Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I need MY SuperHEARING back ASAP!!!

Don't worry, I'm doing fine without my hearing. In fact, I thought it was pretty cool at times.

For example, yesterday during our walk, I saw mum turned the corner to head back home, but I wanted to go straight - towards the park. (mum: she still shouldn't walk too much due to the Vet-Stem procedure.) So I kept walking straight for another few feet. Then I realized mum really seemed like she was gonna head home with or without me. I got a little worried then, so I stopped and looked back at her. I saw with MY SuperEYES that she moved her mouf, and she brought her right arm up into the aire and slapped it down on her thigh. (mum: that's her "COME" signal that she's known well for 10 years.) So I thought, since I can't really hear, then I can just play dumb and stand there until mum moved towards me to come get me. I waited, and waited. As predicted, mum turned around and started walking towards me. As soon as I saw that, I knew my plan was falling into place and I continued trotting straight - towards the park!!! This is what I would have done with MY SuperHEARING anyway, now I just have an excuse!

(mum: she's definitely using this deafness to her fullest advantage.)

The reason that I must get MY SuperHEARING back ASAP has nothing to do with me. It's about mum, she's losing it.

This is our rice cooker,

This is the pot that we put raw grains of rice in,

We wash the rice, fill it with a little bit of water, and place it into the rice cooker,

Then we press down on the button for the rice to start cooking. It usually takes 20 mins for the rice to be done. Simple right?

Now this is our bag of rice, it is stored under the kitchen sink,

Beside the bag of rice there's a bucket of Orijen kibble for STINKY on his picky raw food days. It has been for the last couple of days.

This was what ended up in the rice pot today,

You think something was on mum's mind??

I should also tell you that she brushed her teeth last night with her face wash cream because "they both come in squeeze tubes" - I quote.

Mum's really losing it because of me being deaf over the last 4 days.....

I thought I better do something so she doesn't lose it completely,

(mum: I know this video might seem "normal" to most of you, but it was really huge for me. Sunshade had not been able to hear ANYTHING over the past 4 days, and she made no improvement whatsoever. I could bang on pots, break a glass (by accident), whistle, ring the door bell, and she would still be sound asleep. She had acupuncture Monday evening, and came home with a homeopathic remedy - Arnica Montana (1M) recommended by our holistic vet as well as Finni & Nelly's wonderful mom who is a homeopath (Thank you thank you thank you!).

Arnica Montana is indicated for "Deafness after injury or shock". Sunshade got her first dose Tuesday evening. Late that evening, I was talking to Sunshade, in a whisper tone of voice, and got 3 head tilts in a row. Unless she was tilting her head at the sight of my mouth moving, I think she heard me. She didn't perform any of the commands that I whispered to her, so either she was being an Airedale, or maybe she heard it very faintly, but not clear enough to make out exactly what was said. She however, still didn't seem to respond to any other sound at normal frequency, and the whisper only worked sometimes.

Today (Wednesday), she was responding to whispers, and a little bit of my normal voice. She also seemed to have heard a loud quacking crow and started looking for it (HATES crows) but couldn't pin point the direction to which the quack was coming from.

I am hopeful that she will eventually regain her hearing now that I have seen improvements. It had been hard when there had been no improvement whatsoever for 4 days and I was starting to think the deafness was permanent.

THANK YOU to all our friends, old or new, your healing thoughts, AireZENS, crossed toes/paws, kisses/licks/hugs have helped both me and Sunshade during this stressful time. (Ok, I think I was the only one stressed, not Sunshade LOL) I just can't say enough THANK YOU!)

I hope I can have some "ear-lids" once I get my hearing back, so I can shut my ears down whenever I want to!!!

Love nibbles to ALLL MY SuperFRIENDS!!!


Duke said...

We LOVED your video, Sunshade! You can hear, you can hear! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - no doubt your hearing will be back in no time at all! We are so happy for you and your mum!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Nelly said...

Ok! That video made Mummy cry! :D

Well Done girls!!! We LOVE that your hearing is coming back Sunshade - what a good vet you have there! And what a good Mummy!

Lots of Love and Airezen
Nelly, Finni and Mummy too

Sue said...

Sunshade we've been reading your blog for sometime now and love it. We hope you get your hearing back very soon and can't wait to see you out exploring again soon.
Sue, Boober & Nelson

Princess Patches said...

We're still sending lots of healing Aire-zen and crossing our paws for you to get your hearing back COMPLETELY! In our house, if we didn't go insane at the door bell ringing, Mom would know for sure that we are deaf! Our door bell creates major chaos! Our mail man claims we are trying to kill him. He's kidding, of course.

Penny & Patches

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Great video!

Of khourse, please feel free to play the Siberian khard when the spirits move woo!

Paws khrossed fur your 'dale-ness to return in full force!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sunshade and Sunshade Mom! I just wiggled all over when I read that your hearing is coming back! Er...I mean, that it MIGHT be coming back... one day (after you've milked it for all it's worth, remember).

I would also likes to make your mom feel better about that whole kibble/rice pot thing. Today my mom was making her oatmeal and she put MY kibble in her oatmeal bowl. And she's not even stressed about anything! Now, I would've liked her oatmeal for breakfast, but I'm not sure how she woulda felt about my kibble.

Wiggles & Wags,

The Airechicks said...

OMDog - What a wonderful sight - the famous Head Tilt....

Keep relaxing and just take it easy
and you'll be hearing all the way soon...

AIREZEN on it's way...

Take care....


Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

This is excellent news! Our (hooman)daddy is partially deaf too and he and I both choose to play the deaf card when Mama wants us to do something that we don't wanna do. It just makes sense!

I have NO excuse...just my daleness.:<)
AireKisses, BabyRD

Toby said...

Sunshade, Mom and I are positive that your hearing is coming back!!! Great job Sunshade!!!! Keep up the good work k?

And mom says she totally understands how your mom feels and how worried she must be. Everytime I'm sick or we're waiting for my test results, she can't sleep or do anything right. It's ok... it just means they love us :) Mom took a shower with my shampoo and didn't even notice until a few hours later... she didn't understand why she could smell me but I wasn't even in the same room!!

But girl, you're on the road to recovery! We're crossing paws and fingers and everything else possible for you.

PS: That bone blankie looks really familiar!!! I still use mine too :)

Manly Dude hugs,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sunshade and Mom!
I am so happy to know this! I am sure you are going to be fully recovered soon!
Hmmm... was the kibble tasty after the cooking??
My mom understands how do you feel!
It is not easy for our moms not seeing us acting like we use to do, right?
Take care
Kisses and hugs

kissa-bull said...

oh super yay for the hearing
that ish definaetely somefing to toot for !! toot! toot!

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

Mack said...

Head Tilts are PAWSOME!

Looks like you are on the road to a full recovery pretty lady!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Glad she's showing improvement. We just ordered a stroller for Tucker but it's one without inflatable wheels!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Hi Sunshade! We got the Pet Gear Expedition stroller from PetSmart. It's at I liked the looks of the Pet Gear AT3 ( but we decided it would just be a bit too small for Tucker. I will let you know how we like it!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Sunshade...Auntie Linda...Butchy, Katie and Angel Snicker's mom only told us about this yesterday...stoopid Mumsie worked like full time this week and has been a total a#$ about keeping up with bloggies...

OMD....we cried when we read the post about the tire blowing up...and then we smiled in relief when we watched the video...we know you could hear the BANG part...we love that trick...

Mumsie has ruptured her ear drum twice...once in a pool and once on a plane...took several days to hear at all and then several weeks to get it to feel fairly normal...

Don't know if that's what you did or what happened...oh, your poor mom...putting the kibble in the rice kibble cuz she was so upset...

And Mumsie knows all about the tubes in the bathroom thing...let's just say that once she mixed up her wrinkle cream with her old lady cream that doesn't go any wear near her face...OUCHIE...

She used Crest like that once too...

We are praying for you dear girlie that you continue to hear and that your mom doesn't put um any of yours or Stinky's toys in the rice cooker...

We love you buckets...

Stan, Lacie, Scruffy and Mumsie, too...(Mumsie here....I completely deny Lacie's stoopid comments...of course I didn't do that...giggle....)

Dexter said...

Miss Sunshade! You are hearing for sure. I saw that movie and no doubt that you were listening to mom's sweet voice. PeeWee was most agitated to hear your voice. Ha! It sounds like you will be back to your old self soon. But you might want to continue to turn a deaf ear when mom refuses to walk you to the park.