Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mum was mad, I was MORE MAD!!!

Both mum and I had a bad day yesterday. We were both very mad, but for different reason, yet somewhat related. Make sense so far??

Yesterday, Mum and I drove to my favorite park in the morning for my morning walk. She parked the car and off we went to the park. We had a great walk, except it was raining. Mum hates rain, but I don't mind rain as long as I'm not stuck at home because of it. Anyway, mum had to go to work and I was looking forward to breakfast, so we made our way back to the car.

Mum stuck her key into the key hole (whatever it's called) and guess what?? She couldn't turn the key!! Mum tried wiggling the steering wheel while turning the key, but it still wouldn't turn. Now because this was not the first time it's happened, mum called a tow truck to see if the tow truck driver could do anything.

Well, the tow truck guy showed up, mum took me out of the car because I get very protective of my SunshadeMOBILE. I saw Pedro, the tow truck driver got into MY car and I started talking to him.

I told him: GRRRRR...... GRRRR.... GRR.. WOOF..... GRRRR ..... WOOOOOOOF!!

Pedro kept asking mum if I was friendly.......

Mum's response was: Oh yeah, she just talks a lot.

Pedro looked a little suspicious of mum's answer, but he made the effort of trying to let me know he was nice. He got a treat out from his truck, asked mum if it was ok to give it to me, after interrogating about the entire nutrient content, mum said yes, so he approached me nicely and offered me the treat.

I knew he wasn't a bad person, but he was in MY SunshadeMOBILE doing doG knows what to her. So I took the treat from his hand and spat it out right away onto the wet ground just to let him know Miss Sunshade was NOT happy.

Mum was very apologetic about my behaviour, she picked the treat up and said: I'm very sorry she is just very picky about food (which we all know I'm NOT....hehe).

Pedro was nice and didn't seem offended at all. Then he got into MY SunshadeMOBILE again and started to wiggle the steering wheel VERY roughly while turning the key. Poor SunshadeMOBILE was shaking (pun intended). He said it was a seized cylinder or something and sometimes when you wiggle the steering wheel very hard, it opens up.

Well I could careless about what this Pedro guy said, but he was being TOO ROUGH to MY SunshadeMOBILE and I hated it. So yes, I went bizark........ I started lunging at the end of my leash, towards MY SunshadeMOBILE while snarling trying to get to Pedro and save MY car from the abuse. Mum finally had to make me do a down-stay with lots of "it's ok, he is NICE" and "LEAVE HIM" commands......... (I am regretting about losing my cool.... but seriously, I just can't stand it when someone/something I love is being mistreated....) (Mum's note: in her opinion that is LOL!)

Anyway, that stupid Pedro guy put my SunshadeMOBILE through all that abuse and still couldn't get the cylinder thingy to un-lock and finally had to tow MY car to the shop. Well, I went bizark again when I saw MY SunshadeMOBILE being towed away!! I kept trying to chase the tow truck, but my EVIL mum stopped me. Why does she always have to stop me from doing something VERY important??

So mum and I spent the next half an hour walking home from the park and both of us were terribly moody for different reasons:

Mum HATES my SunshadeMOBILE because it's always doing things like this for no reason at all. Well, actually, mum says the reason is because it's a Ford, and the worst model out of all the Focuses!!! The cylinder thingy locked up back in 2000 after just having the car for 2 months, it was brand new. It had to be towed and a new cylinder was replaced, and now in 2006, it's doing it AGAIN!! I personally think mum should cut SunshadeMOBILE some slack since the last cylinder lasted for almost 6 years!!

I was mad because well, mum let MY SunshadeMOBILE get towed away with that abusive guy and she didn't even try to stop him. Well I spent the rest of my day being moody. On our evening walk, I heard this a honk from a Ford Focus (yes I recognize the ignition sound and honk of a Ford Focus). I thought maybe that was SunshadeMOBILE, so I dragged mum over to check it out. SIGH..... but all I saw were two strangers with a green version of SunshadeMOBILE. (SunshadeMOBILE gives out a honk when you lock it) I was so sad I barely had enough strength to put one foot in front of another to make it home.........

The good news is that I have MY SunshadeMOBILE back now!! So everything is gooooood!! (Mum's note: except my bank account SUNSHADE!!!) Ah well WUTEVER, you'll live mum!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

aaaah! Sunshade, I feel your pain! I too am very much in love with my Jeannie's car. Cars ave very expensive.....much more than us Dogs!

Hope it is all ok now. You were only doing your "protective" work when Pedro was fiddling.

It sometimes truly is a Dog's Life I think. Mucho love and licks, Marv ;0)

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dear Ms Sunshade

You did the right thing to protect what is yours. I would too.

