Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seattle Day 1

Mum and the D-Guy decided to take a 2-day trip down to Seattle, WA during the Victoria Day long weekend. Since I'm a PERFECT SuperDALE, I went with them. STINKY was honeymooning with his wife Lola.

Look at how packed the DaleMOBILE was. Yes, MY SuperSTROLLER came too!

It was quite crowded......

Some of you might remember the recent incident where I was left with a ruptured ear drum and temporary deafness. The incident involved the hoomans over inflating the stroller tires by accident and one them popping next to my head in the back seat of the DaleMOBILE. Well mum was so traumatized by the incident that she said it was better for her to go deaf instead of me.

(mum: After the tire popping incident, I took the remaining two tires to a bike shop to have them check the tubes to make sure they didn't explode like the one that made Sunshade deaf. I was told that we way over inflated them and no wonder the one popped. They let out some aire and had me feel the firmness so I would know in the future. It was probably safe to put the tires in the backseat with Sunshade, but because of the horrible memory, I just couldn't do it....)

We got to the border, the wait was long because it was a lonnnnng weekend,

The DaleMOBILE turned into an oven... (I was panting, not smiling)

Finally, after 2.5 hours in the oven, we have arrived at our destination in Redmond, WA. Can you see the sign I was looking at?

It said Microsoft,

Then we turned here,

And we arrived here,

We walked up these steps,

There was a WELCOME poster for the SuperDALE,

Then D-Guy took out his magic card,

(Doesn't he look like Kung Fu Panda in that picture?)

He swiped the magic card,

And the door magically unlocked!!

I was inside the 220+ billion dollar building,

D-Guy used to work at EA (Electronic Arts) making video games such as this one below (he was one of the producers for this game),

Then he left EA and joined a new up and coming gaming company called Big Park. After about two years, Microsoft bought out Big Park. So now D-Guy works for Microsoft's Vancouver, BC office.

D-Guy had only been to the Redmond Microsoft office a couple of times for meetings, and mum had never been there, so they decided to explore around (with the PERFECT me of course!)

We walked down the main hall way, unfortunately tho, the visitor center and company store were closed already.

The magic card was needed at almost every door way,

We came to another foyer,

Microsoft Library straight ahead, but I decided to go somewhere else instead,

Foodie station!! Closed unfortunately.....

Refreshment station, helping mum to pick out a drink,

She got a Cherry Coke that she readily poured out after just one sip.

(mum: I have never had cherry coke before so I thought I'd give it a try. Unfortunately, I just could not drink 355mls of Buckley's cherry flavoured cough syrup.....)

After the tour of Studio D, we headed outside,

See, there are still Studio C, Studio B, and Studio A to visit, (oops, wrong picture, a fly flew by and I ate it, hence the open mouf)

Here's what the picture was suppose to look like, (Fly in stomach)

We walked towards the studios, D-Guy way ahead, me in second place,

We waited for mum whose preferred walking speed is turtle speed,

As I continued walking,

I felt the urge to leave a SuperPRESSIE for this expensive piece of land,

Look at that silly D-Guy, he said he wanted the SuperPRESSIE for himself!!! (I can make one for you at least once a day, if not twice you know??)

Here I was waiting for them to get going,

I left my SuperMARK here (liquid kind), and I was kicking my feet to cover it up so nobody could steal it,

Happy with my work!

We walked towards the bestest place on this land,

The YummyTeria!!!

You've all heard of the famous Pike's Place in Seattle right? Well Microsoft has their own Pike's Place in their YummyTeria too!

I was very happy because I was thinking about the YUMMIES I was about to eat,

Checking out my choices. Typhoon Asian cuisines,

The Noodle Bowl,

However, I soon realized something was off.... there was nobody there.....

Nobody anywhere.....

Hello.... who's gonna cook food for this poor skinny dale?

Before I got more confused, mum dropped the bomb - she said the YummyTeria was CLOSED, meaning NO FOOOOODIES for the poor poor me! I couldn't believe my ears (yes I heard that), I needed a moment to recompose.

Thank doG, mum had brought my sanity bag. (mum: sanity bag = bag of homemade treats she absolutely loves.)

