Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My first SNOW encounter

My first snow encounter was on Feb. 16.2001. Living on the West Coast of British Columbia, we don't get much snow during the winter. A day or two at the most, and even then the snow is quickly melted away by the never ending rain. Mom told me I had to treasure the "moment" because the snow wasn't going to last, so I listened, and PLAYED MY HEART OUT!!

Me with snow on my face - this is one of mom's all time favorite pictures of me

I did my crazy "tuck-tail-run", up and down the field, in and out from under the oak trees. I jumped and bit at the tree branches to try and catch all the snow that came falling down. Mom also made snow balls for me to catch and eat.

I'm ready for the snowball!!

Posing for mom

I have such a thick coat, the snow started to form icicles on my legs, my belly, my chest, and my face. The more I played, the more icicles I got, and they just kept on getting bigger and bigger. Mom said in the end, I looked like I was wearing 4 white boots. I didn't seem to mind them at all because I love the snow that much!!

Beginning of icicle formation

I was out in the snow for a good two hours, and finally mom told me we had to go in and get all the icicles off my body. She promised me that we would come out and play in the snow again, so me, being the good girl I was, followed her home. Little did I know what her plan of getting the icicles off me was...................dumping lots and lots of warm water all over me.....I felt like I had just had a bath...... This is what I looked like after all the snow came off my face.

**Note: all the photos in this section were taken on Feb.16.2001 (I was 15 months old)

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