Friday, November 13, 2009

Story of a SUPER SmartDALE

Let me tell you a story about a SUPER SmartDALE, and hopefully, you will all learn something from her. It is a story about survival.

Once upon a time, there lived a DALE. She was SUPER, and extremely smart, hence, she was known as the SUPER SmartDALE or SSD for short. Here is a picture of her,

Yes, she was all that AND bootiful.

The SSD had worked out a way of communicating with her hooman. If she needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she would whine from where she was. However, often times, that would not be enough to wake up the sleepy head hooman. So she would then move to where her hooman was sleeping, position her nose directly into the hooman's ear and whine as loud as she could. This usually would do the trick to wake the hooman up. Then the SSD would walk to the back door and proceed to hitting the door with her SUPER-paw. This would result in the hooman opening the door and letting her out.

One particular morning, the SSD heard something. It came from the side door. However, she did not give out her alarming SUPER-bark. She knew whatever she heard outside was not threatening.

In fact, it was good. After thoroughly investigating the side door with her SUPER-nose, she made up her SUPER-mind that she was gonna get out there. So once again, she communicated with her well trained hooman who was, at the time ...... *ahem* still sleeping. She asked to be let out, and she was let out. The LAZY-hooman went about her daily chores.

It is also worth mentioning that the SSD shared her home with a SUPER STINKY-dale, who unfortunately did not share the same size of brain or sharpness as the SSD.

This is him, and we will just call him "STINKY" for short.

He did not asked to be out. Only the SSD did.

After surveying and patrolling the perimeter of the yard, the SSD went around to the side door.

It was there, that she discovered MAGIC!!

Someone or something of greater power, power over the Universe knew the SSD was not being taken care of.

It knew she hadn't eaten for days, (mum: for THAT morning!!!!!)

It knew she needed nourishment,

It knew she was neglected and needed entertainment,

So "IT" delivered MAGIC right outside the SSD's door!!!

Now the SSD (SUPER SmartDALE) did not get her name for no reason, she knew the proper way to open the MAGIC-packages,

She also knew that chocolates were poisonous for her specie, and left anything resembling the scent of chocolate UN-TOUCHED,

(mum: Those cookies had their names written on with carob. Sunshade doesn't like chocolate smelling treats!)

After the SSD finished with her MAGIC-packages, she gathered up what's left of it,

And took a picture with the pile for memory sake. Afterall, MAGIC-packages don't just land on your side porch all the time!!

The SSD knew then it was time for her to stay SUPER-still,

Allowing her body sufficient time to....SUPER-

SSD knew about SUPER-discipline. She set high SUPER-standards for herself to follow, this day was no different.

And she made herself follow through,

This, is a story about SUPER-survival, survival of the FITTEST! (mum: that certainly would not be you Miss Piggy!!)

He, the STINKY-dale was let out of the house (note: he did not ask to be let out) for the aftermath. All he got was the left over wreckage.

Under natural circumstances, he, the STINKY-dale would not have survived like the SSD. Natural selection would not have selected him. (mum: That's because of you!!!)

The SSD rested comfortably on a SUPER-full tummy the rest of the day and lived happily ever after.

The End

(mum: Today was Jaffa and his sister Stella's 3rd birthday. Stella's mom, Maureen, so graciously packed two surprise birthday bags full of goodies for Sunshade, Jaffa and me. I should mention, all three of us have November birthdays with Jaffa leading the way. The goodie bags were left on our side porch, and well..... Miss Sunshade got to them before any of us even knew they existed!!!

THANK YOU so much Maureen, I'm sorry I didn't check up on Sunshade earlier..... Poor Jaffa will get extra cake for the treats he missed out on.)


Dexter said...

Miss Sunshade! You are indeed a super smart dog and will outlive the stinky. You will live forever I think. But make sure you digest your foodables. No vigorous exercises, OK? Leave that cracker dog running about to the youngsters.


Marvin (oh and Jeannie!) said...

hey, just nice to see you back and blogging, you were one of our first blog friends, miss you lots.

However, we are terrible for keeping in touch etc, and blogging, and commenting...........

life kinda gets in the way.


Marvin xxxxx oh and Jeannie xxxx

The Airechicks said...

OMDog - If we could only follow in your SSD paws -

So lucky that you were so on your game and saved the rest of the pack from the magic.

Stinky might have gotten a terrible tummy ache from the magic and Mum she might have put on extra poundage right before all the holiday pawties...

Thank Dog you were there!!


The Airechicks said...

OMDog - If we could only follow in your SSD paws -

So lucky that you were so on your game and saved the rest of the pack from the magic.

Stinky might have gotten a terrible tummy ache from the magic and Mum she might have put on extra poundage right before all the holiday pawties...

Thank Dog you were there!!


Joe Stains said...

Sunshade, you are my hero!!

Duke said...

What a neat job you did opening up those packages of yummies, Sunshade! You sure are one smart and well-fed superdale!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Oooo you are an SSD!! I hope to add "super" to my name someday too!
Smooches, BabyRocketDog

I am a SSW (welshie) and can get into most any package!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Super Sunshade!
Sure you did a pawesome job opening all those packages!
But this time I have to say... Poor Jaffa! I guess you mom is going to give him something special!
Kisses and hugs

Ellen said...

Sunshade, you were very, very clever to know there were surprise treats out there.
But don't you think you should think better of Jaffa and Stellie now?

Stanley said...


You don't have to prove ANYthing to me. I KNOW that you're super smart and that Jaffa's got nothing on you (though he is a highly intelligent creature himself - you simply far surpass him in every way).

Good to see that you were taking care of bizness even though it was Jaffa's birthday. You definitely deserve presents on the anniversary of his life-changing birth. Believe me, I KNOW what it's like to have your life invaded by a fuzzy landshark.

SO STINKIN' GOOD to see your face again! I better get my own booty in gear and post some stuff. My girl just hung out with your Bogart (YES, I said BOGART!!) in Portland and has not had the decency to post the photos yet. Sheesh!

Goober love & smooches to you, Jaffa & your mama,