Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Toddler Sunshade (8 - 26 weeks old)

Mom thought it would be a great idea to take photos of me each week until my 1st birthday to see how I grow. It was hard for mom to tell that I had changed at all because I was with her everyday. However, if you look at my pictures, you can see I was growing like a weed!!!

8 week old mini me sleeping. Mom can't help it but smile when she sees this picture because at six and a half years old, I still sleep in this position sometimes.

9 week old me with my ears still glued

10 week old me thinking about what to get into NEXT!!!

11 week old me - so happy my ears can finally breath again!!

12 week old me looking all adorable.........

12 week old me fast asleep.......shhhh........

13 week old me - don't I just have that "smart look" in my eyes??

14 week old me - my hair is still wet from a bath

15 week old me looking all pretty sitting on the chair

16 week old me doing my "innocent look" face

17 week old me - look at how tall I am now!!

18 week old me trying my very best to pose for mommy

19 week old me getting a belly scratch from mom's foot

20 week old me looking like a "woolly mammoth"

Still 20 weeks old, but I got my FIRST EVER hair cut! Don't I look beauuuutiful??

21 week old me - side profile

22 week old me turning into a little lady (at the moment)

22 week old me still trying to be a well behaved little girl

23 week old me - mom tends to like to dress me up...............I get a little shy so I turn my back to the camera..hehe

Ok, here's a decent 23 week old photo of me

24 week old me - looking all grown up!!

25 week old me smiling at the camera - it is now a routine for me to just pose whenever I see mom with that odd black thing that sometimes flashes.

26 week old me - can you see I have almost lost all the blacks on my muzzle?? Mom says that means I'm maturing and I have to behave like a big kid now.

26 week old me again - like I said, mom likes to dress me up. She used to figure skate and she put her favorite blue velvet skating dress on me with one of her medals. I guess she is preparing for Halloween which is only.............4 months away LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Your Airedale pictures are really cute.He is a Beautiful Airedale.