Friday, November 13, 2009

Pressie to STINKY

Happy 3rd smelly Birfday STINKY!!

Here's my pressie to you my dear nephew!!

He had had some unspeakable behaviours previously while out on our walk that it was quite embarrassing,

So I thought these would be the perfect pressie for him.

(mum: I was walking them off-leash late one night at a nearby elementary school when all of a sudden, out of a dark corner of the school yard, I heard a loud groan followed by some incomprehensible yelling. I called for Jaffa (Sunshade was in sight). Sure enough, out came Jaffa from the dark corner, jumping and prancing around with an his prized Coke Zero bottle in his mouth. I reckon the homeless man had picked a dark corner for the night with his bottle/can filled buggy beside him. He must have been sound asleep when Jaffa found him and gave his face some landsharking (the groan). Jaffa finished his act by grabbing one of the bottles out of the poor man's buggy (the yelling) before running back to me with his prized bottle!

Sunshade's protective instincts kicked in when she heard the yelling and she was storming over towards the corner. I managed to call her off, made Jaffa drop the bottle and yelled back "the bottle is by the hockey net" before quickly towing them back home. Life with Airedales...not a dull moment I tell ya!)

He loved my pressies alright.....while I kind of regretted giving them to him.....just LISTEN....

(please note: his Attention Deficit Hyper JAW Disorder - aka. ADHJD is very apparent in this video. I have no idea why mum finds it funny, she should be sad his disorder is so severe... )

He was looking at MY squirrlie toy from Aunty Maureen! And no it wasn't toooo far OKAY mum??? You threw it, you should go get it, as simple as that, otherwise, I would have long straight blond hair and a long tail wouldn't I??

(mum: I think she was just too FULLLLL from eating all day!!)

Mum got STINKY a pretty cool pressie too I gotta admit,

Who WINS??

Well need you ask?

Poor seashark's battle scar!

You should see the landshark using the seashark as his pacifier on his STINKY blog, its embarrassing!

Now this is a sight I treasure from the bottom of my SUPER-heart - two beat SHARKS!!!

Wouldn't life be SUPER-perfect if this sight stays unchanged?????


Duke said...

The bottles are the PERFECT gift for Jaffa, Sunshade! He looks pretty happy chewing away to us!
We also think the sharkie stuffie is too cute!
You both outdid yourselves in the pressie department!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

Sigh, one does try. You were most thoughtful to get him such a fun present.


Joe Stains said...

Guess what Tanner was doing while I read this post, destroying a water bottle! Those two are linked somehow, I swear it.

As for the stealing, I am glad that homeless man didn't get TOO mad because you would have been on him in a flash!

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Hehehehehe. Good gift for Jaffa.

xoxo-BRD & Hootie