Saturday, May 15, 2010

Athlete's Village + Goodies

Mum and the D-Guy heard there was going be a one day only open house at the Athlete's Village today. Those brand new condos were built for the Olympians to stay in during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Now that the Olympics is over, it is time to sell them.

Mum has the Dale House, and D-Guy has the Grooming Place (mum: Derek has an apartment that's currently being used as my winter grooming room.), so they aren't looking to buy or anything. They were just curious as they'd never been into Athlete's Village and wanted to see where they stayed at. The Olympic medals were also going to be on display there.

So this afternoon, they decided to take me to go check it out. I still can't really go have FUN at the BEACH or anything (because of Vet-Stem procedure), so this is the best outing for me for now (so I don't die of BOREDOM)!!

Making our way towards Athlete's Village,

Remember the official Olympic logo, the Inukshuk? They had one at the Athlete's Village too. It was fenced off though today.

I was trying to claim the bench, but missed by a little,

All the buildings you see in the pictures below were occupied by Olympians during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics,

As we got closer to the entrance, we saw lots of police cars parked outside,

The policemen even sat on those HorsieMOBILES,

When we finally got to the entrance, lots of people were coming out,

Security was rushing people out, and not letting anyone in......

The reason that everyone was being escorted out of all the open houses was because of these protesters,

We heard from someone that apparently they were trying to break the windows of some building. So for safety reasons, they wanted everyone to get out. You see the signs they were holding - "Homes for all" & "Homes not freeways"?

Well that's because originally, a third of the area for the Athlete's Village were allocated for social/low income housings. However, because of the Olympics, that never happened, and now these condos are going at market price (which is very high). We think everyone/pup is entitled to his or her own opinion, and organized, non-violent protests are ok. In this case, these people had every right to be upset. However, when the protest start to get violent and out of control, that's when a line should be drawn and the protest becomes NOT OKIE-DOKE!

We waited for a while to see if they would let more people in later on. I saw the sign that said K9 Security Unit, but saw no K9 in sight. So despite the heat, I thought I would take its place so the protesters don't get any idea!

Then the heat GOT ME.....

Shortly after I passed out, we were told by the security that they weren't going to let more hoomans in today. He did say though, the open house would be open tomorrow for one extra day.

So we went back to the DaleMOBILE where I continued passing out there,

Heat really sucks all the energy out of me. So to re-energize me, mum went to an Asian market and got me these,

I tried to take the box to my den (mum: She takes everything to the back of the car LOL). But mum wouldn't let me because she said there were too many of them for me to eat all by myself.

There were 9 of them inside the box, (which is nothing for a SuperDALE really)

I had a game of tug with mum. She, who did not know how to win honourably, had to cheat by saying "DROOOOOOOP".

I'm sure you all must be wonder what these golf sized goodies are,

Well, I'll tell you soon......

Just let me have one first,

That was very very VERY good!

Ok, so these are Mochi Ice Cream. They are a Japanese confection made from mochi (pounded sticky rice) and an ice cream filling.

The outer layer is the mochi with the chewy texture, while the inner core is the yummy ice cream.

You can get them in different flavours, like chocolate, green tea, etc.

We just got the vanilla flavoured as that's my favouritest!


Yummmmmmmmm yummmmmmm!

And then there were ONE......

And then there were none.......

I heard those most dreaded words - "ALL GONE!" (while she brushes her hands up and down against each other) (mum: That's Sunshade's signal for no more food, stop begging. She knows exactly what it means, but she always has something to say about it.)

I couldn't believe what I heard. There were 9, how could they be ALL GONE??? Mum and the D-Guy ate 6 all together, I only had TWO and a HALF (as evident above, one of mine had a half bite taken out of it!!!)

I really couldn't believe it, so I thought I better double check the container.

However, it became apparent that there were no more Mochi ice cream left...

I got frustrated,

More frustrated,

MY mochi ice cream ALLLLL GONE........


Dexter said...

I understand about passing out from the heat. I hope your humans get to see the insides of those buildings tomorrow.

Hey, those rice balls with ice cream look amazing! All gone are two very sad words to hear together.


The Oceanside Animals said...

I'm sure the protesters were afraid to come anywhere near the place with you guarding it. They probably thought you were only feigning being passed out.

Tosca the Lakeland Terrier said...

Holy smokes! You have the most awesome human ever!!!! My homie never lets me have mochi!

Duke said...

I understand about passing out in the heat too, Sunshade! Maybe we should move to Iceland together?
OMG, that mochi looks delicious! I have to tell mom to look for that when she gets to the Asian supermarket in our area!

Love ya lots,

Nelly said...

Hi Sunshade,
Good job you secured the area ... erm ... until you passed out that is.
Those Mochi ice creams look amazingly yummy! I see you made ABSOLUTELY SURE they were all gone. I do that with our meat trays ... I lick every last bit of smell off and then I shred it ... just in case ...
Nelly xx

violett said...

Mochi- never belongs. This looks very tasty!
I will keep open the eyes!

It is very interesting for my mummy to read over Vancouver and to see pictures. She would like to travel with pleasure to the canadian west coast...

Lots of love

George The Lad said...

Hi Sunshade, you're quite a cool cookie, you had me worried when you passed out, good job your mom got them sticky ice creamy things they look yummy, will get me mom to get me some if we have um over here.

See yea George xxx

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sunshade!
Sorry you could not get to see the buildings!
Just 2 and a half for you?? Hmmm....
not fair, right?
My mom makes the same signal with her hands and I know it means... all gone!
Kisses and hugs

Unknown said...

Oh! Miss Sunshade! You were so lucky to get to eat those ice-cream mochi things - my human LOVES them!!! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

brooke said...

oohhh. mochi ice cream! I havent had that in a long time! I think Darwin would love those!

Joe Stains said...

Mom has had those Mochis before, she thinks they are DELICIOUS! In fact, she might have to go get more this week. Lucky for us we have an Asian market too.

AuntyMai said...

Uncle Nick and I love those too!! W e 'll be sure to remember to bring you some when we come by.

TwoSpecialWires said...

WE know what we're going shopping for when we get back to our Asian market. And we're not talking about cool plastic containers.

Yummm. Thanks for the inspiration.
Jake and Fergs