Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pawty I missed out on.......

Mum and STINKY went to a birfday pawty my Auntie Janice threw for her dogter Phoebe, and I DIDN'T GET TO GOOOOOO!!!!!


(mum: Janice is our vet. Her new little rescue girl Phoebe turned 1 and she threw a little birthday party for her. Both Sunshade and Jaffa were invited. However, I opted to not bring Sunshade. Ummm... how should I put this...? Well, Miss Sunshade is used to being the center of the attention. She is certainly treated that way by everyone at Janice's clinic everytime we go in (you sort of get the idea from this video). Sunshade, who is normally quite aloof to the general public does have a tendency to get quite protective/possession of people who she considers part of her "inner circle". There are only a handful of people that have been honoured into Sunshade's inner circle. Unfortunately (in this case), Janice and vet tech Jen are two of them. So, to avoid the possibility of Sunshade trying to keep every dog away from her Aunties (and that would include Janice & Jen's own dogs), Sunshade spent a nice afternoon bonding with Derek!)

You can see the summary of the pawty I missed out on here,

There is one scene/photo that is making me very very GRRRRRRRRRrrrrr!

Do you know which scene/photo it is??

For details on the pawty I missed out on, you can see them on STINKY's blog.... SIGH....


Duke said...

That did look like one fun pawty, Sunshade. What a bummer you had to miss out!
We bet the grrrrrrrrrrrr picture was your mum and Stinky kissin'!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

NelsonandBoober said...

Wow does that look like an awesome birthday party or what! Sorry you had to miss it Miss Sunshade. Boober would have had to stay home also while I went as she's not a big fan of all doggies. I'm sure your mum brought you home a party favourite bag.

Noah the Airedale said...

Bummer Sunshade. Never mind you got to have bonding time with Derek. That's pretty cool!!

Noah x

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Miss Sunshade - yup, must be that photo of mum and Stinky...I betcha it was because mum was about to whisper in Stinky's ear that she wishes you were at the party too. I'm sure that mum made up for the time away from you with an extra big hug, kisses and treats.

Lorenza said...

Sorry you were not there!
Sure they had a pawesome celebration for Phoebe!
Yes. Kissing scene, right?
Kisses and hugs

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh for Pete's sake...our secretary has been horrid...'tween Daddy's episode in July (he's totally fine now) and Hooman Sissy gettin' married in three weeks, we've been NOWHERE...


Rocks in the kidneys? Hmm...Mumsie's done that like four times...she said it's hell....yeesch...



After the Holy Terriers pass out...they stand up and fall over laughing...

Then they stand up and


to Sunshade.

YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lacie Cakes and her stoopid brothers.

the many Bs said...

hey Sunshade, that looks like a terrific party that you missed out on. bummer. and BIG BUMMER - did we see Stinky giving your mom a big smoochy kiss????


Ellen said...

Well, I see I've missed a lot of news about my favorite Airedale in BC!
Sunshade, other than eating canned food still, ahem, in the can, it sounds like you're doing well. Your (not) evil mum is taking such good care of you, through all these trials and tribulations. I am sure you're being a perfect dog-ter for her, right?
Elaine, congrats on the new business! How nice to tunr something you are good at and enjoy doing into a paying concern. Smart!
And best to D-guy for his recent problems.
Not forgetting Jaffa in all my good wishes for everyone.

Teddy said...

Ooh, I think I know which photo made you grrr, Miss Sunshade. I wouldn't like to see my mom kiss another doggie either. That looked like a fun 1st birthday party for Phoebe..a lucky doggie!!