Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can Opener

Have you ever had a can opener that skipped 80% of the can after just a few uses?

Or one that you needed to put so much force and pressure for it to even open anything?

Are you tired of wasting your money on the expensive, unreliable commercial can openers that don't do their job properly?

Opening a can like this should be a pleasant experience (especially with the special contents),

NOW, I have an inexpensive, reliable SOLUTION for YOU!




Just 1/4 of the content!!!

Can Opener For Hire

Please contact: 1-800-can-open

I'll even work ON THE GO!!

Satisfaction guaranteed!! (Or I'll regurgitate the 1/4 can content back out)

(mum: I was utterly speechless when I saw what Sunshade had done. To me, that was a whole new level of food obsession. The Atypical Cushings Disease is sending out signals that's making the body think its always being starved. Therefore, Sunshade goes into frantic food scrounging mode.

Sunshade had her chiro + acupuncture appointment on Wednesday. We saw Dr. Gail Jewell first for chiro adjustments. Gail mentioned upon seeing Sunshade that her stomach looked a lot smaller than 2 weeks ago when she saw her last. So that was good news to me although I knew grooming usually makes Sunshade look like she'd shed a ton of weight. After the chiro appointment, I brought Sunshade to be weighed. Surprisingly, she weighed 70 lbs, down from 74 lbs two weeks ago (ideal weight is about 65 lbs). That was excellent news. Then it was time to see Janice for Sunshade's acupuncture treatment. Janice and I usually talk a little bit about life and how Sunshade's been doing before she starts to put needles in Sunshade. The entire time we were talking, Sunshade was opening one of Janice's drawers. The one that the dehydrated liver treats were being kept. Yes she knows its the middle drawer, and she only goes for that drawer. She hooks her nails to the handle and pulls. Maybe I'll take a video next time we go in. Janice, Sunshade's Auntie Janice totally ADORES Sunshade's smarts. So every time Sunshade opened the drawer, Janice would tell her how smart she was followed by a piece of liver treat. Janice and Jen the vet tech TOTALLY spoil Sunshade. She can do no wrong in their eyes. Finally, the first acupuncture needle went in on top of the head, and Sunshade fell asleep (thank you head meridian). Janice felt Sunshade was doing well with the Atypical Cushings because she had a lot of "spunk". However, I wondered if that spunk was actually food obsession.

After our session with Gail and Janice, I brought Sunshade to the natural pet food store next door to get some treats and 4 cans of Tripet canned tripe. I use the Tripet as enticement for Jaffa on his picky days. I also give Sunshade her lemony fish oil in a spoonful of the canned tripe. Since Derek was going to have the kidney stone removal procedure the next day, he needed to drink a lot of fluids. He doesn't like plain water, so I thought I would go to the grocery store quickly to get some juice. Before leaving the car, I took all the treats I had just bought, everything that I thought was rip-able with me. Basically, I carried what looked like a large bag of groceries into a grocery store. I left the 4 cans of Tripet in the car as it never occurred to me that she would go through all that trouble to "find food". I have left cans with her many times before, she never touched them. Anyway, I came out 10 minutes later to her grinning from ear to ear with a can of chewed up Tripet in between her paws. There were bits and pieces of aluminum lying around her.

The first thought that went through my mind was Thank doG I was only a block away from the vet. I thought for sure the inside of her mouth was going to be a bloody mess. Much to my surprise though, there were no cuts on her tongue or gums. No blood visible. WHEW!

So what do I think? Since Sunshade never scrounged for food, never begged like crazy, never counter surfed, never opened cupboards, never chewed through cans until the last few months, I think the Atypical Cushings might be getting worse...... We haven't re-tested her yet because we wanted to allow enough time for the holistic approach to work (if they do work). I'll give it another 3-4 weeks given her symptoms don't get worse, and then retest. The fact that she lost 4 lbs is monumental as dogs with uncontrolled Cushings/Atypical Cushings don't usually lose weight despite the efforts.

It is hard for me to watch Sunshade always feeling and thinking that she's hungry. I can just imagine how much harder this is on her not understanding why she's feeling this way all the time.... Furthermore, I am becoming a little more worried about the extend she goes to find food and doing things that can potentially cause harm to herself. I never needed to worry about things like this with her before. She had always been a very sensible dog, knew what was ok, what wasn't...... SIGH....)


Inky and Molly said...

Wow, you are one keen puppy, Sunshade. We thought we may have had the same disease but mum says, no, this is serious. We feel for you, Honey!

Duke said...

Our first thought was that you had sliced up your tongue and gums, Sunshade! You are quite the amazing can opener!
You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

Miss Sunshade! I am glad you did not hurt yourself trying to get the foodables. It must be awful for you to feel hungry all the time.


Finni said...

Actually ... yes, tripe IS irresistible. You are one determined gurrrrl, Sunshade. Hope the remedies help :)
Finni xx

Toby said...

Sunshade, we had heard about this but refused to believe it until now! You are one super amazing can opener - where do we buy one?

We're crossing and fingers and paws that your holistic approach works.


the many Bs said...

poor Sunshade, our dumb human would be like your mom, feeling awful about denying you food and feeling awful that you don't understand... but congrats on losing weight! we have never heard of a dog who can open cans with their mighty jaws before. you are a very determined and talented doggy.

we liked seeing your papparazi photos in the previous post. does your mom do dog grooming for other pups besides you? our human grooms us, but we don't look good, we just look shaved and sporty. that's our look. your mom is very talented.

we are very happy to hear that you are going to see Dr Sanders next weekend. we are supposed to go out of town that weekend, except that we haven't heard back from the bird lady yet. if the bird lady can't take care of Jasper, then we can't go. if we do go, we will be gone from Friday through Monday, but we will be home on Monday night and still get to play on Tuesday cuz our human took that day off too! we sure would like to meet you and play with you and see how beautiful you are in dog. we might even like playing with Stinkey! heehee!

anyway, i guess we can keep in touch and see what the weekend brings.


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Wow - we're relieved to learn that you didn't cut up your mouth or anything else from opening cars the commando way. You might want to get your mum to try pure pumpkin from E.D. Smith. It will fill-up your tummy and settle any upset, not add any weight to you and you'll get orange poo. Cool eh? Just don't get pumpkin pie filling (sugar).

Lorenza said...

I am happy too to know you did not hurt yourself opening that can!
But... this is something you can add to all your talents!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

NelsonandBoober said...

Holy smokes Sunshade!!! We wouldn't have believed it if we hadn't seen it with out own doggie eyes! It's like you have Super Sunshade Dog Powers just like SuperDog. So glad that you didn't hurt yourself. We can relate were always hungry :) 4 lbs lost is amazing.