Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Making of MY dinner BUFFET!!!!!


The time has come.....

For ME the birfday gurrrrrrrl to.......


Mum and the D-Guy masterminded MY 10th B-Day Dinner Buffet together. They decided that I should have one dish for every year so far, so that's... that's right....

10 DISHES!!!

Dish 1/Year 1: Corn on the cob

Dish 2/Year 2: Baked potato with cheese and peperoni pieces

Dish 3/Year 3: MacDonald's chicken nuggets with the fried batter taken off (mum: she's allergic to wheat flour)

Dish 4/Year 4: Hard boiled egg cut into slices

Dish 5/Year 5: Boiled beef liver cut into small chunks

Dish 6/Year 6: Pizza with crust made out of rice flour

Dish 7/Year 7: Salmon Sushi & Tune Roll

Dish 8/Year 8: Grilled Cheese Sandwich on wheat free bread

(mum: those were the weirdest smelling, weirdest packaged loaf of bread I have ever seen LOL. But Sunshade needed wheat-free...)

Dish 9/Year 9: Beef hamburger pattie

Dish 10/Year 10: D-Guy's Wheat-free cookie sandwich with cream cheese

The making of...

What's for dessert???

Well remember the fragile secret package mum picked up from her US mail box??

This is what it looked like after the outer cardboard box was taken away,



Molly the Airedale said...

Holy moley! This is the most beautiful birthday cake we've ever seen, Sunshade! What a fabulous special cake you got for your 10th birtday! Well, being 10 is pretty special, right?!
Did you eat all of your 10 dishes in that exact order? Are you stuffed yet?! hehehe

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

MaiC said...

Sunshade baobei, your mommy loves you sooo much! But thats obvious becuse you're a wonderful girl!!

Happy belated bday again!