Tuesday, January 09, 2007


He NEEDS to go ASAP!!! He STINKS! His breath STINKS, his head STINKS, his feet STINKS, his body STINKS, HE STINKS AS A WHOLE!!!!!!

MY house now smells like him and I don't like that, so PLEASE, ANYONE?? I'll pay you my favourite food - TRIPE, if you take him, PLEASE!

Facts on the STINK BOMB:

His name is Jaffa aka. Loc Aire's Perfect Lineage

He has mangy ears

(mum: it's GLUE for crying out loud!!!!!)

He, will stink up your car by throwing up in the car, see all the paper towels?

He will follow you around like a bug

He will copy whatever you do

He will stare at you for no reason

He will take over the job of fridge inspection

He will eat up all your food (I should mention, he eats FOOOOOUR times a day!!!)

He will steal your ball-balls and bring them over to mum to try to impress her

He will take over your X-mas pressie (remember this was the bed I got for X-mas??), and steal your KONG

(mum: you never cared for those KONGS, and that bed!!!) Yeah well, NOW I DO!!

He likes to play with DOOFUS's favourite toy (which makes him a DOOFUS too in my book)

He will take over all your brand new toys

(mum: they're brand new because they were bought for HIM since you hate puppy smell on your toys)

He has involuntary spasms

He will give you a tongue when you're trying to take a picture

He will hump your mom's leg - Sorry, it's a family trait

He has an imaginary friend...... but don't worry, he should grow out of it

Now the few good facts about the STINK BOMB:

He can self entertain very well

He can tilt his head and act cute at times (when he is not stinking up MY house)

You can save $$ on chew toys as he will chew on his own foot

Lastly, and I really hate to say this, but he is my brother, Harry's son. He and I share 90% of the same pedigree. So if you like how I look, then HE'S YOURS!!

SOOOO, please contact me if you are interested ASAP!

Boo, didn't your mom say she wanted an Airedale??

Faya, want a brother??

Lillie, he can help you escape the bathroom!!

Bogie, want a live squeaky?? He can really squeak!

Joey, how about you give Lillie your DOOFUS, and you can have this one?? Afterall, he does act like one.


For more information on the STINK BOMB aka. Jaffa, please visit:


Boo Casanova said...


i want i want i want!!! i want jaffa in the house!! PRONTO!!!

jaffa already start blogging!!! omdog omdog! and he already start humping!!! and he already went out with you to the err... is that river?

i want JAFFA in MY house!!!

wet wet licks

Boo off going to read Jaffa's blog now

Molly the Airedale said...

After a long discussion, mom and I decided that we'll take him off of your hands Sunshade. He is sorta cute and he seems to behave himself. He can live with me. I give! Will you drive him down in the Sunshademobile so I can meet you too?

Love ya lots,

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Sorry Sunshade, butJaffa is seriously cute. I watched his videos on his blog attentively. I would LOVE him to be my baby brother. I'm sure you will learn to love him though.

Mum is wishing she had me from a teeny 8 week old I think. At least I was already toilet trained though!

Oscar x

Bogart H. Devil said...

Me! Me! Me! Me! I'll happily take that little cutie off of your hands Miss Sunshade, it will be like having a little you close by (always nice)...

He's quite the little cutie-pie...


jaffeboy said...

Ooooo.... He is oooooooohhhhhhh sooooooo cute!!!!! Not as cute as you thou.

His name, need I say more?!

Can I pay you for Jaffa with Kaylie? Ooo, but I'm starting to like Kaylie too. What should I do???

Lillie Valentine said...

We'll take!! We will send you Whiskers and you can send us Jaffa! He's adorable!! Mom so wants another dog and the kids can't wait until Whiskers kicks the bucket(just joking Whiskers, we LOVE you). But I do need help escaping the BR and they're threatening me with a bigger crate- did you see what I did? Tell me you would have done the same if they locked you in the BR! They're threatening me with eviction!
Help, Sunshade, Help! You just have to talk to my mom. I don't want to leave, I like it here!!!

Anonymous said...


Aramis said...

Sorry Sunshade I dont want him either! I mean he looks cute when he puts his head on the side like that and he might be nice, but I've already got one annoying little brother and I don't need two! And I can't swap cause Dad NEEDS Carbi.

Sorry. At least you've had lots of offers, now you just need to save up for the postage! :)

Myeo said...

No offence, But we think he is soooooooo CUTE! If we didnt live too far away, we would have taken him right away. Those pictures of him imitating you is so.... (no word can describe). We will have sweet dreams tonight just thinking of him.

By the way, isnt he your nephew then...

Boy n Baby

Anonymous said...

Pack him up! Send him to Michigan. To me!
Oh, Sunshade, he won't be a puppy forever and clearly, he thinks you're the cat's pajamas. Think of it: you are a mentor, a role model. Use your power for good.

Anonymous said...

Put him on a plane.....to Switzerland.... Kiss

Charlie said...

Hey, Sunshade - wanna trade him for a cat? I don't think mom will notice...
- Charlie

Anonymous said...

He'd probably be way more fun than Chani is ... so send him my way!

Anonymous said...

Well, Sunshade you are going to be surprised, but you are seriously going to miss this cutie if he goes to your grandpa.

Oh I know, you don't believe me now, but you will get used to him, and the next thing we know, Your mom will be posting photos of you two sleeping together.....mark my words!!
I would take him, but we were going to get a puppy ourselves, now we may be getting a one year old instead, so two new dogs wouldn't work....or you would have another human standing in line.

Still you are cute as a button yourself!

Tell the truth,
You don't hate someone who thinks you are the cat's meaow, all that much, do you?
He WILL worm his ticky little self into your heart wait and see!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

ooooh Miss Sunshade! So pleased all ok, we have been sooooo worried about you with your silence and all!

Glad things are fandabidozi now apart from the wee Stinky..... looks kinda cute though! We have had terrible wild storms here in Scotland with many trees fallen down too!

More later, just wanted to touch base with you. We have had internet connection probs too, so it not easy to keep in touch at the moment. Will try more tomorrow!

love and many licks your Old Pal Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

Jeannie xxxxx

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

He looks about my sized and I'm all growed up!

Is he gonna have your kinda fur? My Lucky had your kinda fur, all soft and thick lamby fur.....nice to lean on.

If you need me to bite him I will. That's what friends are for!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

You'll be ok Sunshade. It's not the end of the dog world - just make sure he knows his place in the pack - like under your head at night and under your paw in the day.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Ivy said...

tee hee! it sounds like everydog wants a stinkbomb in theyr house. i dont think your mom will haf any trubble finding him a super good home.

too bad he didnt come along sooner or i cud haf put his cute little face in my dog matching game!

Joe Stains said...

hooooly cow that is the cutest doofus dog I have ever seen! I want him!

Fu Fu said...

Oh Jaffa is really cute. Does he really stinks?

~ fufu

Studly Dudley said...

Oh Sunshade.. I have to admit that although you are my grrlfriend and I will always side with you, I still think Jaffa is just a little bit.. teeny tiny bit cute!! Mum, on the other hand, thinks he's ADORABLE and says she wants to eat him up.. (I know! She's crazy!) Have you found any puppy playmates for him yet?

Six months will fly right by and if things get too hectic at Chez Sunshade, well.. Chez Dudley is right here ready for your comforts. I promise that Jaffa won't steal your thunder.. you will always be the #1 superDALE!

Loooooove licks (with extra love, to make you feel better about your new intruder),
your Studly Dudley

Sundae said...


He's such a cutie. I heard he's going to your grandad? Hmm, so does it means you'll have to call him uncle? :X

Ben & Darling said...

OOoooo....he is sooooooooooooooo cute !!!