Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Auntie Janice says.........

I'm becoming a you-know-what (KITTY) or something of higher intelligence (mum: in your mind that is)!!

You see, mum sent my Auntie Janice (mum: Sunshade's vet) an e-mail this morning. In the e-mail, she betrayed me and called STINKY the "good kid". See for yourself,

Hi Janice,

This happened on Wednesday, after our appointment. I took her to Natural Plus, bought some raw food, treats and 4 cans of Tripett. I use Tripett as an enticement to get Jaffa to eat on his picky days. I also use it to give Sunshade her lemony fish oil in. I needed to go to Superstore quickly to get a few things. Before leaving the car, I brought everything that I thought Sunshade could get into with me (all the treats I'd just bought, raw food, etc). Yes, I left the 4 cans of Tripett in the car. I can back 10 mins later to her grinning from ear to ear with a can of Tripett in between her paws and bits and pieces of aluminum all around her. The first thing that came to mind was thank doG I was only a block away from the clinic because I thought the inside of her mouth was going to be a bloody mess. Much to my surprise though, gums and tongue looked fine, no blood visible. Jaffa just laid there watching Sunshade.

This is a whole new level of food obsession due to Cushings wouldn't you say?

Have a great weekend!

Elaine, Sunshade (I'm hungry, feed me) & Jaffa (the good kid) <------- LOOK!!!

Mum attached the following 4 pictures to the e-mail,

This was my Auntie Janice's reply,


Okay that is funny!! I meant to email you and tell you that I was VERY VERY VERY happy with how she looked when you were last in. It's like Sunshade has turned a corner. Okay so maybe she is starving (that is how you lose weight you know), but she was perkier and even those photos you sent she has a great spark in those eyes, so I feel like she is changing direction in a good way!!!

Maybe we can give Sunshade some new brain work-tin cans??

Jaffa is basking in the glory of being the "good one". You have created a monster in Sunshade. Two months of being ferried around in her own stroller and fawned upon has gone directly to her head!!! All ok by me. And she deems you a worthy slave. Maybe she is so elevated in her dog incarnations that she is becoming a cat????



My Auntie Janice is the bestest!

First of all, she thinks mum is exercising me so much but still STARRRRRVING me, and that's why I'm hungry all the time (you hear that mum???). Only stoopid mum is saying Cushings this Atypical Cushings that.

Secondly, my Auntie Janice is always telling mum that I'm a girl that needs lots of brain work and stimulation otherwise I'd get bored very easily. So she thinks mum should give me MORE tin cans to work my brain so it doesn't get bored. More Tripett and maybe some tuna and salmon cans would do (or you can hire me!!).

Thirdly, she thinks I'm PERFECT. Everything that I am, everything that I do is just PERFECTO!!!

Lastly, she thinks I am becoming something of higher intelligence!! How exciting is that?? I mean, I can open tin cans and cupboards already, I can type on a compoooter, I can do a bunch of tricks to make hoomans laugh, I can dispense treats for myself, and I can un-lock car doors for stoopid mum when she locks herself out of the car (with me still in the car). I'm practically smarter than mum already, and I think she's a hooman?

(mum: I hope Janice is right and that Sunshade's constant hunger is due to my restricting her diet and not the Atypical Cushings getting worse. We won't know until we re-test her in a month or so.

I forgot to mention in the last post that Janice was finally able to see Sunshade's left ear drum since the tire popping incident. There seems to be an aire bubble at the top of the ear drum, indicating a healed ruptured. That's the good news. The not so good news is that return of hearing is independent of healing of the ear drum. So even though her ear drum is healed, Sunshade may still have some hearing loss from the incident.)


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Ha, ha, ha - Sunshade you look so proud of yourself. I think that it was a neat trick. Mum must have thought so too.

Nelly said...

We sooo agree with your Auntie janice when she says you,ve got the spark back in your eyes Sunshade.

Love you lots
Elke, Finni & Nelly xxxx

Gus said...

OH my..Our sainted predecessor Nigel (Fredrick Nigel Karl Vladmir, Duke of Earl and King of Sway) opened Tuna cans for himself and his kitty, but they were the pull top kind. Dum Mum finally got a kiddie lock for the cupboard. Then Nigel learned to open that. Muzzer says good luck to your Mom.


violett said...

However, sunshade, now I must laugh!
I have never belonged from a dog to be greedy!
I am also hungry always, but I have never opened a tin. It are a can opener! *haha*
Lots of love

the many Bs said...

Sunshade, we know you are the GOOD one and you are the SMART one and you are the SPECIAL one. we are in AWE of your abilities!


Noah the Airedale said...

Oh my how did you manage to not cut your mouth? You are very clever Sunshade.

Noah x

Duke said...

We already knew that you were the smartest DaleGirl ever, Sunshade! Our dad eats lots of tuna for his lunchie and our mom is forever opening new cans of it! We could sure use your help here!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Of course your Auntie is right!
You are sooooo smart! I've told you that before!
Kisses and hugs

NelsonandBoober said...

You look fabtabulous Sunshade and way smarter than the average dog!

Joey said...

Good job on that can, Sunshade! I totally don't understand.. you are soooo skinny like us. We should be fed every hour, really!
Joey and Jack