Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Years 2006

This is how good, or crazy my mom is depending on how you look at it.

On New Years Eve 2005, mom gave me a bone to chew on and left to go to a house party to celebrate New Years. However, she left the party at about 11:30pm and came home at 11:50pm. I was sound asleep when mom got home but was happy to see mom nonetheless. As soon as mom got home, she turned on the radio and upped the volume, and then she went to the cupboard and got out the "Rescue Remedy" and put 4 drops on my tongue. I was a little confused about what was going on because to me, it was just an ordinary night. However, mom told me the Rescue Remedy was to calm and relax me and the radio was to mask the sound of the fireworks still to come. Mom knew I don't like the BOOM BOOM BOOM from the fireworks, so she came home to be with me. She wanted to be there to comfort me if needed. Mom also said she wanted to spend the first few moments of 2006 with her BEST GIRL - me!!!

Look at the pictures mom took with sleepy me. The timer in the camera was a little off so it says 11:59pm on the photos, but it was actually 12:00am when mom took the pictures!!!

Giving mom a head rub!! I LOVE YOU

So is my mom crazy??? Some people think so because they say "I'm just a dog", and for her to leave the party right before the count down was just crazy! However, to mom, I'm NOT just a dog. I'm her baby. I'm part of the family, the only real family who has always been there for her through thick and thin ever since she was 16. So naturally, mom would want to spend her first few minutes of a brand new year with the one she loves the most!!

Do I think my mom is crazy??? Absolutely not!! Because mom took the precautions before the fireworks begun, I didn't even notice them and fell back to sleep soon after. The kind of bond mom and I share is really once in a life time, one in a million kind of bond. People who are lucky enough to share this type of bond with their pets will totally understand why mom does a lot of the things she does. On the other hand, for those people or pet owners who don't have the luxury of knowing what having this kind of special bond feels, they in turn, will never understand why some of us do the things we do. To them, we are just "crazy".

(Mom did eventually return to the party after the fireworks have ended and I was back to sleep. )

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Anonymous said...

Mummy and Daddy are crazy too. We are all crazy and we don't care what other humans think.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).