Friday, March 23, 2012

IT WASN'T ME!!!!!!


Ok, so this is what happened. We've had such rainy, wet, crummy weathers lately that when mum saw the sunny break we had today, she decided to let MY piggies and Mean Juice mow the lawn in the yard. MY piggies were in their 10 inch high piggie pen (they are so well behaved, they don't jump out!), while Mean Juice got to roam the yard freely. When Juice first came, mum and D-Guy filled all the holes that I had dug against the fence, and they also boarded up certain areas. They thought Juice was a big guy and that he needed more space to run than the x-pen could provide him. There was never a problem. So this afternoon, mum put everyone outside, and then she sat in the lawn chair and worked on her compoooter. She didn't see anything weird or strange because she was busy Facebooking...err.. working!! When it was getting dark, mum started gathering everyone to go inside, and guess what? Mean Juice was no where to be found!!!!!!

I SWEAR I had nothing to do with it! I mean, I might have dug a new little hole against the fence facing our neighbour's yard, but I NEVER told him to go through it!!!

Anyway, when mum saw the new hole against the fence, behind the ramp for my fort, she and D-Guy went over to our neighbour's yard (not fenced) to look for Mean Juice. They looked for at least half hour as there were quite a few hiding places. Our neighbours came out and started calling "Juice COME!". I had to break it to them that it just didn't work like that with rabbits. The the search party then moved outside onto the side walk and around the immediate blocks for another hour and a half. Still no sign of Mean Juice. Mum even brought me with her, thinking I would sniff Juice out. Unfortunately, I'm just not crazy enough about Mean Juice (who attacks ME and STINKY) to want to look for him!

Mum was getting really worried because it was all dark by then and she was worried he would get eaten by raccoons/coyotes/cats (yeah right, he would probably eat THEM instead). So they went home and made a poster for Mean Juice. I thought they were going to write:

"WATCH OUT: Killer Rabbit on the loose"

But nope, they made the poster above, and printed 30 copies. We then went out to put the posters up.

Guess what we saw half way down the block??

Another poster,

Oh darn....... better luck next time....

Yes, so D-Guy called the number, and the nice lady asked "is your rabbit REALLY big??". As it turned out this nice lady was renting a suite in one of the corner houses on our block. She said she found Mean Juice eating grass on the side walk and was worried that he would get eaten so she brought him home, put him in her bathtub, and gave him veggies. When mum and D-Guy went to pick up Juice, the nice lady asked D-Guy to go into her bathroom to get Juice because she was afraid of Mean Juice!! Juice had scratched her and then bit her and drew blood when she was putting down veggies for him to eat. She had a band-aid on her hand....

Anyways, so Mean Juice is once again, back at my house......

And he is doing very fine, here is the proof. Make sure you watch and listen to Mean Juice when STINKY approached him,

I knew better than to stick my SuperFACE in Mean Juice's face! Did you see how STINKY just ran away?????

(mum: Sunshade LOVES to dig, but she doesn't dig to escape, so the holes against the fence are never really big. However, when Juice came, we filled all the holes since he could fit through them easily. We hadn't put the small animals out for months due to the winter, so I guess Sunshade had dug a new hole and I totally missed it today......

ps. pls don't mind Jaffa's weird airedo, he's midway being stripped)


Duke said...

I'm happy to hear that Juice was found but why doesn't he count his blessings and be nice for once?!

Love ya lots,

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Ah E, time for Juice to live with the D-guy. My sister is still interested in Juice :)

Dexter said...

Mean Juice can't help himself. It's his nature. But he still needs a home, so yours is as good as any. That lady was very nice to rescue him even though he is mean.


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh my dog...we are rolling on the floor laughing...THAT IS ONE MEAN WABBIT...bit the hand that tried to feed him??? Then we had to go look at the old video of Jaffa and Juice in the ring...King of Terriers seemed to wimp out, huh??

Honestly, Miss Sunshade why don't you become a magician and MAKE THAT BUNNY TURN INTO A PIGGIE or something???? Hasenpfeffer???

You totally cracked us up!!!!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley....