Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vet Stem: 24 hours post op

24 hours post Vet-Stem Fat Harvesting Surgery:

I had been on home IV diuresis for another 24 hours since the surgery (Tuesday). Finally, my catheter came out today (Wednesday)!!

Mum got the ok from MY Auntie Janice to take my catheter out, I was very cooperative, so no blood shooting everywhere. The black arrow below points at the catheter, and the other stuff are the empty IV bag, and the hanger that was used to hang the IV. I had 2.5 bags (2.5 Litres) put in me in 24 hours,

Being disconnected from the IV meant I didn't have to stay in the tiny X-pen!!! I went right onto one of my beds for a snooze.

The floor had become the hooman's work space/entertainment space/eating space over the last few days because well, they had to watch my IV and keep me - The SuperDALE company!

Did you see that black thing beside the laptop? Well that's D-Guy's newest toy, an iPad. It's not available in Canada yet, so D-Guy got it from the States (mum: despite the bad reviews on it!). He's Apple's most loyal customer, and it is all because of him that the Apple stock has been going up.

I still had to pee quite often because the residual IV fluids was still affecting me. So mum took me in the yard for a pee, and since I hadn't been able to enjoy yard time, mum stayed in the yard with me on leash for a while,

She checked my belly tuck incision to make sure it wasn't infected. Looks fine here, at only 24 hours post surgery!

I look like I had just gone through another spay surgery don't you think?

Then I saw two sneaky crows standing on the gutter of our house looking down at me. So I jumped up and ran toward them, and mum freaked out. I told mum to calm down, and told her that it was very important for me to get back to crow patrolling before they took over the yard completely. Those sneaky crows, are always trying to sneak down and take MY bones away. But not only did mum not listen to me, she told me "lets go inside"...

I said NO WAYYYYYYY!!!!!


I've been cooped up inside for the last 72 hours, I'm STAAAAAAAAAAYING IN MY YARD!

I won, of course, as mum quickly ran back into the house.

(mum: There are two reasons for Sunshade to roll around. Sometimes, she rolls around on grass when she's really happy. The other times, it becomes her signature move when you try to get her to do something she doesn't want to. Inside if you try to get her off the bed to go for a pee and she doesn't want to, she rolls around on her back. Outside if she doesn't want to come in, she rolls around on her back too. This was the case today LOL)

I thought finally, mum would just let me be in the yard since she ran back into the house. But she quickly came out with this,

A piece of dehydrated liver - my favourite. She made me get up in order to eat it, how unfAire?

Just because she can't naturally beat me in brain power without cheating, doesn't she should cheat!

HA, who's smarter now? I ate the piece of dehydrated liver, and CLUNK, right against mum's foot!

(mum: yup, another signature move, falls to her side right against you!)

I won again with that SuperBRAIN of mine!

She quickly came back with this,

I tried to not look at it,

And I tried to follow her up the ramp, but making sure that I sat outside the house so she would think I'm well behaved enough to deserve a treat and give it to me right there. Then of course, I'll run down the ramp after I had eaten the treat. That was the plan anyway,

Somehow, I ended up eating my treat here,

Plan failed... Ok, I want to go out now,

Then D-Guy came home and came to my rescue!

He got me a big jar of "Thinkers" treats. He said its my post surgery pressie!!

Mum put me in a "sit - staaaaaaaaaaay" (that's how she says it), and I was in absolute SHOCK! Those were MY treats, why should I have to wait to eat them??

So I broke my sit-staaaaaay, and ate MY Thinkers treat given to ME by D-Guy,

(mum: she's getting away with so much because I feel bad about what she's had to go through... I'm sure Cesar Milan is ready to whack me and tell me I'm projecting human emotions onto a dog, and that Sunshade, who is just a dog, is just living in the moment.)

How about you tell him to live in an x-pen for 72 hours with a catheter dripping fluids in you, and to have a stomach cut all at the same time?

See the treats were working already? I was "thinking" here!

Done thinking now, time for more, so I can think more,

But ok, I'll let D-Guy play with my face first,

Now can I have more? It's ok if you covered my eyes, because my SuperNOSE still works!

D-Guy brought yummy din din home again for us, but mum made me eat my own food first..... before I could even think about tasting their food..... animal abuse....

Yucky squash again, and she's mixed it in with the yummy ground turkey meat and sour yogurt and made them all yucky tooo......

(mum: This might come as a surprise to most of you since Sunshade appears on the blog to have an excellent appetite, and she does, but just not with her own food. She often requires quite a bit of coaxing before she'd eat her own food, raw, or cooked in this case.)

Fine fine fine..... I'll plug my nose and give it a whirl just so I could eat some hooman food,

All done, now I can move my attention to the baked seafood on rice,

Or the baked pork chop on rice,

Definition of "undivided attention",

Ohhh here comes the pork chop, yes please, yes please!


Some more please, (mum: please excuse the Viagra commercial playing in the background, we were watching hockey, honestly!)

D-Guy finished his baked seafood on rice first,

So I had to move toward my next target,

Mum told me I had to be patient,

So I tried to be as patient as possible....... it was hard... as you can see from my facial expression.

Much to my surprise, mum gave me her entire take out box to lick clean, she even left me some rice.

I have no idea what's gotten over mum, she'd normally NEVER let me lick plates clean because she says hooman sauces are too salty for me.

I don't like mushrooms, so I'll leave that,

Other than that, see how clean it was?

That was excellent!

I thought maybe D-Guy needed his take out box cleaned too?

NO? Ok, time to wipe my mouth between D-Guy's leggies,

I always wipe my mouth after I had eaten,

Great din din, thanks mum and D-Guy! (Notice my BIG feet?)

(mum: so this is Sunshade, pretty much back to normal at only 24 hours post Vet-Stem surgery!)


The Oceanside Animals said...

Roaching is highly therapeutic!

Molly the Airedale said...

You got hooman take-out orders to eat for dindin, Sunshade? Where do we sign up for vet stem surgery?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Nelly said...

You know ... we like D-guy a lot! You should keep him! Those take away dishes are ready to be used again! Good work!
The wound looks amazing. Very neat.
Looks like you're well on the way to getting back to normal.

Nelly xx

Lorenza said...

Glad you are feeling so well after the stem treatment!
You need more of those take-out foods. I see you very skinny in the pictures!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Teddy said...

Miss Sunshade, I'm glad you're back on your feet and smiling again. Looks like you're recovering and eating very well. I think you should eat even more of those yummy foods. That will solve all your problems, don't you think?

PS: Mom puts a long lead on me so she can grab hold of me if she needs to. Usually it's never for a good reason, like going inside.