Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Christmas 2000

Christmas in 2000 was technically my second Christmas but it was the first one that I could actually remember. Mom and I spent that Christmas on our own with a few of her "orphaned" friends. Ok, they weren't really orphans, just means that they didn't have any family close by because they were international students from overseas. Grandpa was working in Taiwan that month, so mom and I were technically orphans too!! However, a few sixteen year olds plus a four legged one year old (ME!!) knew how to make a party out of an otherwise sad situation. Mom's friends were so nice they bought me presents, so Part 1 of our mini party was to watch me open my presents, Part 2 was to watch me play and eat my presents, and Part 3 was to huddle up on mom's bed, eating junk foods and watching movies while I, contentedly, snoozed away into dreamland with Mr. Chimp by my side.

Part 0 - I had to pose with my presents for pictures before I could even open them

Part 1 A - I picked the biggest present to open first, and I got a funny looking chimpanzee

Part 1 B - I wonder what's in this next one?? Ok mom, one more picture before I open this one

Part 1 C - Ok, the last one! I can't believe this, but I'm actually getting tired opening presents

Part 2 - me with my favorite present - Mr. Chimpanzee

Mr. Chimpanzee is so funny. He starts laughing and making funny monkey noises whenever I bite on his head, so I spent the entire night biting his head and listening to him. Mom and her friends got a good laugh out of me and Mr. Chimp because everytime he laughed, I would start to tilt my head none stop. Once he stopped laughing, I would go and bite his head again, and the whole cycle begins again. He also has squeakies in all four of his limbs, which made him even cooler to the one year old me.

Surprisingly, I still have Mr. Chimp with me (I am 6.5 yrs old now), all intacted I might add. I don't play with him anymore because I have "Truman" now. Truman doesn't do anything special, but I just LOVE him. I love playing with him (meaning running around with him in my mouth making mom chase me), and I sometimes fall asleep with him still in my mouth.

Meet my best buddy - "Truman"

Me trying to get mom to chase me with Truman in my mouth

This is what I do all the time, I always have my Truman with me!!!

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