Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Birfday - Vancouver's first SNOW!!!!

Mum took me to my favourite lake - Buntzen Lake as a little birthday celebration walk. Since Buntzen lake is about 45 mins drive from where we live, I don't get to go there that often.

On our drive over, the most amazing thing happened......

It started SNOWING!!! I know this might seem like nothing to some of you that live in the colder climates, but it is a BIG thing for us residence of Vancouver. We rarely get snow if at all (we just get rain), and even if we did, it usually comes late Dec, Jan, or Feb, almost never in November!

It must have been Daisie Duke!! She must have remember when I told her I loved snow, so she asked the big doG above to give me SNOOOOOW for my B-Day!!!!

I love the smell, the colour (no not colour blind), the feel, and everything else about the snow. And I love to do this:

(the grounds were still wet from last night's rain, so the snow wasn't sticking then)

When we got to the dog beach at Buntzen Lake, the beach was almost empty. There were only two other dogs, and a crane,

Mum said the two dogs there were very good because they didn't do this.........

Oh well, my birthday, I can do anything!!

Mum threw a few rocks for me, but the water was a little too cold so I only got my paws wet.

I posed for pictures,

Well, kind of heheheh......

We walked the trail while I posed for more pictures.....

(gee...I really thought I would get a break from all the posing on my B-Day!!!)

Did you notice I was "naked" today? No collars, no harnesses? This is the one day of the year I get to be naked! YIPPEE!!

Mum also let me run up and down the hills, climb up and down the rocks as I wished. Usually, she makes me go "SLOOOW" down hills, or coming down from rocks because of my bad elbow. But because today was my B-Day, I got to play my heart out!!

We were at Buntzen Lake for as long as mum's hands and ears could handle... It snowed the whole time and since it started snowing after we left home, mum was not dressed for snow......

This was me within 5 minutes of getting into SunshadeMOBILE.

And yes, it was still SNOWING!!

OH, and you know, I really gotta thank whomever it was that said B-Day kids can't get in trouble, because........

Umm.... well mum left her 6 piece McNugget Meal in the car while she went to Safeway to get stuff for my cake, so I thought I would just check to make sure she was done with it you know? Who knew she had left 3 nuggets and some fries. Hey, I left her Iced Tea for her, she should be thankful right??

**Posts on my cake, my pressies (yes, including the THING) is coming. Mum took a gazillion picture, she needs to sort them through...


wally said...

happy burpday! it was especially nice for you to take time on your burpday to help your mawma with her mcnugget meal.

looks like you had a great day! can't wait to see more pictures. especially of the cake. and the THING!


Joe Stains said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see more picutes, and major high five on finding the chicken nuggets!!

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Woohoo, good burpday work on the golden arch find.

Looks like you had a blast, again, happy burpday, doog.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sunshade! There are lots of very small pine cones in the bark park I go to. Like McNugget size! I was impressed by all of your clothes from Butchy & Snickers mom. I just love their stuff!


Sharon said...

Happy Barkday! You sure are a pretty dog. It looks like you had lots of fun on your run in the hills!

Myeo said...

you sure had a great time. and we agree, it's good enuff that you left her with the ice lemon tea hehe.

Boy n Baby

p/s: Boy wrote something on his blog for u. Do check it out.

Boo Casanova said...

omDOG sunshade. it's freezing cold (well, at least i know snowing = feezing cold) and you were at the lake playing with FREEZING COLD water?

aaaaa.... a-chew! *sniff sniff*

wet wet licks


Toby said...

Wow, what a great birthday!!! The cake your mommy made is amazing. She must have spent a lot of time on it. Ok....we're still waiting for the "thing" pictures... will they be coming soon??? Pleeease....?


Fu Fu said...

Hey Sunshade, it's so cool that you can do ANYTHING on your birthday. hee

~ fufu

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade - I'm glad you got to go to that wonderful lake while it was snowing. It is still beautiful there even in the cold weather. It sounds like you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

You are soooo lucky. I heard a lot about snow but I don't know what it is exactly.... Mom said I have to wait but I am not patient....pffff. Kiss, Faya

umekotyan said...

Happy birthday
The snow is pleased with the birthday, too.
Starry sky in Vancouver is very beautiful.

From loved ume tyan