Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just Chillin' & Piggies

I spent the afternoon chillin' in the yard. I made myself a comfy bed,

(mum: Sunshade LOVES to dig, especially under a covered up area. The main reason we built her a fort (which we still need to post about it....) was because she used to go on children's playground, find a platform to go under, and starts digging. She would then lie in the hole she'd dug, especially during summer time, to escape from the heat I think. She's now doing the same under the fort and the ramp for the fort. The entire under area is all dug up LOL!)

Resting in my comfy bed,

STINKY was out with MY piggies (you can watch him with them on his bloggie), so I kept an eye on them,

My SuperNOSE was on alert too for any treats being dropped by MY piggies!!

Then I heard mum telling D-Guy "Go take some pictures, STINKY is being so cute with the piggies.". (mum: I said Jaffa!)

So D-Guy took some pictures. Here is Squeaky,


And Mama Meatball!!!

D-Guy is the BESTEST!! He sure knows how to capture important moments in life; My Piggies! (mum: NO pictures of Jaffa can you believe it??!!!!)

Afterwards, I came to check on MY piggies, to make sure everypig was ok,

(mum: Jaffa isn't as intrigued by the piggies are Sunshade is, but he is still excellent with them. He knows he always has to be calm around them, or Sunshade would come and pin him until he calms down. She did that to him the first time he was bouncing playfully around one of the pigs, and he's learned his lesson well.)


Princess Patches said...

You are both sooooo gentle with your little piggies! Penny used to dig big holes in my mom's flower beds and then lay in the holes. I guess the fresh dirt was kind of cool!


Duke said...

I bet that freshly dug hole is so nice and cool, Sunshade. You and Jaffa are both very careful walking around your piggies.

Love ya lots,

Brinley Westie said...

Cute piggies!

You sure looks comfy in that holler of yours...

Dexter said...

I was kind of wondering about that deck under the tree. They built it just for YOU? What wonderful humans you have.