Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday @ Mt. Seymour

Last weekend, mum told my Auntie Janice that she'd really like to take me somewhere fun before "Tuesday", and my Auntie Janice suggested Mt. Seymour where there's lots of snow (I LOVE snow). Why Tuesday? What's going on here??

Just as I was wrecking my brain trying to think what could possibly be happening on Tuesday, we were there.

I could smell snow, and my mind became preoccupied by the thought of SNOWWWW!

I waited, patiently as mum put on her snowshoes. My Auntie Janice lend mum and D-Guy snowshoes so I could go play in the snow!

Thank YOOOOOOOOO Auntie Janice!

Heading towards the trail. Hope no avalanche happens.......

Ran into some doggies that were on leash, their hoomans got snowshoes too!

I waited for my hoomans,

Who took forever....... (this sure brought back a lot of memories from our Whistler Snowshoe Expedition where I waited and waited and waited)

And I waited some more.....

Mum finally got the hint that doggies should be on leash because of the ski hill beside the walking trail. She didn't put me on leash because I don't bother anyone, but we kept seeing doggies on leash. So my leash went on for like 20 seconds before we got to the trail entrance where I was allowed to be off leash.

Auntie Janice said to go on First Lake trail, so we did!

So many things to sniff,

So many objects to claim,

I asked for a snowball,

So a snowball was thrown,

I didn't catch it unfortunately because it was poorly thrown, so I was digging for snow in the snow,

Couldn't find it... oh well,

Met a cool dude, and I wanted to know where he got that stickie from, but he was in a hurry,

I led the way the whole time, just like in Whistler!

D-Guy took over the lead and decided to challenge me (by blocking the ENTIRE trail with his giant caboose - learned that word from Mango via Lacie!),

EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUS-ME! But I am an Airedale you know? No way am I backing down from a challenge!

AH-HA! Passed him!

Oh he's got guts, he's putting up a fight. I like I like!

Lets GOOOOOO then!

In the end, there could only be one winner,

And one loser,

I spotted a creek down a little hill,

Creek = water = Sunshade likes = I had to go see,

Creek with rockies = Sunshade likes even better,

Picked my special rockie!

On my way back up the hill with my special rockie in tow, my right side (right legs) got stuck in the slush. It had been quite warm, so snow was melting (like the world doesn't know already) and becoming slush mountain. So I sunk in quite deep.

Mum and D-guy did manage to get me out eventually,

Look who's ahead,

Look who's trying to catch up but had no chance,

Look who's way way WAY up ahead!!!

We took a break for a breather (not for me, for the D-guy that is, all that chasing he did you know?)

I was still pretty energetic,


When I miss tho, its a pain to dig them out. See how far down my hind leg was in the slushy snow?

This deep!

Visualizing before the start of a competition,

GAME ON!!!!!

Okay....winning already....

Winning even more......

Remind me again why this was even a competition??

I took a nap after that nail biting competition,

Snoozing in snow is so comfortable (because I'm so hot Hot HOT), I love it!

After I woke up, I was ready to take on a new challenge. I wanted to go down that steep hill, across that bridge to the other side.

Mum and D-Guy however decided to go to the right, the easier path,

I think that was "First Lake" there, but we barely saw any water.... wasn't too sure...

We walked by some sign, except the sign was practically buried in snow.

We came to a fork with signs pointing in all directions,

Mum and D-Guy decided to go towards the Parking Lot as they were tired...

I wasn't tired! Snow energizes me!

Snowballs please!!

Fun fun fun!!

Then we ran into a lady who went dog sledding on her bum..... Her dogs were, of course, distracted by something SuperMUSCULAR,

One had a particularly hard time taking his eyes off that SuperMUSCULAR thing,

We raced to the finish line, need I say? I was the winner,

Like the way way far ahead winner of all times!

I took a moment and watched hoomans coming down the ski slope,

Then instead of shaking hands with my competitor, we had a friendly stare down,

Followed by a celebration chest bump and dance (it was very one sided),

Making our way towards the car. I don't know what's wrong with that Boxer, she didn't take one look at my MUSCLE BUTT. The Husky was looking at it, but too shy to come up close and personal.

Waited patiently for them to take their snowshoes off.........

Mum usually is the slowest, so the waiting requires lying down,

Making our way towards the car,

Afternoon well spent!

Now... why "Tuesday"???

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Princess Patches said...

It looks like you had a great day, Sunshade, but where was Stinky? You really do have a great musclebutt!

Penny & Patches

Duke said...

What an awesome snow adventure you had, Sunshade! We can't believe you got stuck in the snowbank and had to be rescued!
Blogger is clueless - no way are your posts too long!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

What a day!!!
You really enjoyed being there...
D-guy sure is not fast enough for you!
Kisses and hugs