Thursday, June 29, 2006

My 6th Birthday

I love birthdays because mom always tries to make that day as fun as possible for me. If weather permits, she will take me to different outdoor locations for me to play all day. However, the November weather here in Vancouver BC is often cold and wet. It was no different on November 25th 2005, my 6th Birthday. Mom decided instead of taking me on an outdoor outing, we would move our outing "indoors" to my favorite pet store, Super Pets.

Super Pets is located in the city of Richmond, which is a good twenty minutes to half an hour drive from Vancouver West end depending on the traffic. It is my favorite pet store because they have so many different kinds of little critters that I just LOVE watching from the windows. I can "sit" there and "watch" them for hours and hours (NOT exaggerating), ignoring everything else that's happening around me. All the store staffs think I'm really funny because they say they've never seen a dog that just sits and watches without making a sound. I don't bark or do anything to them, I just like to "watch". Like this,

Guinea Pigs are my favorite to watch because they move around a lot and are very speedy! I like rabbits too, but some of them are so lazy they just sleep all the time. Degus are pretty fun to watch too as they are always so busy.

Hey Guinea Pig!!!

Sometimes I give mom that "please please can we get one??" kind of "look" to see if she would give in and get me a "pet".

Can I have a rabbit? or a Guinea Pig? or a Ferret??

I promise I won't dig huge holes anymore, and I'll clean my toys up, and I won't roll on disgusting stuff anymore, and I'll try not to eat any horse poo on our trail walks, NOW CAN I PLEASE HAVE A BUNNY???

Usually when we go to Super Pets, we are always there for at least two hours because I absolutely refuse to budge when it's time to go. A lot of the times mom has to trick me by taking me off leash and pretend she is leaving so that I would, eventually, get worried and run out the door to find her. Everyone in the store knows me for that reason, and they have given me a name as "The Bunny Lover Dog"! On my birthday however, mom let me stay there for as long as I wanted to, until I got tired (eventually) and followed mom out the store when she said it was time to go.

When we got home, mom had a big surprise waiting for me - it was a cake that looked exactly like me!!! The cake was custom made from my photos mom had sent them, and it is made for human consumption except mom told them NO CHOCOLATE. It is very cool because you can chose what kind of cake you want inside, for examples: fruit cake, black forest cake, sponge cake etc. Mom picked sponge cake for me since I don't really like fruit and of course, black forest has lots of chocolate. The hair on the cake is made of colored cream. Mom doesn't like all the food coloring, but she said once a year on a special occasion like this was ok.

I was so excited when I saw the cake and I couldn't wait to have a taste of it. Mom however, told me I had to keep my composure and wait for my human guests to come and have some photos taken before I could use my tongue. Unfortunately, I couldn't have any doggie guests because I don't really like to share my food with other doggies. I mean, would you want to share a cake like this with anyone??? Mom did however, invite my little "Aire-Buddies" to come celebrate with me. Here are the pictures

See me and my "Aire-Buddies" in the back!!

Finally, it was time to EAT!!! Mom's friends were nice enough to let me have the whole cake to myself, SO................

OOPS cake, you sort of look like a porcupine now..

AH oh well!!

This is what my poor cake looked like after I was made me take a photo with it so I'll always remember what I did to it.......

After the cake celebration, it was time to open my big present!! I wondered what was in the box all day, but mom kept telling me to "LEAVE IT" so I did until now. Look at me working so hard ripping at the wrapping paper and tearing the box open!!

Now....look at what was the FIRST THING I did to my present...........yes, I'm a spayed girl.......I guess I just had to show the stuffie who is the boss......

Mom isn't sure if this is a "dominance" thing because I have NEVER ever in my life try to hump another dog or human, I only do it to my stuffies. Mom started buying stuffies for me because I was humping her "pillow". It has worked since I don't hump mom's pillow anymore, only my gorilla, elephant, and now sheepdog!!! Mom gets a crack out of watching me because it is a daily ritual for me. The first thing I do when I come home is pick one of my stuffies and start humping. Sometimes I would do two or three times in a roll until I'm out of breath.

Shhhhh......this is my little secret, don't tell anyone. Here are photos of me with my elephant and gorilla. They were previous birthday presents.

My gorilla

My elephant

Elephant again

Oh and this is my horsie, except he doesn't "stand" like the other ones do

AND THIS, is what I usually look like after all that "EXERCISE"...hehe!

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