Thursday, November 23, 2006

What kind of Thanksgiving Din Din is THIS?

This morning, Mum and I went down to Seattle to celebrate Thanksgiving with her friends down there and also to pick up a few things mum had ordered (including: my wetsuit/bandanna, and X-mas cards!!)

I was very excited at first, because I thought I'd get to eat a second T-Day Din Din you know? I celebrated my Canadian Thanksgiving back in October, but since I was born in the US, it would only make sense for me to get a US T-Day Din Din too right?

Well, I got my T-day Din Din alright, it was THIS:

So tell me, what kind of Thanksgiving Din Din is THIS?? That's like what I eat almost 365 days a year......

Mum also made me finish it before we crossed the border, which meant it was actually Thanksgiving Breakie or Brunchie!!!

Anyway, I was still looking forward to the hooman kind of din din, so I didn't complain too much. But GUESS WHAT??

I wasn't even allowed inside during the hooman feast!! I had to stay in the car because of the "no animals inside" rule!!! Mum didn't even bring me a Sunshade Bag because she said she didn't want to be rude. Rude??

Just because her family friends don't see dogs the way she does, doesn't mean she can't ask for a Sunshade Bag!!! Geez.....


Anyway, how anyone can refuse my presence is beyond me. Those people need help!

Miss Sunshade was NOT happy!

Good thing mum did take me to a park for me to play before locking me in the car, and after HER celebration, she took me to another park for me to romp. Otherwise, I think I would be pouting throughout the rest of November!!

no, NOOO! That's NOT poop I was holding thank you very much. Remember my pine cone fetish??

Anyway, other than my park walks, and the Jack In The Box chicken strips I got on the drive home, my US Thanksgiving sucked!!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Um, that is poop, I can smell it. And Jack in the Box is better than yams.

Bussie Kissies

T-man Angel said...

Poor Miss Sunshade - I'm sorry you didn't get to celebrate a real U.S. Thanksgiving, but your Canadian celebration looked pretty wonderful. I missed out on eating dinner with my mom too.

Anonymous said...

oh no, no thanksgiving din din??? i heard Thanksgiving is a very big thing in the US, why didn't they let you share too?? you should've yowled from the car till they gave in :) although i don't thtink your mom will be happy with me for suggesting that.