Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vet Stem: 48 hrs Post Injection, etc...

48 hours post stem cell injection:

Pretty much nothing has changed. I still haven't gone swimming or gone to the beach, nor have I seen any bunnies. I'm still VERY bored, and I'm about to go out of my SuperMIND.

Mum took me for a car ride today, and I spotted a kitty crossing the street. So mum rolled down the car window, pulled over, and I watched the kitty. I didn't bark, I just watched it like I did with the bunnies. He (looked like a he anyway) moved slowly across the road as if he owned it, and onto the side walk, then he walked very slowly across the front lawn of a house. He reached the front porch of the house, and sat down on the first step. He licked his paws, then he wiped his face with his paws (or did he wipe his face then lick?). Anyway, he did that for 20 minutes, and we stopped there for the entire 20 minutes until he decided to go behind the house and I lost sight of him. Then I was bored again.

How about getting me a Hammie TV mum?? That'll keep me un-bored! (Pictures below were a little while ago, on 10-08-08, and the little guy was not mine, but I liked him. He reminded me of my Mousie (RIP).)

Here is another video that demonstrates how I can be entertained or un-bored. The video was taken 08-29-09. My SuperNOSE is superb, don't take your eyes off the screen!! (listen to mum squeal, and she owns two TERRIERS??)

(mum: This is why the University of British Columbia campus is one of Sunshade's favourite places to go for a walk. I knew something was inside those ivy's by Sunshade's reaction, but actually seeing it run out still made me a little squirmish. Sunshade's prey drive comes out when the critter runs, but if it stops, she doesn't escalate into preying mode.)

So are you gonna get me a hammie TV or maybe another Gerogie (RIP)?? I'm giving you ideas here to make both of our lives a little easier you know?

My plan of instigating in plays with STINKY hasn't done any good as he is still here instead of there - at his gurrrrlfriend's house.

(mum: I wish I had *ahem* I mean, Sunshade had started her blog back when she had her two TPLO knee surgeries so I could look back and see how we actually got through 3 months of inactivity TWICE while keeping our sanity in check. She was also a lot younger back then at only 3.5 years old. In the last week or so, she has become a super demanding brainiac who's obviously lacking and needing more mental stimulation. Not that she was ever ok with the world not being all about her, but still....not as bad!)

Not only is STINKY here, mum has been paying TONS of attention to him. Today, she decided to fix his weird looking head so he didn't look like a dork with huge head and small body (picture below is NOT the bootiful me),

(mum: I had been hand stripping Jaffa in stages for a few weeks now. Everything else was done and the only thing left was his head.)

So she stripped his head, and this is what he looks like now.

(mum: That was part of the process, he certainly did not look like that when he was all done Sunshade! You can see Jaffa with his new hAire-do on his blog.)

Mum took forever to groom ONE head. I had to wait for them to finish on top of being SuperBORED!

It was time to get moving,

Then I saw the mess ONE stinky head had left,

Must I be the responsible one who dictates everything???

Finally, we made it to the door, but not before we had to pose for pictures,

Can you see my eyes saying "I-WANT-TO-GO-RIGHT-NOW!"


Princess Patches said...

I bet you're secretly glad Stinky is back home with you and your mum! As much as I enjoyed being the only doggie, yesterday, I was really more relaxed once Patches came home. Her teefies are gleaming white now and she doesn't even have stinky breath! She was very tired, last night, but this morning, she's back to her normal wild child self!

Penny & Patches

Finni said...

YES Sunshade we can see your eyes saying that you want to go RIGHT NOW! That is a very fierce look!
We have to say your mum made a really good job of Jaffa's head tho' :)
Nelly loved the Rat video - she LOVES hunting things like rats, mice ... all sorts. Was that your mum squealing or was it you?
Don't be too bored!
Finni & Nelly xx

Duke said...

You are so good with that hammie in his cage, Sunshade! We would have made the hammie mental but he didn't look scared with you sniffing him at all!
Jaffa looks very handsome with his hAirecut!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

kissa-bull said...

oh my! you kinda wemind ush of our queen coco chanel she ish a firecracker ash mommy nicely calls her.and yesh your eyes made ush shiver wiff fear in the end.

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

Jemma Chihuahua said...

Sunshade, of course I remember you! Mom says you're such a good and brave girl for putting up with so much lately. It all looks so scary and painful, but we hope it will be all worth it in the end! But I must admit -- no running, jumping, or PLAYING?! for FOUR weeks after treatment is kind of torturous.

Mom was squeamish just watching that video of you at UBC even though she has owned numerous hamsters in the past. Something about seeing rodents in the wild makes her uneasy.


Asta said...


That was awfully nice of youw mom to twy to entewtain you wif the kitty.
I wemembew you Gewgie, I hope you get some pawmenant entewtainment..doesn't Stinky amoose you?

I hope you find a solution'smoochie kisses

Toby said...

Oh Sunshade, you can come over to my house and I'll let you watch me. Hmmm, actually, that would be super boring too.

We're so glad to hear that you're doing super well after your surgery though!! Keep up the good work!!!


Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Can hardly believe that you didn't take that little critter in your mouth and chomp on him. You have great Dale constraignt. So when do we know if the Stem cell procedure helped?? Those photos are amazing. Mommy is gonna go visit our local vet and tell him to look at your blog. Sooo interesting. Thanks for being our on the scene reporter!!
Smooched from pooches,
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh my dog...was that a RAT? Or a really hooge mouse? Honestly, Sunshade I like my steak a little more well done than that...

Why did ya stop chasin' him when he didn't move? Now that's restraint...

Stinky's head did look a little bit large there...I just assumed it was all his brains in there...

He looks a TON like stoopid Babystan...cept I think he's a lot bigger...Stan's sorta a dwarf or soemthin'...'re like bored huh...can you use the treat machine? I'm just sayin'...I could send Babystan over...

Kisses dear Girl...and off to read more....

Love, Laciecakes

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sunshade!
Don't worry! You will be out having you loved walkies soon!
I can't believe you were so calm with that hammie! And then with the rat too!
Yes! I can see you gave your mom the look!
Take care
Kisses and hugs