Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Cooooolest pressie for D-Guy

D-Guy gets the SuperCOOOOOOLEST pressies from mum, I mean, a day at the Race Track and now THIS.......

Well, I'll get there.

First, in order for the pressie to work its magic, you need a cooperative chicken,

Okay.... eeeeeeeasy on the lemon there.... I prefer to have my chicken lay eggs and not lemon,

What are we waiting for? The chicken is not going to move itself because it is filled with LEMON!!!


IT'S IN! IT'S IN!!!!!

It's in D-Guy's pressie - a coooooool Rotisserie Grill!!

Now, the only undesirable attribute to this pressie is that it is NOT instantaneous....

There is a lot of waiting involved,

I kept my eye on it, and checked on my eggies periodically.

I get four cooked egg whites a day because mum says it is one of the best bioavailable form of proteins out there, meaning, it is a protein that the body can make most use of!! (mum: egg yolk is very good too, but it is high in fat and phosphorous. In the case with Sunshade phosphorous are hard on her already compromised kidneys, so I try to keep the phosphorous content low in what I feed her. Phosphorous don't do any harm to healthy kidneys, so don't worry about feeding whole eggs to your healthy pups. Also, it is best to feed cooked egg whites rather than raw because there is a biotin binding protein that is present in raw egg whites, but is broken down through cooking process. Eating too many raw egg whites can result in biotin insufficiency.)

More waiting......

Is it done yet???


Ok, do you see what it's written on the potholder??

Well, your CHILD is HUNGRRRRRRRY!!!!!

Mum finally listened to her child, and told me to follow her outside....

**WARNING: You might want to cover your eyes for the next part!!!**

She told me I could have a treat first while we waited for the Rotisserie Grill to do it's magic....

I said sure, but what is that??

Oh well, smells like chicken, must be chicken then! I WANT IT!!!


(mum: I have NEVER gotten a chicken that came with a head stuffed inside... lol. Although Sunshade and Jaffa had never had chicken heads before, they do eat a raw diet, so this wasn't really something new for their stomach. Jaffa wanted nothing to do with it though, he's my delicate eater. Miss Sunshade... well, you saw!)


Princess Patches said...

Oh my doGness, Sunshade! One chicken head...gone is 46 seconds! The only chicken head I, Patches, have ever seen, was a rubber one! When my mom was a little girl, she used to watch her dad kill chickens and then she watched her mom pluck and gut them. For many, many years, she couldn't eat any chicken! It has been a loooong time, so she eats chicken once in a while, now...but never RAW!

We like D-Guy's present! I bet the chicken was really yummy cooked in there!


Molly the Airedale said...

I think I would prefer the grilled chicken without the head, Sunshade!
My Maggie's breeder told mom when she picked Maggie up 13.5 years ago that AirePuppies are not little children in fur coats. What the heck does he know, right!

Love ya lots,

brooke said...

OMG! A chicken head! EEEK!
At least no part went to waste! Darwin would not have eaten it. She doesn't like raw chicken (I wish she did it's so much cheaper than beef!). If it's boiled boneless chicken she's all for it, but raw, bleh. She'll eat around it if it's in her bowl.

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Yikes! Thanks for the warning E. That looked a little gruesome. No matter, Sunshade took care of that. Hmmm...where's that Juice?

Dexter said...

Checken heads! Nommy nom nom nom. I am filled with envy. Can you send me Jaffa's?