Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Birfday "cake"

Here it is!!

OK, the doggie face on the left was suppose to look like me...... but mum didn't do me any justice... It's suppose to say:

"Sunshade (face) 's 7th B-DAY"

It is made out of mum's Turkey Parme Biscotti recipe.

Eyes & nose: lamb souvlaki
Ears: cream cheese, poppy seeds
Tongue (that big glob of orangy thingy): yam + sockeye salmon, red icing (melted...)
7: cream cheese, carrots
B: cream cheese, corn kernels
DAY: cream cheese, peas

Mum took forever to make this "cake", and if it weren't for my help (licking mixing bowl, spoons, etc), I don't think she could have finished it before my B-Day was over!!


Right... picture time....

Me and all my presents (excluding the THING because it wouldn't stop making that noise according to mum)

Of course, mum just had to turn the lights off....... WOW...look at... the candles? I made my wish, but I'm not gonna tell...hehe!

Oh, and I forgot to say that this was a one dog pawty. The reason being when there are other dogs around MY food, I tend to have a hard time differentiating what is edible (the cake) and what is not (the dogs...). So mum's friends came by, sang happy B-day, watched me eat, gave me my presents and left to go to another friend's B-Day party (yup, my mum missed it).

Ok, so I had been waiting for SOOOO long to EAT!!


There is an old Chinese tradition to eat noodles on one's birfday, and even tho my mum is far from being traditional, she still got me some fettuccine. You are suppose to eat it without breaking the thread of noodle because noodles are long, and by eating them, it means you will live LOOONG (like the noodles get it?). Hehehehe... my grandpa always tells my mum to make sure to eat some noodles on our b-days.

So here is me eating the noodle, trying very hard not to break it LOL!

I was so thirsty after all that Biscotti, I drank a whole bowl of water!!

Before opening my presents, I went out, in the SNOOOOOOW......

and tried to catch some snow flakes!

**post on my pressies (yes, including the THING) will come later, after my walk!! I have to go play in the snoooooow now! I'm posting this a little late, on Sunday


Anonymous said...

What a pretty cake your mum prepared for you! How creative and tasty too! I wish my mom did that for me. And you got snow! I love snow! I can't wait to see your pressies.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Snow? But it's in the 70s!

Nice pseudo cake, great eating technique. I have fettucine suck down perfect too!

Bussie Kissies

Myeo said...

Wow wat a nice cake. We are sure it taste great by the way u r eating it.

Boo Casanova said...

oh sunshade is one spoilt brat! ok, your mom says so, and i was just merely repeating it.

i love the "cake". but i don't think mom will ever gonna make such a nice one for me though. ok, time to get mom hunting for that particular cake bakery that make doggie shape cake.

wet wet licks


Bogart H. Devil said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous!!!!


Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, that's a great cake. Hope you had a great birthday and keep us upate on the "thing" soon

~ fufu

Chelsea said...

What an ingenuis cake! And I thought I was spoiled!


Urban Smoothie Read said...

u had such an unique cake.....mind 2 share??

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
I love your beautiful smile while you pose in front of your cake. You look so happy! No wonder, with all the presents and the fancy cake. Your mom really really loves you lots. You are a very lucky girl :)

Boo Boo said...


Yup, what your mum and grandpa said about the noodle is correct, look at me and you will know why :)