Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm going OUT OF MY MIND!!!

This evening, mum came home acting very secretive. She was carrying something in her arms and she didn't greet me like she usually does. Mum rushed to the bathroom, and came out without the thingy she was holding in her arms.

It was then she greeted me with her usual warmth. Of course by that time, I was too occupied with what was inside the bathroom!! Mum wouldn't open the door for me because she said that was my B-Day present and I only get to open it on my B-day.

While my EVIL mum was inside the bathroom, I heard an ever so familiar noise........

(see how EVIL my mum is? She won't even show you guys what it is because she thinks you, my friends, will tell me what it is!! That's Georgie's X-pen by the way. The background noise is our toilet, it's always running and I can never catch it....)

I don't know about you guys, but that to me sounds an awful lot like one of these:

COULD IT BE?? After 7 years of wishing??

I LOVE cats!! But that's a different kind of "love" than the love I have for mum and Georgie. For example: I LOVE to see kitties arch their backs up and stare at me, then I get even closer, and I LOVE it when they finally hiss at me, then I get really really rude in their face. I got a few good nose swaps before, but I LOVED it because that's what I was waiting for and that set me off to chase the kitties!! I really really do LOVE kitties. I've been wishing for one ever since I was little, but for some reason, mum and Santa never seem to get my wishes (until now??).

The only cat that I don't love is the one at my Auntie Janice's clinic. His name is Jazz, and he sees so many dogs that he never reacts to them. I stuck my face right in his face the first time we met and he fell asleep in my face!!! I couldn't believe it so I gave him a nudge, he opened one eye to look at me, then fell right back to sleep. So I lost my interest in him since that day. How boring..... Now I just ignore Jazz whenever I see him, he's no fun, I don't LOVE him. I do LOVE most kitties I meet tho since they all like to arch their backs and hiss at me!!

Anyway, so that thing in the bathroom is driving me nuts and it's disrupting my normal routine!! I usually LOVE to go for walks rain or shine, day or night. However, because of that thing, now I don't want to go for walks.

See this video, mum drove me to my favourite park. I took one quick pee (no poop for today...), sniffed around and refused to walk any further in all directions. The only place I wanted to be was to get in my SunshadeMOBILE and GO HOME to see the thing........ I was trying to get a good sniff of my car since I knew the thing came via the car.....

(I know the video is very dark, but the flashing thing you see is me. You can see I refused to walk further and wanted to go back to the car. The "wait's" and "Ok's" are my commands to wait at the curb, and then go when mum says ok. )

This is what I did as soon as I got home.......

I kept trying to get a good sniff of exactly what was inside the bathroom, but the smell was proven inconclusive. It sounded like a kitty, but didn't smell like one. So I was (and still AM) very puzzled.

I followed mum upstairs thinking she might have some answers, but of course, she didn't. And look at THIS!!!

Because of that thing, I even forgot to pull my chickenDALE stunt!!! (Told you the chickenDALE only appears when I'm thinking too much. It disappears when I'm either not thinking at all or my mind is pre-occupied by some-thing else)

This is where I have been lying for the last I don't know how many hours,

I can't think, I can't concentrate, I AM GOING OUT OF MY MIND!!!


Joe Stains said...

holy COW or holy CAT! are you kidding?! Best freakin birthday present ever!!!

Boo Casanova said...

hey sunshade, definitely sound like a cat but it might be something else. did you hear "meow meow" again after that?

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Oh boy. I hope you find out that the "present" is. Keep us update ok sunshade. :)

~ fufu

Studly Dudley said...

Miss Sunshade

Here's a little secret.. it is actually ME in your bathroom!

On your birthday your Mum will let me out of your bathroom and I will be covered in whipped cream and meaty bones. What more could an airegirl ask for?

Love licks,

Simba and Jazzi said...

I hate waiting. Drives you nuts doesn't it.

Simba xx

Toby said...

Oh my...the waiting must be driving you nuts! It sure does sound like a cat... Could it really be?? There 8 more days until your birthday...that's a long time to sit in front of the door and wait. Do you think you can use some of ur Aldo chewing powers to chew thru the door? Yikes, don't tell your Mommy I suggested that.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it is a "cat". 8 days more in the bathroom to wait ? bizare, bizare... I hate cats (I only tolarate Nicky the black and white cat)... Kiss from Switzerland

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Um, Sunshie...why have you not broken down the door yet? Scratch and bang it with your mighty paws, some head butts and a few body slams should do it? I took down a door once that had a strange dog behind it in my own house!

Bussie Kissies

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hmmmmm, Miss Sunshade,

maybe it's an electric cat with innards to be chewed out.

My hackles are rising just thinkin' about that.

If you need a paw with that you can call on me any time.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

PS I've my cards done and I've made sure to dribble bacony-ish drool all over yours.

T-man Angel said...

Ooh, I'm so interested to know what's behind that door!! You've still got to wait a few days right? Hang in there!!

Murphey said...

Don't ya hate mysteries? Maybe if you hang out long enough you'll be able to sneak the bathroom and find out what it is!

Murph the dog

Bogart H. Devil said...

