Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lighthouse Marine Park, Pt. Roberts, WA


Today is MY 10th's Birfday!!!

Remember we said earlier that my B-Day walk happened yesterday because mum had something *VERY* important to pick up today at her US mail box?? The mail box is located in Pt. Roberts, Washington, about 40 kilometers from Vancouver.

So we drove through about an hour of very bad traffic down to this place,

I should mention, the US Customs have ALWAYS been very nice to me and mum, and it's all because of ME!! They are always admiring me, talking to mum about me, asking mum what breed I am, etc, and they have NEVER asked for my health records. Today was no different. The Custom officer we pulled up to started asking mum about me, where she got me from.

Since I came from a breeder in WA, mum said "She's an American with dual citizenship!".

The Custom officer responded excitedly, "I KNEW she was an American because she was so quiet. The *beep*-dian dogs are always yapping!"

Mum said something like "ha ha...yea..she's a pretty good girl..."

(mum: well its always nice to hear complements about Sunshade, but was the nice officer implying something??? Hahaha.... Please don't get offended fellow Canadians/Canadian pups, I for one know its not true!)

Anyway, when we went inside TSB shipping's office, we found out that FedEX hadn't delivered mum's top secret package yet!!!

So instead of driving back home, mum took me to here even tho it was pouring,

Look, she let me out of the car without taking any pictures of me still IN THE CAR!! How momentous was this??

I scanned the planes of the field with my SuperEYES as I always do,

Because BUNNIES roam free here!! Just needed to spot one,

But I didn't see any.... SIGH...

So I headed towards the beach instead,



She was very well behaved on MY B-Day,

I went and dug for THAT one particular, special rock that mum threw,

The one she throws is always more special to me, so I make sure I find it,

Then mum somehow decided that the particular rockie that SHE picked, that SHE threw (for me to get), that I spent a lot of time getting (very salty and sandy), was "too big" for me to hold. So she told me to "DROP ITTTTTTTT"....

This was my face,

Yes, I wasn't too pleased at all. Rockies are a serious business, doesn't she know that??

She traded me with this tiny, puny one.....

I gave it a try, but SERIOUSLY.......

So I went and picked up the original rockie that SHE threw,

That's more like the SuperDALE size of rock!!

I brought it with me on Bunny Patrol,

However, Bunny Patrol requireed 100% undivided attention from me, so I soon left my big special rockie behind.....

My hunt began...

Come out come out wherever you are bunnies...

Then all of a sudden, I stopped dead,

I had spotted something,

Except mum had NO IDEA. She was still using that trigger flashing machine none stop,

She even ended up putting it right IN FRONT of my stalking face (just because I wasn't moving) and pressed the flashing button!

She mumbled something like gee Sunshade, why are you standing so still, there's nothing.

Well mum, just because you don't have SuperEYES, it doesn't mean there is nothing okay??

Just watch!!

(mum: I saw Sunshade was in her stalking mode, but I didn't know why because I couldn't spot the rabbit for the longest time. I don't know what I said in the beginning of that video, but Sunshade doesn't sits a bunny nor does she sit on one LOL...)

SIGH... why did the bun bun go home??

My luck after that first and last sighting was pretty bad... nothing here,

Nothing there.... nothing everywhere....

So as a last resort, I decided to perk up my SuperEARS to enable super sonic hearing,

Unfortunately, they just ALL WENT HOME!! How can there be NO teenage bun buns??

To better my frustration, I headed towards the playground.

Playgrounds always make me feel better, because I can play my *NEW* game!

I just find the whole experience of watching pine cones sliding down the slide at 200km/hr super exhilarating!

And when you make that catch....the moment is PRICELESS... not even Mastercard can buy,

It was getting dark and mum was wanting to go back to the post office again for her secret package, so we started making our way back,

I wanted to check out the Orca Center before heading back,

(mum: Sunshade has always been a very curious girl. The breeder noted her to be the most curious pup in her litter during the puppy testing performed at 7 weeks of age. 10 years later, she's still the same!)

I, being the SuperDALE, am always trying to educate myself whenever possible,

I knew that,

Learned about all the pods already from my other nephew, Rusty, who is a Professional,

Alright then, nothing new to learn, time to go,

Hmmmm...why was the ground black and white?

Then mum had to go pee pee, (mum: thank you for sharing

And she locked me OUT because she said it was dirrrrrrty!!

I was such a good dogter tho, I just stayed out there and "talked and talked" to her about why I thought it was unfair that I had to stay out....

After mum got out, since her sense of direction was very bad, I found the DaleMOBILE for her,

We drove back to the post office,

Mum's secret package arrived, but it had a bunch of stickers on it,

What kind of stuff is THIS fragile and gets killed if it got turned upside down???

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Duke said...

We love your pinecone-flying-down-the-slide trick, Sunshade! That looks like fun!
Sorry your didn't get to chase any bunnies on your birthday!
We can't wait to see what's in that box!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch