Sunday, August 15, 2010

Half SquAire Cut at the Beach

After Tika & Tulie left, mum got inspired or something, so she decided to give me a half groom.

Yes, like this. My ears/head/body were clippered, and that was it......

Mum said the rest of the haire needs to be scissored, and I needed a bubble bath before she could scissor me. She clippered my body haire off because according to her, there is no need to bath haire that's gonna come off anyway.

So I ended up looking like this,

I was almost dying of a heat stroke after the half groom, so mum decided to take me to the very busy Kits Beach. STINKY unfortunately couldn't come with us because it was Sunday and there were too many people lying on the beach sun tanning for the landshark to control himself.

Umm.... and YES, I went to the very busy beach HALF groomed. (mum: sorry, iPhone quality from now on.)

Oh well, not that I care. I know I'm bootiful, half groomed or full groomed or not groomed at all! I thought tho, it would have been very funny if we ran into other Airedales or Squaire dogs and their owners hand mum cards of their groomers!

Mum left MY ring drying in the yard, so we only had my giant Aire stickie. I like that second best to MY ring,

Mum threw the Aire-stikie for me,

I swam after it,

And brought it back no problem,

My hard earned giant stick!

Now have a look at the following pictures,

I was the ONLY one at the beach who was able to fetch this GODZILLA stickie!!!

(mum: I was the ONLY one throwing the giant stick, javelin style, with two hands of course! Sunshade loves big sticks, the bigger the better. She ignores little sticks.)

Other than the GODZILLA stickie, nothing really new happened at the beach. I mean, my MUSCLE BUTT getting all the attention is certainly not anything new,

I did watch this little guy,

Fetch his miniature tennis ball,

Then I felt a bit of a K9-overload,

So I decided to leave the dog beach area,

Ran into another well groomed Squaire dog on the way out, (mum: Wheaten is one Squaire dog I don't know how to groom Sunshade!!)

My face was a little wet and salty, so I wiped it in my favouritest drying spot,

I like to wipe my mouf this way too after I have finished eaten a bloody bone bone. I don't like to smell like raw meat, so I go and wipe my face (in THE spot). I'm such a clean gurrrrrl!

BTW, you know how mum was saying that I'm over weight? Well I just want to show you this picture below,

Do you see my waist there?

I am perfectly under weight IMO, so should be fed MORE! (mum: All of Sunshade's extra weight are in the pendulous abdomen, which is one of the hallmark symptoms of Cushings/Atypical Cushings.)

When I walked up to the grassy area, things started to get a little..... CREEPY.....

The man started cuddling his Mini-Godzilla, (mum: It's an Iguana Sunshade...)

I was a little worried about the man's safety,

I wanted to save him because I'm brave,

But I wasn't sure if I could be braver than the Mini-Godzilla.....

Finally, everything seemed to be O-K.... (mum: tail finally came out from under her bum! I have only seen that tail go under from firecrackers, and a stupid trainer when she was a wee 3 months old pup. Nothing else in her entire life has made that tail curl under like that!)

OK, so I'm just gonna be frank with you (that's my "being frank" face btw),

Even though I'm a fearless SuperDALE, the Mini-Godzilla almost scared me to death. Yes, this is my "scared to death" expression, (mum: I like to keep her belly shaved so she's cooler, especially in the summer.)

But its our little secret ok? SuperDALE is scared of NOTHING. Remember that ok?


George The Lad said...

Oh Sunshade your so funny, in a nice way. I don't think I would mess with that Mini-Godzilla, and you with that bigggg stick you are so strong.
See Yea George xxx

Duke said...

OMG, that iguana would have scared the crap out of us too, Sunshade! Your half squAire cut looks great and we definitely see a waistline there! Bring on the treats!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

Miss Sunshade! That was a dinosaur! You could have been eaten alive! No wonder your little banana tail was tucked. I heard your mom snorting at you. Not cool. I didn't see HER going up to pat the dinosaur.

I am in awe of your mighty dale jaws all fetching that mango sized stick.


brooke said...

that was a GIANT stick! I dont think Darwin would even fetch a stick that big! you are a Superdale!

and that giant lizard... EWWWW. if I had a tail it'd be tucked up under me too! nasty!

violett said...

No, you are Superdale and are afraid of nothing. I know this!
But thus mini-Godzilla... I does not know... my tail would tickle the belly.
Splendidly how you have got the big floor from the water.
Lots of love

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

Brave girl that you are, I'm glad you stayed away from the lizard. One bit me many moons ago and I'm not too fond of them since then!

NelsonandBoober said...

We can see your little waist Sunshade I don't know why your mum can't :) And is that a big lizard at the beach??? Holy crow Booberdog is licky her lips as we look at your pictures. Your so lucky to have such an awesome beach to go to.