Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Never too early to start training - 8 weeks old

These pictures were taken just a few days after coming home. Mom started giving me mini training sessions using YUMMY CHEEEEESE! Look at me, I was already doing "sit" and "down" at only 8 weeks old. Mom says I was a very smart puppy!

Me performing "SIT"

Me performing "DOWN"

My breeder had glued me and my brother, Winston's ears before we left because she said that way we would have even ears with beautiful carriage when we grow up. I was NOT a happy camper after my ears got glued, I stopped giving my breeder kisses because I was mad at her for gluing my ears........... Jan kept saying sorry to me and giving me kisses because I was her favorite girl. She didn't want me to be upset. Jan said I had the most personality out of all the pups and that my eyes "talked" (mom can certainly attest to that). My brother Winston on the other hand, was a very easy going puppy, so he was still a happy little guy even after his ears were glued. This is what I looked like with my ears glued.

Can you see the sorrow in my eyes??

This is my grandpa, Johnson, and me. I love him so much but I only got to see him once every other month because he had to go back to work in Taiwan every second month. However, when he did come over, he took me to fun places to play everyday, rain or shine, while mom was in school.

Mom used to play violin (okay...don't laugh at her picture....I know it's really hilarious) and the first time she played infront of me, I couldn't stop tilting my head and dancing to the music. I was learning to be a sophisticated Airedale.

This the my 8 week old side profile. Look at my eyes, can you tell why the breeder said "those eyes talk."??


Anonymous said...

Awww he is soooo cute!!!

Duke said...

We didn't know that your mom could play violin! Your mom is so supertalented, just like you are, Sunshade!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch