Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank you Tika & Tulie!!

We received a card in the mail couple weeks ago. There were two bootiful Airedales on the cover,

They are Tika & Tulie, the two pretty Aire-gurrrrrls mum groomed a while ago.

They sent us a thank you card with A Gift For ME inside!!

It is a gift card to Natural Plus - the bestest store in the whole wide world.

Tika and Tulie said they felt very bootiful and spring like in their new hAIREcut, and they would like mum to get ME (see my name on there?) some treats and toys as a thank you!!

(mum: Jaffa's name WAS on there. Treats and toys for Sunshade AND "Jaffa"!)

Believe it or not, Natural-Plus is located right next door to Auntie Janice's clinic. (mum: Auntie Janice = vet) So today after I had my acupuncture session, I went foooooooood shopping!!!

I think the picture above speaks itself as to why it is the BESTEST store in the whole wide world, and wait, there's MORRRRRRRE!

Me and STINKY eat a BARF diet, and this is one of the places mum gets our ground raw meat/bones from. Look at all the packaged raw meat in the freezer!!!

Mum got a bag of meat/veggie blocks for STINKY. It is not the usual brand that we eat, but because of STINKY's morning sickness, he's not eating our usual raw food, and mum gets different brands to try it out with him. Total waste of MY gift card as he's just gonna turn his nose up at it anyway!!

(mum: Sunshade, Jaffa is not pregnant, so he can't have "morning sickness". He's just a very picky eater.)

Tripett canned tripeyyyyyy!! Mum uses it as enticement for STINKY, but I like it too on my food.

So that's ok we got some - one lamb tripey, one venison tripey!

Off to the treats section,

May I have a piece of dehydrated liver?? (I said "MAY I" okay??)

Elk liver is fine, I'm not picky,

Thank yooooooooo very much! Just testing you know?

Look at MY big bag of dehydrated Elk, Buffalo and Venison liver treats!! I love love love them!

These are the Feel Good Crunchies, they are very good as well. Mum didn't let me get any because she said we had some at home already. But I beg to differ, we DO NOT have the lamb flavoured, we only have the buffalo flavoured!

How about these Bison bully rings?? They look pretty good,

Yup, they are pretty good. I want some,

How about those chopped up veal bully sticks?? They're good too!

Yeeeeeeees..... keep going, that's it....... keep putting things in MY basket,

It makes me very happy, almost euphoric,

MY lovely basket full of yummies for ME!

They're *almost* MINE!

Now can you believe what happened afterwards? I was so tired from all that hard work shopping and I fell asleep after I got home..... AND LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED!!!!

WHY were all of MY treats in front of HIM?????

I quickly woke up, and even after that, I got nothing! I had to WATCH HIM EAT MY TREATS!

(mum: Oh Sunshade! If you would like Jaffa's version of the event aka. the way things actually happened, please go visit his blog!)

BTW, mum and Auntie Janice were whispering a lot today. I overheard them talking about maybe giving me PLASTIC SURGERY to take my FAT out, like liposuction! But I have no fatty lumps, no fat PERIOD (only muscles). Has my mum finally gone out of her mind to try to cut fat out of me for me to lose weight??? I'm a little worried (that mum's gone crazy).

Lastly, THANK YOU Tika & Tulie & your mommy for such a generous gift. As you can see, we made the most out of it! We are also very happy that you like your haire cut!

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Molly the Airedale said...

OMG, that Natural Plus store is every doggie's dream! What fabulous treats they have! That was sure nice of Tika & Tulie.
You definitely don't need plastic surgery, Sunshade! You're perfect just the way you are!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch