Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Taste Of Heaven

The City of Richmond is located about 14 kilometers south of Vancouver. Every summer weekend, it hosts the Summer Night Market where various food & merchandise vendors come and set up booth.

Mum and the D-Guy decided to take the perfect me (who does not landshark people's limbs) to the Summer Night Market. D-Guy was hungry, so he didn't feel like waiting for me and mum.

I got hungry too,

And I was even more speedier than D-Guy,

I knew where to go, just had to follow my nose,

Entering the Summer Night Market, see all the vendors ahead?

There were a few stalls for carnival games,

I told mum and D-Guy maybe they should win me this pink stuffy piggie,

So my fat rat can get a vacation break?

They ignored my request, of course. We walked past a vendor selling pirated movies and Asian dramas,

I found the cartoon section suitable for me,

We came across a stall selling stuffy hats!!

Finally, D-Guy and I said ENOUGH is ENOUGH! We need FOOOOOOOODIES!! So we headed towards the yummy section,

Me and D-Guy were trying to decide what to eat first,

Those skewers looked good!

While they took their sweet time deciding, I did my daily good deed of keeping the ground clean,

A lady came over and asked to take pictures of me,

I said fine, here's a pose,

Here's a wink,

Now go get your friend to pick 2 items for $3 as payment, thank you very much.

I continued to pose. Afterall, a gurrrrrl needs to earn her meals and support her mum & the D-Guy,

I posed enough to get D-Guy a rice burger (rice patties on the outside, sausage slices in between),

I asked D-Guy if it was good, (mum: it was more like demanding for some.)

Seeing that it was me that earned him the rice burger, D-Guy shared a little piece with me,

I posed some more,

Yes, one of my incisor is missing from going through my fence to try to catch that STOOOPID raccoon!

After I had earned enough $$, I told D-Guy that he could go pick 2 items for $3 too. He picked a bacon cheese wrap skewer,

And a plate of yummy yam fries!!

The guy that just walked by me had some yummy octopus balls,

I watched some Japanese Crepe being made,

And we walked past by a stall that was selling INSTANT NOODLES!!! (mum: people were actually buying them, adding hot water, and eating them there!)

D-Guy got hungry, he wanted more foodies. So being the good gurrrrrl that I am, I took the hint and started posing again to earn food $$.

Yummy instant noodles anyone???

Hot dogs on a stick. Yummy hot dogs, anyone???

Starving, skinny dale....... foodable donation is greatly appreciate it.....

I earned enough for D-Guy to get a plate of Sui Mai,

He was nice enough to give one Sui Mai to mum who then offered me half of the one she got,


My SuperSTOMACH was starting to grumble, it was time to feed my selfless self. Of course, I had to model to earn foodables,

Hey! Pay up now!!

Finally, it was time for ME to pick what I wanted to eat! Using my SuperNOSE......


I would like a roasted corn please!

I said PLEASE already.....!!!


Ummm... I have no idea why they all seemed to want MY corn... Even the little doggies in their arms were eying MY corn!

(mum: Sunshade eats corn the way people do, she rotates the cob with her mouth and only eats the kernels.)

Love my corn on the cob!

Only the cob left now...... SIGHHHH....

We walked around the food section some more. Yes..... I walked through there and survived,

I saw a standl for BBQ Pork Buns and asked mum & D-Guy if they wanted some,

They said their tummies were full. We moved out of the crowded food section and browsed the merchandise vendors,

There was a specialty store for us. Unfortunately, they didn't carry any plus sized clothing,

Oxygen Bar for people near fainting from the crowd,

Rafiki's shop!!

Somedoggie else had her pink stroller there (while being carried),

Acupuncture for HOOOOOMANS only... Maybe my Auntie Janice should have a booth there offering acupunctures for doGs ONLY!

I saw a Psychic shop and I wanted to go in to ask her when I'd get fed again. Unfortunately, mum did not want me to go.......