Upon finishing the content of my sanity bag, we were off exploring again,

I left more SuperMARKS,

And I followed D-Guy,

We came to the Microsoft soccer field,

Can you see the field? Can you see ME?

GOOOO Team Microsoft! Good luck at the Fifa World Cup!!

The sun came out while I took a moment to absorb everything,


Mum & D-Guy weren't sure how to get to the studios, so they asked me for help,

Just leave it to the SuperDALE, she'll ALWAYS figure it out with her SuperBRAIN power! See there's a map behind me?

Let me check it out,

Alright, this way,

Follow me,

See that path behind me? That's where we have to go,

But let's cool off on the bench first,

After regulating my body temperature, I led the way,

Destination: Studio C

En route,

Magic card at work,

I checked out the garbage, thought maybe they had some SuperSPECIAL kind of garbage there,

Swiping the magic card at the second door. What's up with all the security??

Visitor center for Studio C,

Nothing much to see other than the cool electronic banner behind me,

I took them to see Studio B,

The foyer,

D-Guy saw a bucket on the front desk,

These were inside the bucket,

Microsoft is the COOOOLEST!!! I mean, they knew the SuperDALE was coming so they prepared a bucket full of dog tags!!!

The inside of Studio B was practically identical to Studio C,

Last studio, Studio A,

Something big ahead,

This was the sign beside the big sculpture,

Me, NOT riding The Wave,

Inside Studio A,

I came across a white board with lots of msgs on it,

So I left MY SuperMARK too,

Took a picture with MY SuperMARK behind me,

We left Studio A, the last studio visited,

These are my "WAIT UP" ears,

Mum and the D-Guy always just walk away if I take one extra second sniffing, and I end up having to catch up. HUMPH! They need to go back to Hooman Obedience School 101!!

We walked past the beach volley ball court on the left,

The basketball court,

Sporting my new tag. Except I think they might have gotten my name mixed up with someone named XBOX 360.

Then I spotted something with my SuperEYES,

So I left another one of my many SuperMARKS,

Hopefully it was able to pick up all the locations that I have left MY SuperMARKS at, (mum: security cameras were on the corners of every building.)

The Microsoft tour was winding down. I was satisfied. I'm a SuperCURIOUS gurrrrl, have always been since my puppy testing at 5 weeks of age, so naturally, I love to go to new places and explore.

I didn't realize how thirsty I was until we reached the DaleMOBILE,

Mum was getting water ready for me,

But she was very slow, so I thought I would help myself,

I tipped the water bowl and the water spilled a bit, but oh well, there's always more,

After I quenched my thirst, we drove to this place,

I was so excited, because the sign said BUFFET foodies!!! Unfortunately, mum told me I couldn't go in.... I had to stay in the car..... She did prepare some foodies for me tho. Dehydrated Buffalo tendon,

Sure.... I guess that's the next best thing to the BUFFET.....

Gimme NOW please!

Ok, you can go now, I'll open the bag myself!

Look at all the foodies I missed out on.......

However, because I'm mum's bestest gurrrrrl, she went to this station before leaving,

See what she was doing?


Ohhhh... all that waiting was totally worth it (for now),


Then we checked into our hotel, and mum prepared my din din. I eat a raw diet, but we couldn't bring my usual raw foodables over the border, so mum had to find a US made pre-packaged raw food made by Nature's Variety. (mum: as long as the food item/kibble is US made and un-opened, the custom will allow entry.)

Ok, please give it to me. I have been very patient already,

Can I eat in peace please?

Yes, I want more, except I can't see a thing.......

All finished..... SIGHHHH....

STOP playing games on Facebook D-Guy, its time for bed!

Stay tuned for Day 2 of our weekend trip to Seattle!


Duke said...

We are drooling all over the keyboard watching you devour your ice cream cone, Sunshade! What a superfun day you had! Thank you for the tour!
We can't wait for day 2!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Oceanside Animals said...

Wow, Microsoftland looks bigger than many cities I have visited!

brooke said...

