Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My friend - Daisie Duke

To my dear bloggerland friends, I would like to introduce to you a very special friend of mine who you will be getting a card from for the X-mas Card Exchange!! Her name is Daisie Duke, and she is a very brave 8 months old Airedale Terrier who is fighting a nasty disease called Kidney Disease. However, true to her breed, Daisie doesn't know she is sick, and she has no self pity whatsoever. She is enjoying life to the fullest, and loves spending time with her hooman brother and sister!! Here is a little introduction Daisie wrote herself so you all would know who you will be getting a card from

(I heard her hooman brother and sister will be helping her making the cards, OHHHHH I love cards that smell like kids cause they spill yummy stuff all the time!!)

From Daisie Duke:

Hello everyone. My name is Daisie (my family calls me Daisie Duke- you see, my mom came from the 80's Dukes of Hazard so I was named after THAT Daisy Duke). I am an eight month old Airedale puppy. I have been blessed to find a friend and fellow Airedale in Miss Sunshade the SuperDale! She actually found me on a K9kidney list. My mom joined the list when she found out that I had renal dysplasia (not sure what that is, I just know I get lots of extra hugs and kisses) when I was just four months old. Miss Sunshade's mom and my mom have been e-mailing back and forth. Miss Sunshade's mom has given my mom alot of helpful information to help manage my disease (I don't know what "disease" means, mom told me to use that word). She also gives her alot of support! I think both of them are like angels to us!

Well, Miss Sunshade's mom told us about the Christmas card exchange, and we would luv to join in on the fun! We live in Minnesota (brrr cold) and I have two hooman siblings (a brother, Jordan and a sister, Kendra) as well as a canine brother (Whiskers, blue heeler mix) and feline sister (Sox). We are very busy and if you came to our house, or called on the phone, you would know why my mom refers to our place as "Amy's zoo". Anyway, we luv it here in Minnesota and my mom is totally dog crazy and would like to meet others who are just as crazy about their canines.

My areas of expertise include:

  • chewing insides out of shoes
  • chewing on mom's banister railing
  • running away when mom says "COME"
  • taking heavy wooded lids off garbage cans - well you know what comes after that hehe
  • following my 9 yr old hooman brother around as if we were joint at the hips
Please contact me should you need help with the above. Actually, anything "wooden" I can help you with!!


Note to Daisie: Hey guuurl, your areas of expertise are EXCELLENT and I'm so proud of you!! I'm sure all my terrorist buddies would agree with me. OH, and thanks for saying my mum and I are like angels, but I hate to break it to ya, only I'm the angel here. My EVIL mum makes me do things I don't want to do (ie, take bath, being groomed), and I don't think angels do that!!

So that's my friend Daisie Duke!

She's a pretty cool kid don't you think?? Rumors has it that she might start blogging too, I'm so excited!! I know you all must be dying to see what a little cutie she is, but for some reason, my stupid computer just doesn't seem to want to receive any pictures from her..... .. I'm gonna have a chat with the computer and then pee on it!! That'll teach it!!

Uh huh, I don't think I even need to say anything, you guys will just go SIGN UP right?? You have exactly 24 hrs 18 mins and 10 seconds until the November 10th deadline!

DWB Christmas Card Exchange

For the list of the 55 participants, please click here


Boo Casanova said...

oh, that's a very impressive Resume of Daisy Duke! I must quickly change my current Resume to attract more gurls coming my way.

wet wet licks


Sean Carter said...

That was a wonderful post and pretty impressive!! If u wish u can jus drop into my Holiday Blog for some unique ideas and some cool syuff!!

Simba and Jazzi said...

I tried running away when Mummy said come, but mean Mummy hid from me and I was soooo scared. You are a very brave doggie.


Bogart H. Devil said...

To Miss Daisie...

Your resume sounds impeccable! You should definitely join our little blogging world - especially our Airedale pack!

Love to ya (and of course always to my dreamgirl Sunshade),


Deb said...

Miss Sunshade thank you and your mommy for being such good friends to Daisy Duke and helping her out, even though she doesn't know she needs it. If you could tell her, I think I have some wood things she could come destroy for me 'cause I'm not allowed.
Let the Christmas Card Exchanging begin!

Your pal,

Joe Stains said...

mom has exactly 60 christmas cards, she better hussle back to the store and get some more. luckily we have the internet and we order the cards on the internet and they are ready for pick up at the store in a half an hour! can you believe that!

Hana said...

Nice to meet cha Daisie Duke!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Dasie Duke,
Nice to meet you.. Can't wait for you to join the blogging world, I can't wait to see your pic!!

Huskee Boy

Chelsea said...

Hey Daisy Duke!

Mama says to mention that one of her first crushes ever was Bo Duke. She said you would know what that meant?

OMG...Do you think Mama actually crushed somebody! How cruel!


Fu Fu said...

Oh.. Daisie Duke sounds like a nice doggie. I'll be looking forward to getting her card. Hope she starts her own blog too soon. :)

~ fufu

Toby said...

Hi Daisy Duke, nice to meet you!~ Your list of expertise is very very impressive!!

Sunshade, thanks for inviting me to join the x-mas card exchange. We can't wait!!! Mommy is picking her brain trying to do something original..... Hopefully she'll make up her mind soon!!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Cards cards everydog gets cards!!!! I am driving everybody here nuts becuz its all I can think about!

Oh yeah - HI DAISY!

Bussie Kissies