Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perfect Transportation

This morning mum had to run some errands in Yaletown, which is located in downtown Vancouver. She brought me, her sidekick with her of course,

Soon after mum finished with her errands, I realized something,

The Aqua Bus and False Creek Ferries both have a station here! I first touched on the False Creek Ferries in one of my very first blog posts, then I did a second post that emphasized how much I really LOVE LOVE LOVE these ferries. Now I'm just putting more emphasize on it!

I have never taken either ferry from this location before, but somehow, I knew they were there!! So I told mum to walk through these doors,


They knew the SuperDALE was coming, and they were waiting there already! The colourful one on the left is the Aqua Bus, the blue ferry on the right is the False Creek ferries. The stops for both ferries are pretty much the same except a few.

I picked the False Creek Ferry because that's the one I'm familiar with,

Off we GOOOO!!

Here is a short video, you can see the expensive hi-rises in downtown Vancouver,

Looking over Yaletown, it was getting smaller and smaller,

I assumed a more comfortable position without jeopardizing the view,

Or the scent carried by the sea breeze,

Going under the Granville bridge,

The dock at Granville Island came in sight,

Getting closer!

We disembarked at Granville Island. I checked out the garbage can first to make sure I didn't miss out on any snacking opportunities,

Then I asked mum - Which ferry do we take next???

(mum: Sunshade absolutely LOVES those ferries to the point where as soon as she gets off, she's waiting to go on another one...... It is anywhere between $5-7 round trip, a day pass is $14. Maybe I should have gotten a day pass instead...)

Evil-mum wouldn't let me get back on the ferry and I watched MY ferry sailed away......

She then made me walk away from the station,

So I said FINE, lets go to the Aqua Bus station!!!

I spotted the waiting area,

And placed myself there appropriately,

I spotted it,

It's COMING!!! Getting SOOOOO close!


Of course.....

Evil-mum wouldn't let me get on it!!!

(mum: the round trip ticket we got was for the False Creek Ferry. Unfortunately, it wasn't interchangeable with the Aqua Bus.)

She AGAIN, made me walk awaaaaaaay from the dock. Actually, she made me walk all the way up the ramp because she said we should go walk around Granville Island. However, as soon as I got to the top of the ramp, I turned around and started going back down.

Told mum to hurrrrry up because ferries might be coming!!!

I was RIGHT!

A ferry was there waiting for the Perfect Me, so I got in!

(mum: the guy that drove(piloted?) this particular Aqua Bus told me it was ok for Sunshade to go in if she wanted to since he had to wait for a little while. I guess he saw how much Sunshade wanted to get in and yet was being so good when I told her "NO, you can't go in..". Sunshade was a little confused I think because I wasn't in it with her, and the boat wasn't moving LOL!)

I waited and waited,

But the boat didn't move at all......

I came out eventually because the boat still wasn't moving, and mum kept saying "bye-bye" to me,

She usually says "bye-bye" when I'm not going the direction she wants me to go. She would then drop my leash and start walking in the direction that she wants to go. Once she drops my leash tho, I know I no longer am in control.... so I follow her...humph!

I watched as MY Aqua Bus sailed off into the deep blue sea,

I get sad everytime I see a ferry leave WITHOUT me.....

No more ferries at the Aqua Bus station, so I headed back towards the False Creek Ferry Station,

Everytime a ferry came in sight, I would stop and watch it to see if it would stop for me,

Mum made me walk up a different ramp so we could get a different scenery (so she said). We walked behind the Granville Island public market,

I met a dude there and we exchanged a quick hello,

We walked past Bridges Restaurant where a man was sitting outside with FIVE hounds from Afghanistan, (mum: she meant Afghan Hounds.)

Finally! Do you see what I see???

Miss Sunshade is going DOWN the ramp!

Miss Sunshade is ON the dock!

Miss Sunshade is IN the boat!!

I said bye-bye to Granville Island and the Aqua Bus station,

Saw an in-coming Aqua bus, but that's ok, I was on a ferry tooooo!

See my happy face?

I again got comfortable,

When I saw the Yaletown dock came in sight, I got up and waited patiently for my turn to get out,

Miss Sunshade OUT!

Miss Sunshade wants back IN now!

(mum: yes, as soon as she got off, she wanted to go back on... Human kids do this right? When they like a ride at an amusement park, they want to go on it repeatedly?)


Of course, Evil-mum did the "bye-bye" trick..... I followed her reluctantly.... but... do you see what I saw? An Aqua Bus pulled in....

I came to a door that led to another part of the dock. Unfortunately it was locked. Mum said you need a special swipey card to get in,

Mum was "bye-byeing" here and "bye-byeing" there,

So finally I decided to forgo trying to convince her to go back to the ferries. We walked back through those doors that we came in from earlier,

Up the ramp,

Back to Yaletown,

I asked mum if she wanted breakie,

She said no, so we headed back to the car,

Inside the car, I told mum I needed breakie treats!

And I got some breakie treats!

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Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Those ferries look like a ton of fun - wonder how they would feel about the four of us coming aboard.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

Gus said...

Dear Miss Sunshade. We are very impressed with your adventure! We have never been on a ferry, but it looks like great fun. Maybe someday our hoomans will stop this moving nonsense and take us on a REAL vacation, where we can do things like ride busses and ferries.

Teka toy and Gussie boy

George The Lad said...

Sunshade you are such a good tour guide, tell your mom it might be cheaper to get the monthly ticket if you like going on them so much.
See Yea George xxx

Princess Patches said...

What a great adventure you had, Sunshade! We've never been on a ferry or even near any water except in the dreaded bathtub. I bet we would really like it!

You are a really good girl for your mum to let go of your leash! Our mom could never let go of ours because we are hooligans! We would be in the next county in a matter of seconds!

Penny & Patches

Molly the Airedale said...

We've been on a ferry too, Sunshade, and we both agree - they're FUN! We hope you get to go again soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

NelsonandBoober said...

Sunshade we are so jealous of all your awesome adventures in that fabulous city of yours an such. You are one lucky Miss Sunshade!

The Thuglets said...

Corrrrrrrrrr...what a trip! We have never been on a ferry it doeslooklike fun!

Big NosePokes
The Thugletsx

brooke said...

I love this! sunshade you are too cute! I wonder how Darwin would do on a little ferry like this... I want to check it out! We havent made it up to Vancouver this year yet!

violett said...

Hello Miss sunshade,
You are a ferry boat junkie? ;)

Many thanks for the amusing report

Lots of love

Lorenza said...

You had a pawesome "ferryadventure"!
Thanks for sharing it!
Kisses and hugs

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

What a nautical pooch you are Miss Sunshade! Loved the video where you went on the boat and layed down. You have great confidence.

We have only gone on the ferry on the Kootenai carries cars, so we had to share the deck with them! It was fun though.