I wish it was MEEEEE hiding in your bathroom!!!

But if it's a kitty... I love cats, I have 4 that I play with here at home. They're fun and pretty cool until I chase them into a corner, then look out for those evil paw things, they're sharp!


Lacey said...

Your mom is even meaner than my girl! I can't believe that she is making you wait for 8 days. If you send me an email, I'll teach you how to break the handle on the door so your mum can't lock it anymore. That's what I did when my girl wouldn't let me in her room during the day.

M-Fax said...

just saying hi from one dog to another

Chelsea said...

I don't think I would want any "present" a human would leave in the bathroom.
ESPECIALLY at my house since Mama is doing one of her cleanses again.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Congratulations Sunshade - you have been nominated for Photo of the Month Award, over at the DWB's Bone Zone. Head on over and cast your vote :-)


Charlie said...

Well, if doesn't turn out to be a kitty, I'll send you one of the ones lying around the house here. They need more exercise.
- Charlie

umekotyan said...

It is what there in the bathtub by you, and my a little more endurance though want also to be learnt also by me.
It and the shining lead are good for nighttime.

Sunshade said...

Joe: Yeah I know, holy CAT!!! I just hope it's real...

Boo: yes I did hear meow meow again after the first time I heard it, but it was when mum was in there with the camera. After that, I never heard it again.

Fufu: yes, I will give you an update as it seems the thing has disappeared mysteriously.

Oh my Dudley: you covered in whip cream??? I'll take THAT anytime!! Ok,that almost took my mind off the thing..hehe!

Simba: yes YES! Not knowing drives me NUTS!! Especially when I can't get a good whiff of it either!

Tobes: after reading your comment, I was considering using my chewing power and pawing power, but the problem is.... the thing has disappeared. The door is open..

Faya: trust me, your "hate" for cats is exactly the same as my "LOVE" for kitties....

Oh Buster: I was planning on doing all that today, but the door has been opened.... nothign inside...

Tin Tin: does electric cats taste good??

T-man: sigh...yes... quite a few more days...

Murph: ....its gone.....

Bogie: You mean my dream came true?? It was you?? Have you been living with cats for too long that you even talk like a cat?? I swear I heard a kittie.... not a manly Airedale.... unless.... you've turned.... nevermind

Hey Comet: e-mail your way, I really would like some tips for future reference (since now that the door is open...)

M-fax: Thanks for dropping by!

Chelsea: well I'll take anything from the bathroom Chelsea, you are a proper lady, I'm not, have never been one....

Opy: Yippee yippee!!

Charlie chuck: REALLY YOU WOULD??? I promise they will get LOTS and LOTS of exercise here!!! I just can't guarantee you they will return in the form they came with tho...

Update on the THING: Mum threw me out to the yard today, and when I came home, guess WHAT!! The bathroom door was open. I, of course rushed over to see the thing, but guess WHAT, it was gone!!! I couldn't even get a smell of it. I'm not sure what my EVIL mum did to it, but it's GONE........


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

Sunshade said...

Ume Tyan...... it's GONE.... what do I do, what do I do??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

sunshade oh i'm so excited you might be getting another buddy to add to yoru family and take care of!! :) but oh... it looks like cats will be invading your house soon too!!! first me and fufu, now you. you need to teach it to be like a dog the first thing you do :)


Jay said...

Hi Sunshade, you are making me so excited too! Do update us once you know what you got for your birthday.


Deb said...

Miss Sunshade, I've never seen one of those kitty things before. They look kinda scary to me, but if that's what you want for your birthday, then I hope that's what your mum is hiding in the bathroom. If it is a kitty I can't wait to see the two of you together. Hang in there and maybe you should do your chickenDale routine just to keep mum on her toes.

Your pal,

Toby said...

Sunshade, the waiting is killing us too!! Mommy has been checking your blog non-stop to see what was in the bathroom. But now you say there's nothing there?? Hmm, something is fishy. Why did your Mommy put you in the yard?? I would check out all the other rooms in your house. I think the "thing" has re-located.


Isabella said...

Have you found it yet, Sunshade? It better be something really interesting after all this hype and anticipation! maybe you are getting a selfish sister like mine?
Big Wags,

Lacey said...

He he he. I snuck in and let it out! And I'm not going to tell you where it is until your birthday.

Don't believe Comet. He did no such thing! But I'll tell you the trick to opening sliding doors. Walk up to the door and put your butt up against the door. Then wiggle your butt, but only in one direction. If your mum catches you, plop down on the floor like you are getting comfortable for a nap. Once she leaves, get up and do it again. After about 10 wiggles, the door will slide enough to get your paw or nose in it, and then you can push it open. That's how I used to get out the sliding glass door when my girl forgot to lock it.

fee said...

miss sunshade!

is that really a miao in the box? for once, curiousity's killing us dogs and hamsterrier out here!

you must post a hi-res pic of that thing when you finally find out!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Hi there Miss Sunshade,

any update as to what it is yet????

Marvin Cross Legged with Excitement!


Tigersan said...

Whomever said time was constant never had any surprises ;)