For a superdale on a diet you seem to have gotten lots and lots of foodables! Even icecream! mmmm ice cream.
What weekend was this? Hopefully Darwin will be all healed up soon and we could meet up with you if youre ever down here again!

George The Lad said...

Wow love the post it felt like I was walking around with you, only thing is I could'nt taste the ice cream :(
See Yea George xxx

NelsonandBoober said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend Sunshade, we can't wait to see what you did on day 2. Our mom just started us on a raw diet last week...yum, yum...

Cassie said...

That was a most excellent (& exhausting!) trip around Seattle. #1)D-Guy must be a very bright hooman to work for MicroSoft. Our daddy is a computer geek for an electric company, & we think he is brilliant!! #2)All that yummy looking food made Mama head for the refrigerator. #3) You looked exceptionally handsome with your fluffy furnishings SS!! #4)We think your mama is beautiful.

Okay, now we sign off after all that flattery we need sleep.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD and Hootie

Nelly said...

What an ACE trip! We loved the msgs board and the message you left .. yeah!
There was alot of food with EYES in this excellent post.
Nelly x

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

Love the post and loved the Microsoft tour! Wish I worked there. And all the yummy foodie pics had us drooling. Eye sea food!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sunshade!
Yes! I felt like I was there with you!
Sure your first day was pawesome!
The Microsoft place is amazing!
Kisses and hugs

the many Bs said...

hi Sunshade, that was a fun trip that you had to Microsoft. we are wishing that day 2 of your trip was a visit to US, but we're afraid that it did not. we hang out in that neighborhood all the time, at the Marymoor dog park. we would have loved to have you over for dinner - we eat Natures Variety raw food too, and a couple of other kinds. geesh, we are sorry that we didn't get a chance to sniff you in dog person. maybe next time, we will hope for that.

we can't wait to read about day 2.


Asta said...

Oh my dog Miss Sunshade
That is a most amazing bootiful place Thank you fow that toow..I know now it's even mowe special that you have left youw soopew mawks all ovew the place.. Thank dog that you bwought along youw own soopew snacks and then got that yummielicious ice cweam.
I hope youw Bwofuw Jaffa is having a good honeymoons
smoochie kisses

Anonymous said...

WOW! They lets dogs in that Microsoft place? Do you know where I can sends my mom and dad's "please hire me" papers? Maybe they would lets me go to work with them every single day and play in those fields and stuff. That would just be the Most Amazing!

Wiggles & Wags,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

What a totally coolest tour you had...we were right there with ya, Miss Sunshade!! Can't believe the foodable places weren't held open just for your visit!!!!!

Stinky is S T I L L on his honeymoon??? Wowsers...!

Yes, Mumsie was a bit worried bout the couple visiting Stan...he does do that Landshark bit...and the wife just had a knee replacement four weeks ago and she had a cane. The husband was laughing and giving Stan hooooge hugs and kisses...laughed even harder when Stan did aire chomps on his arm...

But when he went over to meet the nice lady with the cane? He SAT. Like his butt was made of lead.

Go figure. Is there a brain in that large Dale noggin?

Scruffy and I got locked up...we kept lickin' her incision on her knee....

Just tryin' to help...


Miss Lacie Cakes

Princess Patches said...

Looks like you had a great tour, Sunshade! We, especially like the ice scream part of the tour!

Penny & Pathes

ellen said...

Wow, Sunshade, Microsoft looks like a university campus. I am tres impressed by your tour guide skills.
Best to your (not evil) mum and D-guy.

TwoSpecialWires said...

Wow! SuperTOUR! Almost as impressive as YOU, Sunshade!

Hope you enjoyed that ice cream near the end. We did, 'cause it spurred Moma up to get some ice cream for US! Saying something about "all good dogs deserve some soft serve in the summer."

Jake and Fergi

The Airechicks said...

OMDog !!!! What an adventure -

Did D-Guy not send an email letting everyone that you would be visiting and this would be their chance to meet you??????

Can't wait for the rest....


Duke said...

Hey Sunshade!
Check this out:

Fabrizio has a pram just like you have!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sherry said...

So many new smells in one day. It must have been great fun, especially with all those treats!
Alanis & Miro