Thursday, June 29, 2006

Modeling experience

Back in May of this year, mum was approached by two company representatives for Pet Revolution wondering if I would be interested in doing some modeling for their new beds. Knowing how "photogenic" I am, mom of course agreed.

So on May. 6th. 2006, I went to my first ever photo shoot! It was hard work let me tell ya! I was so pooped by the end of the shoot that I just fell asleep on the floor. Here are some of the shots taken.

Me and mum!!

Mom was so proud of me because I did EVERYTHING she asked me to do. Chris Mores of Pet Revolution asked mom if she could get me to put my head down so that it would appear like I was comfortably sleeping on their bed. Since mom has never taught me a command to just put my head down, mom used our "BANG" command. "BANG" is my command to fall to my side and "play dead". So when mom said "BANG" to me, I tried to get into my usual dead position at first. However, the bed was too small for me to comfortably lie on my side, so I just did my own interpretation of "BANG" and put my head down!!!! That was the picture that was ultimately chosen for the website since I was the ONLY dog they were able to get a "sleeping" pose out of.

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Chris and the photographer were so AMAZED at how great I was throughout the session. They told mom that I was the prettiest, most well behaved, and most "efficient" dog they have ever had. Chris also said he would like to have me come in again should they have new products. Looks like I have landed myself a job!!!!!

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Bailey/Tasha/Maddie said...

TOO CUTE .. My dog Tasha's Agent called and she is in a photoshoot for LOTTO SUPER 7 :) :) she was soo good in the photo shoot .. you can see her on the sides of buses in a designer dog bag :)