Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bosley's Tax

A new pet food store, Bosley's opened up near our house back in October, and it made my life that much betta!!!

It has made my life that much better because I now will go for walkies with D-Guy when mum isn't around! Before Bosley's opened up, I used to not want to leave the house/yard with D-Guy if mum was away (I think I should wait 'til she comes back ya know??). D-Guy used to use SuperYUMMY treats to lure me out, but that would only get us to the end of the block (100 meters away LOL) before I'd put on my brakes. D-Guy had tried everything, he even dropped my leash and walked the other way just to see if I would follow him, but I just dragged my leash back home on my own.

However, since Bosley's opened up, I have been going for walkies with D-Guy happily!! I may only walk with him if he was heading the "right" way - Bosley's way, but at least I'm going for walkies now! (mum: she would still put on her brakes and head home if she knew they weren't heading towards Bosley's lol...)

Anyways, so nowadays, D-Guy is always complaining that he has to pay a "Bosley's Tax" whenever he takes me out. Yes, I won't leave the store unless I get something!!!!!

I want THIS one today D-Guy!!!

So today, after STINKY left for his bike run, mum told D-Guy to walk me out and she followed us to see what I did.

This video sums it up!!

I'm always in a hurry to GO HOME after I've gotten my chewie, because I like to eat in the safety of my home,

Almost home!!

Hey D-Guy, focus on ME not the trees!!

Yummy YUMMY I've got LOVE in my TUMMY!!!!!

STINKY got the second chewy I brought home when he came back from his bike run, I thought the second one was for me as well....

Oh well, mine was prettier!


dave and lydia said...

Oh Sunshade you made me laugh---you are such a Hussy! Glad that D-guy understands girls... shopping for YOU is important. What's wrong with your footie?

Duke said...

I thought the second chewey was for you too, Sunshade but it's nice that you shared with Jaffa! Lucky you that Bosley's is so close!

Love ya lots,

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, I think that you got the bigger chewie. It's nice to give your little brother a (smaller) chewie :)

Dexter said...

Sunshade is just such a wonderful and special girl. Everything about her. She looks magnificent, too, for a gal of a certain age.

Mango Momma