I am happy to hear you are no longer upset now that you have SunshadeMOBILE back. ;-)


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh I feel your pain - having your ride taken away like that! What you need Mommy to do is trade it in for nice van.

Bussie Kissies

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Aaaaah yes the big black dogmobile hole.

My ma feeds it regularly too.

Sometimes I think I'd be happy to walk more if we got rid of it.

And we'd be richer.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Boo Boo said...

All's well , ends well ... whats important is SunshadeMOBILE is back home !! :)

Anonymous said...

oooooh sunshade, that IS a terrible day. and i'm sure theh gloomy rain didn't make things any better. did you have to stand in the rain for long?

well, you know, some people SEEM nice and ACT nice. but it's better to be safe than sorry isn't it? :) although it would give your mom double the embarassment, it's worth it. afterall, who's going to protect the humans? us dogs of course!! i'm not as big and strong like you but even I understand the importance of our job! so i just bark as loud as i can! i'm sure your mom appreciates it deep down, she's just angry with the car and the rain :p

glad you got your sunshademobile back!!! :) wish i had one too


Unknown said...

Dear Sunshade & Sunshade's mum,

Me and Momma know just how you feel! We had a similar situation happen last week and I was not at all happy that my big blue Low Rider was taken away, but it did come back the next day. Momma agrees with your mum about the bank account. I'm not sure Miss Sunshade, but I think that's where our treats come from.

Your pal,

Anonymous said...

You were so right to spit that treat out .. remember, we're not to take presents from strangers!!!

Isabella said...

I won't take treats from strangers either. Who knows where their hands have been- I'm not taking anything from anyone's hands if I don'tknow them!

Maybe it is time for a new Sunshade mobile?
Big Wags,

Bogart H. Devil said...

I'm so proud of my dreamgirl... it's a good thing that your mom has you around just in case...


wally said...

miss sunshade,

my mawma also has a ford (ok, a mercury mystique named betty, the feminine mystique. my mawma thinks she's funny. thinks.) that did the SAME THING when she first got it. she always got the stoopid cylinder unlocked but it was REALLY annoying. i don't get why cars are more expensive than dogs. you don't have to shake US to get us to work.

oh, and i'll take food from anyone. i'm polite (greedy?) like that. i might still growl and lunge at 'em but i'll take the food.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sunshade, you were being protective of both your Mum and the SunshadeMOBILE. Good job! But it's a really good thing Mum didn't let you off the leash. Biting Pedro or his tow truck would not really be part of your style.

P.S. Lambie Pie still needs a home ... And Zoe says hi!

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Good for you for protecting your car. It's YOURS, you just let your mom drive it. ;-)

Boo Casanova said...

wow miss sunshade is fierce-some! :-)

i'm glad you have your car back so that you can go to those parks that you like so much! otherwise, you'll be stucked in the same neighbourhood again and again!

wet wet licks


Chelsea said...

Pedro sounds like he got off lucky.

I am a wuss but, if I think someone is gonna hurt my mama I "speak" up too!


Sam Iam said...

Dear Sunshade & Sunshade's mum,
My humaan has been trying to send you a e-mail.I have a password for DWB but But we cant get on human not happy!!! .Is there still room for the x-mas cards Can you e-mail my human with the info,

Lot'of Lick's

Fu Fu said...

Oh boy, I hope you and your mum are feeling better now sunshade. It's good of you to be protective to YOUR things. hee

~ fufu

Toby said...

Sunshade, you did the right thing by protecting the SunshadeMOBILE. Who knows what that guy was really up to. Good job with spitting out the treat too. There's no way you're gonna be bribed so easily, right?

Glad to hear the Mobile is back. Did you make sure that Pedro fella isn't still lurking around??


T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
You're such a brave lady to try and protect your mom and car from that Pedro person. Your mom is lucky to have you around! I hope your SunshadeMOBILE is all fixed now.

Even if your mom needs to get a new car, I'm sure she'll convert it to a bigger, better SunshadeMOBILE for you!


Joe Stains said...

my dad said FORD means "fix or repair daily" which is why we have a Toyota. My dad had like 5 Fords (2 were fancy fords they called Lincolns)and they all busted!

I am so glad you got yours back, now is the time to start dropping hints about a NEW sunshademobile!

Anonymous said...


Our mommy purchased a Honda Fit and we call it "Zippy Jellybean". Maggie (my big sister- she is a Carolina dog and I'm a W. H. Fox Terrier) and I LOVE to ride around in Zippy.
mommy puts the back seats down and we jump in- we look like royalty as we zip around . Plus, mommy loves the new car because it gets really good gas mileage!

Studly Dudley said...

Remember bull-camels are very efficient at taking superdales home..!!
(your mom might have to find an alternative method though, my back is only strong enough for you, Sunshade!)

Love licks,