Monday, August 23, 2010

SquAire Dog: First Customers

UPDATE: Website for Squaire Dog Grooming is up - come visit us!

It is official!

The Squaire Dog Grooming logo will be this one below as it is the one with the highest votes (THANK YOU all for voting!),

We handed out our first invoice to our first customers today, (well, technically, Gustav was our first customer, but he never got an invoice)

Tika, the bootiful, fluffy, almost 12 yr old gurrrrl,

And her sister Tulie, the bootiful, wirey, 8 year old gurrrrrl,

Actually, you might remember meeting these two bootiful Aire-gurrrls before.

Tika & Tulie's mom was my tracking class teacher about umm... 7-8 years ago. We've known them for so long that mum didn't want to charge them, because they're friends! However, the 2T's mom was sooo nice, she insisted on paying because she said "Miss Sunshade is so skinny and always starving, so she needs some food money so she can eat all the time and not be skinny and all". (mum: uh huh Sunshade, I'll take that as Atypical Cushings talking.) Anyhowl, so they became our first customers!!

Tika was finished first,

Her sissy Tulie was content chilling with me,

Usually when there are two dogs, mum likes to alternate grooming them (ie, clip body of dog 1, let dog 1 down to break, clip body of dog 2, let dog 2 down to break, then dog 1 back up on the table) so they get breaks in between. However, since Tulie seemed to really love our stairs, mum decided to work on Tika straight through, still with breaks in between though.

See WHO had to come and interrupt our mature gurrrrrrls' chilling session?

STINKY for some reason was super drawn towards Tika. Wherever Tika was, he was there too,

Tika laid down for a rest, STINKY had to stand next to her and "wait for her",

Tika got a stickie to chew, see who's coming up from behind?

Of course HE had to go get a stickie too to copy what Tika was doing. (See Tika's face? I think she thinks STINKY stinks too! Yes, Tulie and I chilled for a LONG time, in the same exact positions.)

(mum: look at that gorgeous head. Something about these Airedales' side profiles I just can't get enough of!)

Tika went to check out MY SuperHOLE, and STINKY had to be there supervising,

So Tika said forget it!

This is Tika's WTH-is-wrong-with-him face,

Then she made a final attempt to separate herself from him,

And succeeded (for about 30 seconds),

(mum: I don't know what it was, but Jaffa followed Tika everywhere. Tika is a confident, dominant girl like Sunshade. So maybe the similarity intrigued Jaffa?)

I'm sorry Tika, but thank you SO much! For once he was bugging some other mature gurrrrrl and NOT me! There's a video of poor Tika with STINKY on STINKY's blog if you want to witness the torment.

Me and Tika. I'm almost 11, she's almost 12, but can you guys tell? Tika & Tulie eat MY kind of foodies and they see MY Auntie Janice too!!

Getting ready to put Tulie on the table,

Tulie ON! But not too happy about it....... (mum: but was so good on the table!),

Tika & Tulie all done!


We still don't have our business cards printed out yet, and the website doesn't have anything on it except the logo. Mum is also trying to clear out our garage so she can put a booster bath in and turn that into the grooming room. She got a K9 Dryer so she'll be able to bath and dry future Squaire dogs. Mum says we won't be doing any advertising until we have all that done, and until then, we'll just be grooming Squaire dogs we know.


The Thuglets said...

Congratulations on the launch of Squaire Gromming!

There are going to be lots of smart dales in your area.

Good luck with the garage clearout!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Duke said...

We can't believe Teka is 12! She looks just beautiful for a mature girlie such as ourselves, Sunshade! No wonder Jaffa was taken with her!

Love ya lots,

George The Lad said...

Good job mom, love that logo, I'm petty sure she will be quite busy when the word gets around.
See Yea George xxx

brooke said...

I love the logo!
Darwin played with her first Squaire dog this weekend, but he really needed a grooming cause his face was super scraggly bearded and not nice and squaire. (pictures to come on the blog)

Dont know what PAX is, but we'll be here most likely! When would you want to meet up?! If it's Saturday, it'll just be me and Dar because college football starts up and Jason will not leave the house on Saturdays. If it's Sunday, then maybe Jason will come with since hes not as into NFL football.
Dr Sanders was really nice if that's who you're going to see! He's supposed to be the best!
You can email us here so we can figure out next weekend!
darwinthedane at gmail dot com

violett said...

Congratulation for the start grooming-salon.
The Airedale's hairstyle looks very professional. With this hairstyle one can go to the exhibition.

We are glad, because No. d was also our favorite and got our voice.
Lots of love
Mishka and violett

Sherry said...

Nice grooming work. Looks like Stinky's in looooove.

I'll be in Victoria, visiting Airedales of course, early next week but will be home on Labor Day weekend. It would be great if the two boy-dales could play and give the older girls a break.

Lorenza said...

I like a lot the logo!
Good luck!
Kisses and hugs

Inky and Molly said...

Hey, our pinkie could start a business like that too. She nearly shears half of our town's Airepopulation anyway so we reckon she might as well might make some money for biscuits with her efforts....Well done, Sunshade. Let's put'em to work, ey?!