Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday - Faye came for grooming (1.21.07)

My friend Faye came over this morning for grooming. We don't live very close to each other so we only see each other on special occasions such as this. Both STINKY and I were in the garage at first while Faye was being groomed, but apparently we were being too distractive and mum made Faye's ear bleed........ (right... blame it on us) The good thing is Faye didn't even notice her ear was cut, mum only found out when she saw blood. Did I tell you mum did the same thing to my one ear when I was 3 months old? She was trying to cut my glued ears lose, and she cut my ear instead. I didn't cry or even flinch and again, mum only found out after she saw her hand was covered in blood. (shhhh.... don't tell her I told you guys this, or I'll be in deep trouble..)

While Faye was on the grooming table, STINKY was trying to play with Georgie from outside the cage. He was the distractive one. Then STINKY got accidentally stepped on by Faye's dad, and he cried (of course, he's a boy). STINKY was limping and not wanting to put his foot down (of course, he's a boy), so mum got a little worried and put him in the crate, and shot me upstairs.

I didn't want to be inside and asked to be let out to the yard, even tho it was raining. I really love my yard you know? Anyway, I thought about my New Years Resolution and how I hadn't really been able to do # 5 due to the weather,

(this is just to refresh your memory)

So I thought I would make mum proud by doing what I resolved to do - some landscaping. I walked around the yard, checking the Feng Shui (sp??), and decided it made more sense for me to make # 11. # 10 can come later (mum: NOT!).

I took a rest in # 11. Landscaping is hard work!!

I was expecting lots of praises from mum you know? I mean, shouldn't she be proud of her hard working dogter who works RAIN or shine?? Plus, she should appreciate the fact that she'd have that much less grass to mow in the summer.

But NOOOOOOO........ she made me wash my feet, and even my NOSE! What an ungrateful mum she is!! Anyway, I waited inside while mum finished up Faye. I was expecting to wait for a few hours you know, since it takes mum at least 4 hours to groom me. Much to my surprise, Faye was done in less than 2 hours all together. Mums says Faye doesn't have half as much coat as I do.

I grew this much coat in 10 weeks time.

Faye grew this much coat in 4 months.

This is Faye after grooming,

Mum barely had to trim her face around the muzzle, and only had to take very little off her legs.

Gee... I wish I had Faye's coat, 2 hours every four months sounds way better than 4 hours every 6-8 weeks!!

Faye and I went for a walk together after she got groomed. We wanted to go for a looong walk, so we PULLED!! However, those hoomans didn't seem to like the rain too much and we only got a mini 20 min walk...

Before going on the walk, I let Faye choose a few things from my KONG box, and she took these:

(HMMMMPH! I want those too....... stupid wheat allergy)

Like me, Faye loves the Air Dog squeaky ball, she couldn't wait to start playing with it.


Duke said...

Your mom did awesome job on Faye! I'm one of those 2 hour grooming dogs too - poor you, four hours is a long time to stand and be good girl!
Faye makes good choices on toys too!

Love ya lots,

Texas's Mum said...

Grooming? What's that? He he he.

Love and Licks,
The Short-Haired Texas (and his humans).

Boo Casanova said...


*ahem* besides different coat from faye, i think she's slightly thinner than you too. that's why you have so much fur compares to her. hehehehe.

great of you to share your "unwanted" toys with faye. i'm sure she loves it.

wet wet licks


jaffeboy said...

I can see MaMa went searching for the striping knife. Darn, I'm sure it'll be my turn this weekend.

Boo Boo said...

Grooming??? Whats that ?? You mean furs need to be cut and trim ???



The Evil Boo Boo :P

Murphey said...

That Faye is sure a pretty girl, and hte two of you together, what a droolishish vision!

LOVE LOVE the muddy nose photog.

Murph the dog

Ben & Darling said...

oh both of you look totally different...the ears, the face, the body....hehe..still I like you most. MUAH~~~

wally said...

what nice looking ladies! i like faye's sticking up ears and i like your fuzzy muzzle which looks beau-ti-ful clean OR dirty.


ps. i'm not sucking up so i can raid your kong collection. oh no.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sunshade,
Today I started my hole number 6.... I am proud of me. It's a very nice and big your (Number 11). Nice job. Kiss from Switzerland where we do have SNOW...

Anonymous said...

You look so relaxed in your new hole, it looks very comfy.

I tried to leave a comment on Stinky's blog but Blogger is being a pain. Is he small or is Georgie really HUGE???

Myeo said...

Ok we are not very sure so we are asking.. err can Faye's ear be glued to look like yours.

Boy n Baby

P/s: Boy wants to know whether is it ok if her sends you some treats over to you.

Joe Stains said...

you are so nice to share your kong toys with faye. I can't believe your mom did not appreciate your yard work. the humans are so hard to figure out!

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Faye looks very neat, clever mum.

I like your new hole, good work there Sunshade.

You are such a good girl to share your new toys.

Oscar x

d7y7 said...

alrite, i'm coming to you when simba needs grooming! good job!

Jemma Chihuahua said...

Hey Sunshade,

I think you should start doing more work on Hole #11. Try hard to dig it all the way to me! We can get into trouble TOGETHER. It seems that's all I'm good at anyway!


Anonymous said...

oh wow! your mom is amazing. faye looks so neat now :) but i tell you, HM says guys like girls with good big hair over girls with thin limp hair. so don't fret over your hair :) putting up with grooming is worth it for the many guys that are smitten by you :) hee hee... and faye's ears are cute.