Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mum bought some prawns home to cook, and she showed me and STINKY one.

This was me, The SuperDALE checking the prawn out,

This was as close as STINKY would get to the prawn,

Now this is the description I got off the Airedale Terrier Club of Canada website,

"The modern Airedale is confident, unafraid of people and other dogs (and prawns), but not a combative breed, as suggested by the adage, “The Airedale doesn’t start fights, he finishes them.” While intelligent Airedale puppies may seem tentative or cautious, the breed should never be timid or spooky.

The average dog owner may or may not be impressed with the beauty of the dog; more important for his purpose, the family dog must have devotion, brains, reliability, stability, trainability, and a sense of humour, plus the extra talents he may need for the multitudinous things the breed does well."

This was the SuperDALE's reaction to the prawn,

Eau de Prawn baby!!!

You can see STINKY's reaction on his blog (and some of me too). He, who looks like an Airedale doesn't seem to have any of the Airedale qualities described above.

Devotion: He doesn't protect mum, I do. (mum: he's always looking for you Sunshade. He gets worried when he can't see you.)

Reliability: He takes off after other dogs. He wondered the street when our yard door was accidentally left open. I stayed in my yard even tho I knew the gate was open. (mum: we are working on that, he's still young and loves to play.)

Stability: His jaws are very unstable, so he has to landshark all the time. (mum: he has a stable temperament.)

Trainability: he hasn't stopped landsharking in THREE AND A HALF years! (mum: he learned all his commands very fast. He learned to play dead in half an hour and the treat machine too!)

Sense of humour: I never find him funny. (mum: everybody thinks he's hilarious, you should know that Sunshade!!)

In conclusion, I find it very hard to believe that he is actually MY brother's son?? A mistake must have been made at birth and mum took the WRONG stinky home.

(mum: Sunshade, let me quote the insert from the same website that you conveniently forgot to include.

"In addition to being keen hunters and steadfast family dogs, the Airedale is a comedian. The breed is playful, fun loving, and active. They need a certain amount of exercise and attention, and owners with a good sense of humour appreciate them. Airedales are also known for expressing exactly what they are thinking. They make excellent companions for children, as long as both the children and the dog have a parental figure to establish firm rules, given total freedom the Airedale and his child can get into lots of trouble."

That's Jaffa alright!!!

I am happy to say that even though Sunshade and Jaffa are complete opposites personality wise, they are both VERY good dales. They bring so much laughter to my life everyday, I couldn't have asked for anything better. There's nothing I would want to change about either one of them. The fact that they're so different makes it that much more interesting to watch them together.)

I also found another delightful paragraph about the Airedales on Wikipedia, thought I might share it with you.

"The Airedale is a dog with a great sense of humor. For those who can laugh along with their Airedale, the dog can provide a unique and entertaining company. For those who don't appreciate being outsmarted by their dog, owning an Airedale can be a trying experience (where their faces turn green). Patience and consistency in training will be rewarded as the Airedales have been known to reach great heights in competitive obedience, dog agility, and Schutzhund (and food begging events)."


Lorenza said...

Was that a "killing the prawn" move??
I know you two, being so different, make your mom's life very interesting!
Kisses and hugs

Boo Casanova said...

hi sunshade, i can't wait to read about your ST friend!

i'm sure i have no problem "meeting" the prawn but the same can't be say about dopey tho. :)

wet wet licks


Duke said...

We loved your video, Sunshade! You are a riot! So is the prawn dead yet?!
Two different AirePersonalities keeps your mom on her toes!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Jake of Florida said...

Eau de prawn all right!! (We hate to ask, Ms. Superdale, but now who's the stinky one????)

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

George The Lad said...

Hey Sunshade, I have to say I'm on Stinkys side, a prawn, don't look to good to me, a little on the spikey side, anyways if you where both the same you'd be arguing all the time, and you both seam to keep your mom happy which is what its all about.
See yea George xxx

Nelly said...

Was it alive? and fishy? You are such a brave girl Sunshade.
Nelly xx

little princess Luna~ said...

noooo miss sunshade~! don't eat sebastian~!! D:
ooops--mum said that is not sebastian. :P

"Eau de Prawn"?? BOL--that was very funny~!!

happy memorial day~!


Toby said...

Sunshade, you are so brave. I'm more like Jaffa.... Mom once showed me a live crab and it scared the #%$%#$ out of me.

I will send the crab to you next time, ok? But I don't think you should roll on it... they're scary!!


the many Bs said...

Hey Sunshade! of course you know the proper way to handle a prawn! it probably had a great stinky smell and you wanted to get some of its aroma on you. we think your brother is hilarious!!!


Huskee and Hershey said...

Ummm Sunshade, I think you were supposed to try and eat that prawn, not try to roll on it! Loved the video... you were having such a blast rolling on the prawn!!

For me, usually I will bark at anything that I am unsure of... (like a prawn??).

Sending you and your mom (no Jaffa) hugs and licks...

Huskee Boy

Joe Stains said...

Mom says Tanner and I are total opposites too, but that is just because he is DEFECTIVE! ugh.

AuntyMai said...

loool, smells that good?? will the prawn scent help attract studs??