Look at the brave hooman pup in the giant super fast spinny thingy!! Good thing he didn't throw up, otherwise it would have been like a garden spray!

It was getting late (and dark), so we started heading back,

Tonight, I had a taste of heaven!!!


Molly the Airedale said...

Yummmmmmmmmm - this is just the kind of post we like, Sunshade - all about FOOD! We just love the look on your face when you spotted the octopus balls! haha
Are you still humping stuffies at your senior girl age!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Teddy said...

That looked like a wonderful night out with your mom and D-Guy. You sure did lots of great posing. I hope those people paid you what you're worth for all your modeling. That food looked yummy.

Hee hee, your playtime with fat rat looks like how I play with my stuffed monkey and grandma's stuffed leopard.

PS: I set my blog to private, but have your e-mail address, so added you to the list of readers. Hopefully it's the right e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Sunshade with those Crowd looking at U eating that Corn; U would have make some $$$ by charging them for l@@king.

Next time Maybe......:P
U so skillFul in Corn eating too...Am Amazing......


Princess Patches said...

Oh my doG, Sunshade! What a cool place to go! It's too bad you didn't get the pink piggy! He would be pawfect for the secret ritual! I wish we had a place like that here, but I would tangle everyone up in my leash. (I'm too much of a hooligan to roam free!)

Penny & Patches

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


The drooling!

Mom wants one of evFURRYthing but the okhtopus stuff -

Thanks fur sharing that great trip!


Inky and Molly said...

Just as well they shared the food with you. You bloody well deserved it, all that posing and all that walking...
But we must tell you that a shiver runs over our spines when we see you eat corn on the cob. Did you know that Molly nearly died from doing that? Heavens, be careful!

Lorenza said...

What a day, Sunshade!
Sure the corn was yummylicious!
I love them too!
Glad you, your mom and D-Guy had a great time!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Dear Sunshade...this is Barbara the artist. I have painted you several times.
Do you think your mom will still let me paint you?

I have to agree with Maggie, Mitch and Sue, your face was priceless eying those icky octopus eyeballs!
But then your wonderful expressions is one of the many reasons I love to paint you.

And the way you eat corn....your mom should put a video of it on youtube .

Faya said...

Oh I am sorry for the pink Pigg. He looked just great. Maybe next time. What a nice place. You are very lucky !
Kisses, Faya & Dyos

Faya said...

Oh I am sorry for the pink Pigg. He looked just great. Maybe next time. What a nice place. You are very lucky !
Kisses, Faya & Dyos

Jemma Chihuahua said...

Sunshade, you're like a celebrity there - look how many people wanted to take pictures with you and of you. Also the crowd surrounding you to watch you eat that corn!


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, since you were such a hit. Maybe mum could get you a booth so that you could pose and people could come by and feed you. Also mum could do some grooming on the side. I think that it's really cool that you can nibble off the corn kernels. But, what's going on with the "fat rat" - I used to get friendly with some of the other kids in my Train and Play class;)

ellen said...

What fun! All that great food and adoring fans. Who could ask for more?
Well, I will.
If you see any glass windchimes - the painted glass ones you used to be able to get for not much at the dime store or Pier 1, would you ask your (not) evil mum to let me know?
I will pay for them plus the shipping and would send you a treat, to boot.
Something about this fair made me think you might find cool stuff at the booths.

Nelly said...

What an exciting afternoon at the Summer Night Market! All that food has made us drool. D-guy is rather lucky to have you - the SUPERmodel - work for his snackies. Too bad you didn't get the nice pink piggy. We really like the second rattie picture.
Nibbles & Headrubs
Nelly & Finni xx

TwoSpecialWires said...

Sunshade. After watching you, we don't know what we want more. Food? A pink pig? Or a chance to get our pictures taken with you. Your Summer Night Market looks like tons of fun. We bet you sleep well afterwards.

With good dreams
Jake and Fergi xxoo