Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pre-Birfday Walk @ Belcarra

Today was Nov. 24th, one day before MY 10th Birfday. Every year on my birfday, mum always takes me somewhere I absolutely love. Rain or shine, we are out there walking/playing.

This year however, mum told me we had to do our B-Day walk a day earlier because something is arriving at our US post office tomorrow (MY B-Day in case you have forgotten), and she'd have to drive down to pick it up as soon as it arrives.

I'm pretty easy going (mum: of course you are...LOL!), so I said LETS GOOOOO then!

When mum took too long, I decided to get myself ready,

A SuperDALE is a smart opportunist, she knows exactly how and when to seize the moment and start her favouritest game in the whole wide world - The Keep Away Game

(Please note: look at how mum thought she was so smart hiding behind the back end of the car. Sure she got me the first time, but look who got who the second time around!!)

I took a break,

And FINALLY, we were OFF!!!

Mum didn't tell me where we were going, she just said it was somewhere where I hadn't been before....

On the way there, I saw a FleasMOBILE.

Why would anyone want to be all red and itchy?? Too bad I didn't have any fleas to give...

We drove for about 45 mins and arrived at,

Belcarra Park is very close to my favouritest lake - Buntzen Lake. So whenever we come this way, we always just go to Buntzen. In fact, that's where my last three B-Day walks were!

So this year, we were trying a new place!

It was my B-Day walk, I didn't have to REMEMBER to act patient or be patient!!!

Got my RING, and I was alllll set to go,

Should I go right?

Or should I go left??

Better check the map...

I decided we go straight,

And look, I found a lake side beach, and I got it all to MYSELF!

I waited patiently for mum to throw my RING, (even tho I could have just jumped to grab it since it was MY B-Day walk)

Ran after MY ring, but boy...the water was a wittle...coo...lddd....

So enough of the cold water for now. I found a trail that looped around Sasamat Lake,

Walked the trail, up some steps,

Over planks of wood,

Sat and posed for some pictures (even tho I REALLY didn't want to),

Off I went!

Up some stairs,

Down some stairs, (BOYZ, you looking at it??)

We came to a water pocket off the trail where I dug for rockies,

I waited patiently for rockies to be thrown,

I waited impatiently for rockies to be thrown,

I exercised my already well muscled hind end, (yes, I'm trying to speak like a proper gurrrl!)

So I can show off my MUSCLE BUTT.... (mum: your "proper-ness" lasts less than a sentence Sunshade!!)

To ALL the BOYZZZ!! (Mango-meister? Bogie? GooberStan? Noah? BabyStan aka Stanner? Hootie?)

Time to get moving again!

More floating planks of wood,

I heard mum calling me for pictures, so I pretended to be watching something over the water,

Then I posed,

Yes, ON PURPOSE!!! See how much head turn that was??

Mum gave up, I WON!!

We came to a little waterfall,

Where I DEMANDED for rockies,

Dug for it,

Got it!

Can you see my rockie?

Because I CAN'T! (flash off PLEASE!)

We kept walking,

Until we came to a loonnnnnnnnng bridge,

I made sure I read all the rules before setting paw on the bridge,

The bridge spaned across the lake,

Can you see?

I walked to the first swimming dock,

Took a moment to reflect on the last year, all the good food I had...etc,

I turned to see if mum was doing anything un-expected (other than pointing that flashing thing at me),

Of course she wasn't....

So I turned back to enjoy the boooootiful sight in front of me, while still reflecting on one year worth of foooooood,

Time to get moving!

The gate of the park closes at 5pm!!!!

Better hurry,

Walked up some stairs, and no, I did not fart,

Kept an eye on mum, my SuperEYES are ALWAYS on MY mum!

Ran down some stairs with mum yelling "SSSSS-LOWWWWWWWWW" behind me,

I don't know why she even bother saying it, cause I just speed up everytime I hear that.

Ran by some weird fencing (I was still in the "SSSSSLOOOOOOWWWW" mode)

Finally slowed down over a little wooden bridge,

Picked up MY ring,

Continued on my way,

We reached a service road where the sign says we were only 1 KM away from where we started....

That's bad news for me since I wanted to stay out as long as possible..

So, I saw this flight of stairs,

And decided that we should go down them (cause it would be the loooonnnnng way...SHHH!)

Mum said we should go to the left (800m to parking lot), instead of down the flight of stairs to complete the loop around the lake.

But then, I used my SuperFACE,

And as usual, she couldn't resist it,

So we continued our loop around the lake! Scenery was way better anyway.

We came across another water pocket,

Where I practiced my Lion King aka King of Terriers stance,

After I had enough practice, I continued to lead the way,

To another small opening of water that I misjudged the depth when I saw big stickies floating...so I kind of fell in to water too deep and too cold for my liking,

I still managed to get a stickie up,

Yes, terrier determination.

There was still ANOTHER stickie floating....

So... I decided to not let all 4 get into cold water again, (BOYZZZ!!!!!!! *wink*)

And only used TWO!! Yes, that's the SuperDALE brain working...

I got what I was trying to get,

I don't know why she thought that was a good time to turn the flash OFF!!!

And now ON again!!!!

Yes it was a good chew, yummy one,

But it would have been better if I could have SEEN what I was slurping at, don't you think mum???

(mum: Sorry Sunshade, I was playing around with my NEW Panasonic ZS3 camera!!)

We continued walking on trail towards White Pine Beach, but I decided to visit one last water pocket,

Where I splashed around,

Admired the magnificent view of dawn at the lake,

Thought about all the food that I'll be getting in the next year.......

Then I thought I should remind mum about the gate that was gonna be closing VERY soon, so I grabbed my RING,

And headed out,

Through these gates,

We came back to where we started the walk, except it was a lot darker,

I know it almost looked like it was snowing in these pictures, but those white dots where rain drops, not snow....... Not like 3 years ago when Vancouver got its first snow on MY 7th Birfday!!!

Before leaving, I practiced some catching skills,

Posed one last time with my eyes CLOSED,

Posed with my stikie with my eyes STILL CLOSED...*ahem* mum!!

Last but not least, showed off my SuperDALE strength!

Then we made our way back to the DaleMOBILE,

In the car, my treats were promptly handed to me,

And I promptly finished it!


Molly the Airedale said...

Belcarra Park is just gorgeous, Sunshade! What a fabulous pre-birthday walkie you had!
Weren't you scared to be on that longggggggggggg bridge?
When you get a chance, you have to tell us about your collar, okay?
It's just beautiful!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Inky and Molly said...

A belated happy birthday from Down Under!! That place where you went for pre-birthday celebrations look awesome! So does you muscle fuzzbutt!!
Lots of love, Inky and Molly

MaiC said...

Sunshade, it looks like you and your mommy had so much fun! Can't wait to see you girls soon! Hopefully I'll get to bring you to some fun places after my examS XOXOX MISS YAAAA!!