Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Teenage Sunshade (27 weeks - 1st Birthday)

Well, my weekly portrait continues.................... Mom considers me a teenager now because I seem to have "selective hearing" lately.

27 week old me - can my face get more "squarer"???

28 week old me having a good scratch during training. I think it was a hint saying "I have had enough"!!

29 week old me - fresh out of the groomers.

29 weeks still - mom says I look like a toy stuffed animal with all my fluff, but once they come off, I actually look like an Airedale!!

30 week old me with grains of rice stuck to my nose...........um.......I SWEAR I didn't touch mummy's fried rice............seriously....i...d...n...t...OK fine, I had a teeny bit........I just couldn't resist the mouth watering aroma.........sowieeee mum..... Look, I even look sorry in the picture!

30 week old me - big head portrait

31 week old me looking all adorable with my one arm folded under

31 weeks old - mom thinks I look really funny when she takes pictures from directly above me, so she just kept taking them.

32 weeks old - playing with mom and a little camera shy this week

33 week old me looking so regal all brushed out

34 week old me - here we go again! Big head portrait

35 week old me doing the infamous lazy sit

35 weeks and 2 days - this picture was taken right before mom went on vacation for a month. I stayed with my 14 year old Airedale uncle (unrelated), MacTavish.

40 week old me - when mom came back from her vacation, she couldn't believe how much I had grown. She could barely carry me!!!

40 week old me again - boy was I happy to see mom back even though I had a great time with uncle MacTavish.

41 week old me getting tired of this weekly posing business

42 week old me trying my best to stay awake for the photo

43 week old playing with my favorite squeaky toy. I go through these squeaky bones very fast because I just can't stop SQUEEEEEAKING them, and the sqeakers go bad easily. Once the squeakers stop making those lovely squeaking noises, I don't play with the toys anymore.

44 week old me in better mood for posing today!!

44 weeks - big head portrait continues

45 weeks old me chewing on something.......

46 weeks old relaxing after a long walk - look at how dirty my paws are!

47 weeks old - grandpa took me to Beaver Lake to swim. Look at what I found........a SCOCCER BALL!!!! In this picture, I was taunting grandpa to come and chase me.

47 weeks - all dirty and tired from all that playing, could barely keep my eyes open for the camera.......

48 week old me with my dear soccer ball

48 weeks - more of me and my soccer ball. I actually turned out to be quite a good soccer player according to mom and grandpa. I wonder if the Canadian national team would want a skilled player like me??

48.5 weeks - me and mom on Halloween. I was a........Airedale with dress?? Mom was "Mulan" (try not to laugh too hard or your tummy will hurt...like mine did hehe!)

49 week old me looking all mature now. My face kinda look like a Lakeland Terrier don't you think with that long fall??

50 week old me looking very pretty!

51 weeks old - PEE-KA-BOO??

Finally, my 52nd week on this earth, which means it is my BIRTHDAY!!! Mom bought me a helium balloon that says "1st BIRTHDAY". She tied it around my collar so that everybody on the street could see it was my birthday. I wasn't so sure about that big thing hanging over my head, but mom told me it was ok and distracted me by buying my first ever ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. Once I saw the ice cream, my fear of the over hanging balloon miraculously disappeared. I ate my ice cream like a human, I licked it all around and only started eating the cone when the ice cream from the top were all gone from me licking. After I finished eating the ice cream, I don't know what came over me, but I had the courage and energy to jump up trying to catch my balloon. Mom decided it was ok for me to play with the balloon so she untied the string and watched me pounced and attacked the balloon. The balloon, unfortunately, lasted less than 3 minutes........oh well, I had fun! Later in the evening, my 14 year old uncle MacTavish came over to visit and we celebrated by each chewing on a bully stick. Here are pictures from my 1ST B-DAY.

1 year old - chewing on my bully stick

Uncle MacTavish chewing on his bully stick, look at how much faster he is eating!!

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Duke said...

OMG, you had ice cream on your 1st birthday, Sunshade! You were so adorable. Mom can hardly see to type because of her tears.
You and your mom are so special to us.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch