Friday, April 09, 2010

Shipwreck at Kits Beach

Something weird happened at Kits Beach aka. MY beach today.

Instead of being OUT there,

Boats were here!

On MY beach!

Apparently, we had a storm, and the wind and the waves broke the anchors and/or lines to which the boats were tied to and washed them all the way up the beach. 3 feet up to be exact. There were 4 boats on the main beach, and 2 were destroyed..... Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

This was one of the lucky ones that survived,

I was very happy to see the boat still in good shape so I took a picture with it,

Then I sat there because other hoomans wanted to take pictures of me and the boat too,

I took a little nap after posing for the longest time,

Then it was time to get moving,

Heading over to check out the condition at the dog beach. I have X-ray vision, in case you were wondering.

Surveying the dog beach for any shipwreck,

Down at the other end of the dog beach, I spotted another unfortunate boat.....

It didn't look to be damaged at least....

On our way back down the main beach, we saw a Bobcat (the mechanical one) cleaning up the wreckage from one of the boats that didn't survive the storm,

Left over wreckage,

RIP Mr. Boat...

Note: in case you were wondering why I, the bootiful Miss Sunshade didn't look as bootiful in these photos. Well that's because mum didn't have her digi cam with her, she was using her iPhone.

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Duke said...

What a shame for those unfortunate boats, Sunshade. There must be a lot of sad owners!
Did you find any valuable treasure scattered on YOUR beach?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch