Friday, May 07, 2010

Motel for Dales?

I'm starting to feel like MY house, has become Motel for Dales...... (and I don't like it, I don't like to share MY mum, MY house, MY yard, MY beds, MY etc)

Dales come here to stay anywhere from a few hours to weeks at a time. Inappropriate scenes like the one below happens quite frequently everywhere. This was in MY yard,

This is why STINKY isn't allowed to hump his stuffies, because he does hump other dogs once in a blue moon. The Perfect-ME on the other hand is allowed intimate encounters with my stuffies because I have never tried to hump another dog, ever!

Faye, STINKY's first gurrrrlfriend (I guess she's an ex now) has been here for about 2 weeks because her dad Ben went to visit her mom Sherrie in San Francisco. Today, STINKY's other gurrrrlfriend, Lola came over too,

Mum put me on leash when Lola first arrived because SHE SAID I still shouldn't be running around due to the stem cell procedure.

Helloooooo, how was I suppose to establish my Alpha B*TCH statues if I was attached to a leash?

Despite being attached to the leash, I still tried my best to tell Lola the rules on MY property since it was her first time here.

Told her that these were MY rockies,

ALLLLL of them!!

And she better not touch them!

She learned my rules pretty fast, so that was good. Here we were watching the Bee-Catching performance Faye was putting on for us over on the grass,

Since Lola wasn't about to challenge my leadership, I pretty much just ignored her as she and STINKY went crazy as usual.

Faye and I went to check out the side door to get away from the crazies,

We stayed away from the crazies,

As the Alpha B*TCH of the pack, I supervised a synchronized drinking session,

I too had some water served to me,

In MY own bowl (since I won't touch water that's been contaminated by other dogs, even STINKY. There is a reason why he's known as STINKY to me.),

(mum: its true, I always have to put a new bowl of water down if Jaffa had taken a sip from it)

Then mum brought out the dreaded grooming table,

I thought it was for me for sure, but... VOILA!

The victim on the table was NOT ME!!!!!! It was the newcomer, Lola. She came over for mum to groom her head.

Faye and I watched mum groom for a bit (STINKY was busy, as usual, he never stops),

Then I felt my time was better spent doing something more productive. So I decided to deepen the hole that I had started couple days ago under the hose head. Of course, the ever so busy, ever so A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G STINKY had to come help.

I moved to another pre-dug hole as I didn't want STINKY's help,

(mum: Sunshade hasn't stopped digging in the 10 years I've had her. She's always been an excellent digger, even at 7 weeks of age!)

Told STINKY to NOT come help,

But of course.......

(mum: Jaffa loves and looks up to Sunshade so much. He is always watching her, curious about what she's doing.)

Finally, he was distracted by something else and left me alone.

What was he distracted by you might ask?

Well, he had a sudden impulse........

He asked Lola to MARRY him (in front of his other gurrrrlfriend Faye I might add), and the 11 months old Lola didn't know better so she said YES....

GEEEEZUS! Is this Vegas for Dales now as well??? You can see more details of this impulsive wedding on STINKY's blog.

Then a thought popped into my head, maybe this impulsive marriage wasn't a bad thing afterall??

Unfortunately, mum said STINKY was not going anywhere......

Not only did she drop the bomb shell on me, she also made ME stinky-sit STINKY and his wife, (I had no help from Faye as her battle with the bees drove her nuts, as well as this unexpected wedding, she had to be put inside for the sake of her sanity)

I had to pose with the newly weds, (mum: from left to right, Sunshade, Jaffa, Lola.)

And with STINKY (the one that I can never get rid of....),


Princess Patches said...

Congrats to Jaffa and Lola on their wedding and to you, Sunshade, for your Pawdance win! You sure have a lot of 'dales at your house!

Penny & Patches

Molly the Airedale said...

I used to be fussy about having my own water dish too, Sunshade, but I've eased up as I've gotten older.
You must have been so psyched to think that Stinky and Lola would be going off as Airedaleman and wife to their own home! What a bummer for you that it didn't work out!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...




Lacie passes out cold on the floor...

And comes to quickly....


And you thought you'd get rid of him?


Maybe I should marry Scruffy off??

Wanna marry him Sunshade?????

He's all yours....

That Stinky is Stanny's twinnie...

It's scary. And the way you describe him wakin' up your mom in the am...just like Stan.

Does he jump all over her to greet her? Mouth her arm?


Kisses, dear girl...

Oh...did ya put those stems cells in the mail for me to get a muscle butt???


The Airechicks said...

OMy - there's alot going on at your place...

Is Jaffa old enough to get married - Lola doesn't look old enough?

Maybe you could pay for them to go on a world wide honeymoon - starting at Lola's place??


the many Bs said...

hey Sunshade! thanks for visiting our bloggy. we have heard stories about you, most recently the little problem with your hearing. we hope that's getting better now.

you certainly have an exciting life with all of those visitors hanging around and tormenting you in your yard. at least you don't get bored since you have to supervise all of their activities. and great luck on missing out on the grooming table. our mom has one of those too and it's NOT our favorite place to hang out. ha ha!

thank you for your comments about our issues. we are sorry to hear that you have had so many issues of your own. that totally sucks. we are very lucky to have good moms that love to take us to lots of doctors and spend lots of money to make us feel better. that's what moms live for!


Bogart H. Devil said...



Lorenza said...

Can you imagine Jaffa getting married?? Haaaa!
It would be interesting!
Kisses and hugs

Sue said...

We almost wish we were Dales with all the fun that happens at your house. Mom said she saw a few Dales in Paris last week...not as cute as you thou Sunshade.
Boober & Nelson

Nelly said...

What an unexpected turn of events ... we never saw this one coming!
Congratulations on the happy event (- bummer for you that he isn't moving out ... tho' we think you'd miss him.) Stinky looks pretty handsome in a tie! ... and Lola is such a pretty bride! (Love the black and white shot - very classy!
Doesn't look like Faye is too bothered ...!
Nibbles & Headrubs
Nelly & Finn xx

PeeEss: We're diggers too! Both of us! ... we're only allowed to dig under large bushes in the garden.

TwoSpecialWires said...

Is this book gonna be predictable?

Next chapter,
Jake and Fergi xxoo