Thursday, June 29, 2006

Introducing "Georgie" - My GIANT pet bunny

My birthday wish CAME TRUE on Jan. 31.2006!!!!!

Mom came home with 9 week old "Georgie". Mom told me even though Georgie looked small at the time, he was not an ordinary bunny. She said he will mature to be between 18 - 22 lbs because he is a Flemish Giant bunny. WHAT?? I said, that's bigger than most house cats..... Look at this picture, these are Georgie's mom and dad!!

Nonetheless, I was still very excited to see him! Mom put Georgie in the livingroom inside my exercise pen with a cat litter box. She told me we have to just leave him alone for the night to let him settle in and get use to the surroundings. It was very hard for me to just ignore him because I was just too excited about my new little friend. Eventually, I got tired from watching him and fell asleep right next to the exercise pen. Here are two pictures of Georgie the day he came home.

Look at those HUGE ears of his

Georgie LOVES "Corn Pops"

Mom says I'm an "ODD dale" because any little critter or cat I see outside my property, I will chase it with vengeance. I was not brought up with little animals, and I have killed many mice, few rats, a skunk (don't remind mom about it), and a squirrel in my life. Yet, if you bring a little critter home as a pet, not only will I NOT chase it, I will befriend it and protect it with all my heart. Mom had a little hamster named "Mousie" before and I loved him. I used to open his cage when mom was not watching, grab him very gently by his scruff and set him down on the floor and just watch him run around the house. Mom of course spent the rest of her evenings trying to coax Mousie to come out from under the fridge...........(I had so much fun watching mom do that.....Shhhh). The day when Mousie didn't run up to me when I stuck my head inside the cage, I knew something was wrong. My little Mousie had passed away...... Even though he lived a good 2.5 years with lots of "freedom", I was still very upset. I didn't drink or eat that day and just laid beside his cage the entire time until mom said it was time to bury my Dear Mousie. Here are some photos of me and Mousie.

Photos taken on 02.23.04

I of course, am no different to my Georgie. I'm always on the look out for crows and other possible predators whenever he is out running around in the yard. Mom sometimes takes us to her school's Thunderbird soccer field for Georgie and I to run around since there are rarely any dogs there.

Georgie and I at Thunderbird field

I love Georgie so much because he is just a very COOL bunny. He is not skittish like most of the small breed rabbits. He is very curious and friendly and always runs up to either mom or me to see if we've got food for him. The thing that mom likes the most about Georgie is that he is EXTREMELY SLOOOOOW so she never has any problem catching him.

Here are pictures of Georgie lounging in the yard at almost 6 months old. He weighed 15 lbs at 6 months old!! Mom had to buy a "dog harness" for him since none of the rabbit/cat harnesses would fit him.

Georgie is now 7 months old and he has out grew my large size Veri Kennel crate, so mom bought him an extra large wire cage (St. Bernard size) so that he would have more space to run around. Even though Georgie is a very good boy and goes to the bathroom in his cat litter box, he chews on our hardwood floor and electric wires so we can't let him have free run of the house.

Georgie's new house:

Mom thought it would be a good way to show Georgie's size if she put me in the cage with him..........

Georgie was very happy with his new house, just look at him!!

Georgie is still not as big as his parents, but he is definitely getting there. Just like dogs, the larger the rabbit is, the slower it matures. Flemish Giant is the largest breed of rabbits and they mature until they are about 12-14 months old. This is not a great picture, but shows you how big Georgie is in mom's arms.

Look at the size of those FEET!!!

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I love the pics of Sunshade with Mousie! That is amazing!