Monday, April 19, 2010

Vet Stem: Pre OP IV

Note: Before you read this post, I would recommend that you read my last post - Vet-Stem: What is it & Why (if you haven't already), so you don't get totally confused as to what's going on in the SuperDALE's world.

Monday morning, mum took the naked me to my vet clinic. I'm always very eager to get out of the car to go see Auntie Janice and Auntie Jen (mum: our vet and vet tech!)

I always make sure that I mark before I go in, to tell everydoggie that this is MY clinic. Yes, my sexy butt is naked, but its still a MUSCLE BUTT!!

Much to my surprise, Auntie Janice wasn't there today because it was not her working day. Instead, Auntie Sue aka. Dr. Sue Hughson was there. There is a long history behind my veterinary experience, but I actually started out seeing Auntie Sue when I was about 1.5 years old. Mum and I both really liked Sue, but due to some unforeseen circumstances with the clinic that Auntie Sue was working at, she urged mum and I to go see her vet colleague at another clinic. Well, that vet colleague turned out to be my Auntie Janice, and its one of the bestest things that's happened in my life! All thanks to Sue. Auntie Sue and Auntie Janice are goodest friends, they went to vet school together, and they are both very good. Auntie Janice said she has just recently been able to afford having Auntie Sue work at her clinic once a week. Today was that once a week day! This is me and Auntie Sue,

OH, and I should mention, mum was just learning about holistic care we started seeing Auntie Sue. That was when I was 1.5-2 years old. Now 8 years later, Auntie Sue saw me for the first time and she wrote a note in my file for Auntie Janice to see. This was the note - Sunshade looks better at 10 than she did at 1! That is a HUGE compliment for me, mum, and Auntie Janice/Jen.

That's Auntie Jen, MY vet tech (who could practically pass as a vet) on the right wearing the blue scrubs. She was putting an IV catheter in me. I love and trust Auntie Jen, so I just stand there and let her do anything to me. I never put up a fuss even if it hurt me.

Auntie Jen working on me while Auntie Sue tries to name all the crystals and rocks on my special crystal collar!

All done, that was easy! I got a pretty pink vet wrap to hold my catheter in place. Not sure why I have to carry around a catheter tho,

Mum put me in the DaleMOBILE, and I was super happy because I thought we were going for a walkie at Cates Park or Ambleside or Seymour River or some new place!

We live in Vancouver, and MY vet clinic is in North Vancouver, a different district. So mum usually takes me to one of the many nice places in North Vancouver for a walk after my vet appointment. Why should today be any different right???


Not only did we come straight back home, I was put in exile - in STINKY's pen to be exact. I also had a long tube connected to me!

Why should I be in there with tubes? Its not like I tried to commit suicide like STINKY did by eating 230+ Adevil pills.....

Seriously, how can anyone treat a SuperDALE in such a way??

So mum explained to me. She said I will be having my belly tuck surgery tomorrow, and will need to be put under general anesthetic. Since I have compromised kidneys, it is important to keep me extra hydrated and flush those kidneys 24 hours prior to being put under. It is just an extra precaution that mum chooses to take as most likely, I would be fine with just a few hours of IV prior to surgery. So this is where I am now.....

(mum: by "belly tuck surgery", Sunshade meant the Vet-Stem procedure mentioned earlier. I chose to do IV at home with Sunshade so its less stressful for her. She is kept in the pen in the proximity of the IV line. We have done it before, well, about 6 years ago when she had her last surgery. Hopefully, she'll remember and won't be too sad about it...)

I was sulking, BIG time. I'm not used to no walkies at all you know?? So mum tried to cheer me up by sitting inside the pen with me and while EATING,

It was her obligation to share with me. Afterall, I will be losing fat tissues tomorrow, so I need to gain all the weight I can!

Had some rice, (can you pick up rice with chopsticks??)

By the time I saw the pork chop, I was no longer sulking,

I mean, if I can eat all day, then that's fine with me.

After lunch, mum had the great idea of grooming my face,

She said she only did the clipper work on my head yesterday when she SHAVED me. So she wanted to scissor and clean up my facial furnishings as well as the edges of my ears.

I looked like a cute toy before,

And now I look like a pi$ed off Airedale, (because I had to put up with grooming, and food was gone!)

I had many pee breaks since IV SuperHYDRATES me, and then dinner time came around and I was happy again. D-Guy came home from work and he brought sushi for us. They ate on the ground beside my pen so I could carry on my usual routine of begging,

I did carry on with my usual routine of begging, except I could never see what was in front of me due to the flash. The arrow is pointing at a piece of Alaska roll, but I didn't see it,

The flash was turned off soon after, and I was finally able to see what I was eating. That's a piece of salmon roll in front of me,

It was very good,

For dessert, I had rice balls with sweet black sesame filling,

Maggie, tell your mom to come look at the computer, these rice balls are made from black glutinous rice (flour)!!

And they are super delicious. Mum loves them, and I ate half of her portion!

Basically, the entire evening went on with me staring,

And food being delivered without a glitch!

Mum had to stay up all night to make sure the IV ran properly and I didn't pull the catheter out (like I would, geezus, I'm perfect). Sometimes the IV got clogged up and she had to flush it in order for it to run properly. I also needed to pee every hour or two because of the IV. D-Guy was very nice as he decided to take half day off work the next day so he could stay up to watched me and the IV line to allow mum some snooze time. Mum was too worried tho about the surgery so she couldn't really sleep.....


Duke said...

yuk, yuk, yuk about the needles, Sunshade, but the rice balls with sweet black sesame filling look yummy! The X-pen definitely doesn't look befitting for a SuperDale!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Glad you are at home!
Yummy food and lots of love will make you feel better soon!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Inky and Molly said...

What a brave SUPERdale you are. I also have my staff trained to feed me stuffs without me having to budge. I see that it comes in handy...