Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Lucky Gurrrrrrrl I Am

A package came for ME today!!

Mum said STINKY's name was on it too, but I didn't see it, so I just opened it on my own. (mum: because it said "Jaffaman", not STINKY! Jaffa is too gentle to rip anything, so it all worked out lol. )

Hmmm something smells REALLY good inside!!!

Oh, there's a second envelope inside,


OMdoG!! Do you see what I see???


So goood sooooo goooooooood!!

Do you know WHOOOO was so awesome to give me all these bully stickies? (mum: they're for you AND Jaffa. )

It's my little Lakie friend Lola and her mommy, we know them from Facebook!! See, that's a little picture of pretty Lola Bear, she's got the bestest smile!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU Lola and Auntie Nhi!! (Ooops, sorry, technical difficulties.... temporarily lost control of my SuperTONGUE.....)

I didn't know why STINKY got a bully stickie too, his name wasn't even on the package. Oh well, I got 12 stickies, he got 1. Fair enough!

You know what else came in the package???

A boootiful red snood Auntie Nhi knitted for mum!! Mum wanted me to model for her, and I complied of course because I'm PERFECT,

Isn't it just bootiful? I wore it as a scarf too,

Remember Auntie Nhi knitted me a bootiful scarf/collar/headband too??

Me and mum sporting our Nhi Wear!!

Thank you again so much Lola Bear and Auntie Nhi!! (mum: THANK YOU Nhi! I really love the snood!)

You can see STINKY and his ONE and ONLY bully stickie on his bloggie. (mum: don't worry, they are being shared equally lol.)


Duke said...

You are such a supermodel, Sunshade! There isn't anything that you don't look perfect wearing! That was so sweet of Auntie Nhi and Lola.

Love ya lots,

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, wow you (and Jaffaman) are SO lucky to have such nice friends. We haven't had a bully stick for years.

Asta said...

Miss Sunshade
That Wowa and auntie Nhi awe wondewful
I love youw package opening tek-neek
I hope you enjoyed those yummie sticks and I must say, bof you and youw Mom look vewy bootiful in youw special snoods..that auntie nhi is vewy clevew as well as sweet
smoochie kisses

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

The knitwork done by Nhi is lovely. We like the mother/daughter picture that you posted. Adorable!!
BRD & Hootie