve a gold medal for that show! very lovely. i always root for the canadians, bummer about their hockey team in the last olympics. but that's some cool gear, made all the better by the lovely model! they should probably make you prime minister.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Red is you color Sunshie. What no skintight speedskating garb?

Bussie Kissies

Deb said...

I love you in the hoodie! You are so adorable in everything!

Your pal,

Isabella said...

We don't watch or know much about sports or Olympic stuff, but I loved all your cool outfits! I think red is definitely your color.
Big Wags,

Joe Stains said...

that red really works for you! I wish I could counter surf :(