Wednesday, November 25, 2009

10th B-Day Cake

After my much needed nap, I woke up, and it was DESSERT TIME!!

Me with my COOLEST cake,

Closer look at the cake, it says

"Happy 10th Birthday SuperDALE"

Yes, today marks the 10th year of being a SuperDALE. I was super even at birth. My breeder called me the "dominant female that talked with her eyes" when she did puppy testings on me and my siblings.

That's ME with my favouritest RING painted on top of the Peanut Butter Wheat-Free cake,

This was the picture the cake was hand painted from,

Didn't the artist Natalie do a FANTABULOUS job???

The cake was well decorated all around,

And I couldn't wait to get into it!!

Mum said because I had eaten sooo much from MY dinner buffet that I could only have one bite into it, like how hoomans cut into the cake!

So I took my sweet time, first lick,

Second lick,

First cookie (she didn't say how many cookies I was allowed to have!),

0.25 of a bite,

0.50 of a bite,

0.75 of a bite,

Third lick,

1.00 of a bite,

Look at that ONE boootiful bite!

STINKY wanted some too, so mum cut two teeny tiny pieces for us,

And I finished it a lot faster than he did!! I WON!!

(mum: yes you would certainly win out in an eating contest against him..LOL)

This was certainly the most amazing cakes we have ever had at such a reasonable price too. It was made by Natalie Marquardt, owner of My Best Friend Specialty Pet Bakery based in San Diego, CA.

Ohhhh do I feel lucky on my 10th B-Day!!!


Duke said...

What a fabulous cake! It's just gorgeous, Sunshade!
Natalie is the one who made the lollipups that you gave us for Mitch's birthday so we know exactly how yummy that cake is!
What a special 10th birthday you had!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

You were most ladylike just nibbling on that cake. I am impressed.