Thursday, April 01, 2010

Second Package - The Mystery Package

It was time to open the mystery package where the sender was not someone we knew..... Hmmm.... a pretty box with gold ribbon,

Making sure I didn't miss anything,

STINKY's name was NOT on the box. Actually, neither was my name, it was mum's name that was on the box....

However, what's mum's is MINE, what's mine is still MINE, so makes no difference.

Hmmmm... what's this thing in plastic?

I took the plastic-ky thingy out, and again, made sure I didn't miss anything,





It's a CUSTOMIZED Mini Miss Sunshade or Woolie-Sunshade!!!

I don't have the usual black and tan colouring like STINKY and most other Airedales because I have a special coat called the sheep coat. The sheep coat gives me more of a charcoal and cream colour with DARK EARS that don't go away. See the dark ears on Mini Me???

You see the green ring Mini Me is holding??

Well that's MY favouritest RING!! It goes with me everywhere,

To the beach,

To another beach,

And Mini Me has it toooooo!!!

I wear a red, padded harness with a handle on the back,

There is also my occupation tag (with mum's phone # on the back) attached to my red harness,

Mini Me has the exact same harness and tag on her back too!!!

My signature smile,

My captivating expression,

Last but not least, the one and only MUSCLE BUTT!!

The one and only Mini MUSCLE BUTT!!

The Mini Me captured the essence of the bootiful ME perfectly. It was just so adorable, so perfect.

So WHOOOOOO gave such an endearing pressie to mum (ME)???

Let see, there's a card with Mini Me on the front!

It is frommmmmmmmm my bestest gurrrrrlfriend Maggie, her Mitchy Boy, and their sweetest mom!!

Carol Usher from the Wooliedales Etc made the Mini Me and sent it to me straight from her Wooliedale factory. That's why we didn't recognize the sender!!! Make sure you check out her website. Her work of art is simply amazing as she captures the livelihood and personality of every breed perfectly, especially Airedales.

I gotta admit tho, when I first saw it, I wasn't too pleased......

I was worried that someone had sent me another mini STINKY because mum was going gaaaaaa-gaaaaaa over it (that's what happened when STINKY first arrived.....),

So I gave it a good sniff in the bum,

A good nose bud,

I took another close look at it,

And gave it a few of my famous love nibbles as it was NOT a Mini STINKY!!!

Note to mum:

Dear mum,

I know the Mini Woolie-Sunshade is very cute and you love it A LOT. But I hope you will still love me the bestest and forever and ever. I hope you will love me more than you love the Mini Me ok??

Here, I went to put on my harness and posed with MY ring to look just like the Mini Me, so you will love me just like you love the Mini Me.......

Your Dogter Sunshade

(mum: you will ALWAYS be my heart girl, one that I love the most Sunshade!)

Yea, I know. Just wanted to add some drama to the post you know? What's a blog post from Miss Sunshade without some drama?

(mum: *speechless*.....)

THANK YOU THANK YOU Maggie, Mitch, Sue and Carol for such a special pressie for me and mum!!! We love it so so much!!!

Lastly, there's a new Aire-kid on the block. His name is Jigsaw, and he is a handsome, BIG, and I mean BIG, boy at 90 lbs! He lives with his dad and his Standard Schnauzer brother, Licorice in Bellingham, WA. They go on many many outdoor adventures, and have seen some pretty cool sights. Recently, Jigsaw and Licorice passed on a very tempting opportunity at some fresh sashimi when they saw a still born baby whale washed up on shore (pics on their blog)....... If you have a chance, go say HI to him on his blog ok?


Duke said...

You have mom in tears, Sunshade! We love you guys, ya know! You have given me more time with my family because of your fabulous advice and unending generosity! Thank you so very much! We want your mom to have a lasting memory of you forever and ever and ever, Sunshade!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh my, its a mini you Sunshade. You know I'm your twinny so that is a mini me too. Thick wooly coat, black ears and blonde and black....yep thats us alright.
Maggie, Mitch and their mum are awesome to send that to you. Wow, what a wonderful pressie.

Noah xx

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sunshade!
Your Mini-me is soooo beautiful!
Maggie, Mitch and their Mom are pawesome, right?
Now, I am going to visit your friend Jigsaw!
I hope you all are having a great weekend!
Kisses and hugs

The Airechicks said...

What wonderful gifts - Mini Sunshade is so cute -

Maggie and her family have really been touched by you and your family - what a WONDERFUL gift you have given them....TIME something too short for every family....

LUV you guys and THANK YOU for being the caring and giving family you are.. You touch lots of people and make life better for alot of people..


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh my...

IT'S YOU, SUNSHADE...exactly YOU!!

I love it...down to your yellow ring!!!!

She did a pawfect job for a pawfect girlie...

Oh...I'm gonna go visit you have dibs? I'm just asking!!

Kisses dear girlie!!


Chow Chow said...

Hi Sunshade! I love your name! And your mini-me is incredibly adorable, just like you!